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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sundeco, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. sundeco

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    I thought of a strategy one can use when transitioning from summer to fall, but am not sure if I'm missing something because it seems almost too good to be true. Basically, on day 28 of summer, till all the land you will want to be tilled on fall. (you have an entire day to do this so it is no problem) Then buy wheat for every space and plant it on all the tilled land. On day 1 of fall, all your wheat will die, but your land should remain tilled. This should allow your sprinklers to wet the land that your wheat was on, plus, you don't have to till the land like you normally would on the start of a season. So all you would have to do is plant the crops there.

    It seems like a pretty good strategy if you want to grow something like cranberries, because it can be difficult to get down all the cranberries you want on day 1 of fall, and that's what you need to do in order to get the maximum five harvests without speed grow or anything like that. What do you guys think?
    • ManaUser

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      I think this will work, with one important exception: The wheat will not die. Wheat is a dual season crop and grows in both summer and fall. You could rip it up with a pickaxe, but that would be slow going, so a better idea might be to plant it on the 25th, which will mean it's ready to harvest on the first of Fall. Collecting it all with a scythe would go relatively quickly.
      • BentFX

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        As ManaUser said the wheat doesn't die. One thing I do do though is I plant a lot of melons, as long as they're planted on Summer 1 and I don't miss a day of watering, after the second harvest, on the 25th, I plant back wheat and it's ready to harvest on Fall 1.
        • ChocoCoco

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          You can use mixed seeds for this purpose, as they're a free resource worth nothing that you'll probably not use late-game anyway. Only if they become corn or wheat in the Summer-Fall transition would you need to take an extra step of ripping them up.
          • BouncingCactus

            BouncingCactus Big Damn Hero

            I have been doing this with Blueberries for quite some time now, so it most definitely will work if you use a 1-season crop. Plant strawberries in spring, and blueberries in summer, works like a charm. Of course, as others have pointed out if you time your wheat to finish on Fall 1, the end result is the same as a swing of the scythe clears old plants and harvests Wheat exactly the same.

            I didn't know 2x Melons 1x Wheat worked out so well... I should try that at some point.
            • BigBerries

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              I wouldn't use mixed seeds for this. Fall Mixed seeds can be very valuable, they have a chance to be pumpkins or Artichokes, the only way, in fact, to get artichokes year 1, other than the cart. Not that you really need them, but they are very valuable.

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