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    Hey everyone! I've just been doing some thinking lately about things that I'd like to see implemented later on in the game and I think that a lot of you (my fellow players) would like them too.

    1. Better AI for the animals.
    - By this, I mean their food finding skills. On my farm, I have it set up so that the animals have a path directly to the grass. However, very few of them will leave the area around their coop/barn to get to the food.
    2. Let the kids grow older.
    - I mean this for the children we have as well as Jaz and Vincent. It'd be cool to see them grow up and see how they become as teenagers and adults. As for the kids that we have, their personalities could depend entirely on who we marry and whether we choose the Community Center or Joja Co. route. Their personalities could also change if you divorce their other parent. Like how Sebastian doesn't like Demetrius because their personalities clash.
    3. Wedding anniversary on the calendar.
    - This, I think, would be a really cool thing to have. With this, some extra dialogue could even be added in. For example, if you don't give your spouse a gift (of any kind) by the end of the day, they could be upset that you forgot the anniversary. Or it could be a standard day for your spouse gives you some kind of gift for the occasion.
    4. Kids' birthdays on the calendar.
    - This wouldn't change much except to add their faces and names on certain days.
    5. Newcomers to Pelican Town.
    - This could happen after the Community Center or Joja Co. routes are finished. And the type of newcomers could all depend on which route the player chose to take. Like the Joja Co. route could have people coming to Pelican Town that are looking for jobs. The Community Center route could have people, like the player, looking for an escape from the big city and corporate life.
    6. More house expansions.
    - This would be tied in with the kids growing up. Each of them would get their own rooms so, with another house expansion, a room could be added and the nursery could be changed to a different bedroom.
    7. Possibility to create seeds from certain forages.
    - Personally, I'm more interested in this for the Fiddlehead Fern, Chanterelle, and Morel. Like, you could put these three items in the seed maker and get seeds out of them. But I think a good strategy for that would be to wait until the player has reached level 25.
    8. Outfit changes for the player.
    - This is more for the wedding and the Flower Dance. I think it'd be cool for the player to change into the tux or dress for the Flower Dance and into a wedding dress or groom's tux for the wedding.
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    • jaesaurus

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      THose are great ideas - I especially 5: newcomers to the town. That would definitely encourage multiple play-throughs.
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      • thunderlight12

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        This would be nice!
        • Silfrrekkr

          Silfrrekkr Yeah, You!

          Don't you already change into a tux for the wedding though?
          • ProfAndreaB

            ProfAndreaB Orbital Explorer

            For male Player Characters I'm not sure. But as a female character, I stayed in my regular clothes I chose when making my character.
            • BaconBaka

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              I like the aging child idea and personality idea as well, though it may take a lot to program in. One can imagine how their personalities could impact certain events, like the Spirit Festival.

              Abigail's kid could be in the maze near those spiders, trying to coax Abigail to ditch her fear, and the kid stating that it worked on TV. ^_^
              • SheepSaysBaah

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                Amazing ideas, especially I love 5. , because it reminds so much about Animal Crossing: New Leaf where villagers would camp in a tent and you could get them to move into town. It would be really exciting to have new faces in town and so much new things to do!

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