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    Advance Wars, the first game series that taught us the true meaning of turn-based strategy.....
    Battalion Wars, a third-person shooter series with elements of strategy who lived under the great shadow of its predecessor....
    Wargroove, the new generation game that takes the torch of its predecessors.....
    But what happens when the armies of those 3 games comes togheter? Only you can decide the victor of this multiverse war.
    Advance Wars
    -Orange Star
    The starting nation of the original Advance Wars, Orange Star is a resemblance of the U.S. Army.
    -Blue Moon
    The first rival nation who we encounter on the first Advance Wars, Blue Moon is a resemblance of the Russian Red Army.
    -Yellow Comet
    With asian-style buildings and commanders, Yellow Comet is a resemblance of the Imperial Japanese Army.
    -Green Earth
    A powerful nation with skilled commanders, Green Earth is a resemblance of both German, British and French armies.
    -Black Hole
    The evil-doers of almost the entire series, Black Hole is a resemblance of Nazi Germany with a sci-fi twist.
    Units (available on Wargroove):
    -Infantry (Soldier)
    -Recon (Dog)
    -Mech (Spearman)
    -APC (Wagon)
    -Artillery (Archer)
    -Anti-Air Tank (Mage)
    -Tank (Knight)
    -Missiles (Ballista)
    -Rockets (Trebuchet)
    -Megatank (Giant)
    -Transport Heli (Balloon)
    -Attack Heli (Harpy)
    -Fighter (Witch)
    -Bomber (Dragon)

    Battalion Wars
    -Tundran Territories
    -Anglo Isles
    -Western Frontier
    -Iron Legion
    -Solar Empire
    Units (available on Wargroove):
    -Grunt (Soldier)
    -Flame Vet (Dog)
    -Assault Vet (Spearman)
    -Light Recon (Wagon)
    -Mortar Vet (Archer)
    -Anti-Air Vet (Mage)
    -Light Tank (Knight)
    -Anti-Air Vehicle (Ballista)
    -Artillery (Trebuchet)
    -Battlestation (Giant)
    -Transport Copter (Balloon)
    -Gunship (Harpy)
    -Fighter (Witch)
    -Bomber (Dragon)

    What do you think? Do you wish to see those factions clashing on Wargroove? Feel free to leave a comment.....and you as well, Chucklefish! :nuruwink:
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      This wouldn't happen due to copyright and fair use. However players that are creating their own mods should be free to create something similar by using existing units and changing their sprites and names.

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