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Discussion in 'Planets and Environments' started by LaughingAlex, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. LaughingAlex

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    Frequently I've been encountering many villages on planets with dangerous or even deadly/lethal weather, such as embers/meteor showers. These villages sadly are not even remotely suited for such environments, and any time embers show up, the entire village gets burned into the ground from being constructed solely of wood. This can also uproot furniture and in worst case scenarios, accidental theft and full-on guard aggression.

    The idea: Towns made of hardier materials on more advanced planets. A glitch village made of wood and thatch roofing shouldn't be spawning on a volcanic world with constant ember storms. Instead a village should be constructed of stones/metals whenever they are on such dangerous worlds. Villages on a planet with meteor showers should have thicker/hardier and more spread out structures and deeper basements, likewise.

    Just a suggestion. Although it'd leave out fun moments of accidental theft/guard psychopathy but it'd be more believable to see a more advanced town, even if it was medieval/ancient themed, on planets with such destructive environments.
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    I've come across two towns, one Apex rebel camp, and one glitch castle, where a giant meteor has left a giant hole in the middle of town (On the castle it just knocked out the kings quarters...) This is quite the dilemma for those of us who don't like being shot by angry guards.

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