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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by DaWrecka, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. DaWrecka

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    As I was planting a Kangaru flag in a Kangaru city so I could come back to it later, I thought it would be nice if I could copy the coordinates to my other characters, so they could perhaps recruit a few Kangaru crew members too. That's when this idea, this potentially-impossible-to-implement idea, came to me.

    The teleport directory would take the form of a station you'd place, presumably in an outpost of some description. Upon interacting with the directory, you would have the option to copy teleport marker addresses saved in your current address book to the directory. Then someone else, or just you with a different character, when they interacted with the same directory, could also copy THEIR addresses to the directory.

    I'm thinking there would be two panes of address books, with the player's on the left and the locally-stored address book on the right. In the middle would be five buttons: Copy to directory, copy from directory, (both acting on a single currently-selected address) copy all to directory, copy all from directory, and Synchronise, the latter of which would copy all addresses from the player's address book to the directory and from the directory to the player's address book, essentially performing both "copy all" operations with a single button. (so maybe I should just axe the individual "copy all" buttons)

    That said, I have no idea if this would be possible. It would require a scripted interface, and while I can handle scripting, I'm not yet entirely-familiar with what is and isn't available in Starbound; I have no idea if the player's address book can be interacted-with in any way from an object's script, or how to do it if it can. Also, I'm not exactly confident in my UI design ability, so I'm not sure on that score either.

    So, the idea's out there for anyone who wants to run with it. Or if you're good with the UI side and less the script side, maybe we could team up? Either way - have at, Internet.
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    Getting information between characters is a bit tricky how things are. Well I suppose you could set universe flags which incorporate the address, but the problem is you can't unset them except through deleting your universe.

    You can just copy the addresses down into a text editor program though. No mod needed. You travel there once by ship, and use the local teleporter once. You'll then know it.

    But if you aren't happy with that, I suppose then you could imprint your "address book" into the form a spawned item's JSON. So you still need to get that item to other characters. This is clearly easier if you have a set starting planet address. Short that, probably the universe flags I mentioned.
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    Either you missed the point in what I said, or I didn't convey it very well. My idea revolved around having a crafting station-like object in a common starting location. (or at least, an object in a location easily-accessible to the common starting location) Each character would interact with that station in order to download the saved addresses and upload theirs, and could then travel to interesting locations found by other characters without having to travel there themselves. If I find, say, a cool Felin village on one character and recruit a few crew members there, it would be nice if my other characters could go there too... without leaving the planet they're already orbiting, which may have its own interesting features.

    Copying the addresses into a text editor in order to visit that location is EXACTLY what I wanted to avoid with this idea. Because then I've got to travel to that teleport marker with EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER in order for them to be able to pick it up. Having a central directory is precisely the solution to that problem.

    The only problem involved is that I don't know how to access the player's address book from Lua. That and I don't know much about UI design.
  4. bk3k

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    Well so far I found this
    But nothing that retrieves your bookmarks nor the format of them.... other than being JSON.

    The teleport dialog isn't a scripted interface(LUA that is) so it seems to be on the C++ side.

    edit: found an example bookmark
      "type" : "teleport",
      "name" : "Outpost - The Ark",
      "planetName" : "",
      "icon" : "outpost",
      "targetWorld" : "instanceworld:outpost",
      "spawnTarget" : "arkteleporter"
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