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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nacheteori, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. nacheteori

    nacheteori Master Chief

    One thing that I missed from AW and I think could be awesome is to have customized armies.

    I mean to have an army, or a set of armies in which each unit is from a differente faction you choose, for example you like the Felheim Legion's soldiers and at the same time the Cherrystone Kingdom's archers, so you have your own customized army with your favorite units from each faction.

    These customized armies could also be used online or in free combat modes, or even as the protagonist or antagonist army of the customized campaigns. It could be a good point to create campaigns a little bit surprising.

    In the end, colors are used to distinguish players in the battlefield.
    • Chizuru Minamoto

      Chizuru Minamoto Subatomic Cosmonaut

      I kinda agree with this idea, although, outside of campaign use, which can probably be done with the 4 additional faction slots, if not random units from different armies, maybe give appearance options, like different looking armors that still fit into the theme of the army.
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      • Colony

        Colony Void-Bound Voyager

        Sort of like accessories for your units? Like giving them Lil' Santa hats or candy canes for swords? Or somethin' non-related to the holidays, like turning all the iron materials of units into gold... -but that would look a little weird for the Heavensong Empire cause they're already gold.
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        • Chizuru Minamoto

          Chizuru Minamoto Subatomic Cosmonaut

          Well that could be a thing, but I though like, for exemple, the skeleton soldier from the Felheim Legion has a "viking like helmet", maybe give more helmets, or maybe possibility to change his weapon's style and such. Or they could also put different skins depending on regions. Maybe going with desert outfits in the snow wouldn't work that well. But yes, changing colors could also be fun. Its not a necessity though, wether we get to customize or not, the gameplay will be the same.
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          • MongooseCalledFred

            MongooseCalledFred Starship Captain

            They've already indicated that colors will be different if both players choose to play as Mercia, so shuffling units between armies shouldn't be a big deal, even if it has to be custom-made mods. It would still be nice to have the custom army directly supported without mods.
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            • GuardianJohnITA

              GuardianJohnITA Void-Bound Voyager

              I would like to see this custom, indipendent and mercenary army, it could be very cool, but no army is a true army without a commander, so I would like to see even a custom commander, who we can modify, to lead this custom army idea of yours :)
              • BreakingSkooma

                BreakingSkooma Master Chief

                They maybe can add a system with advantage and disasvantage (like the species sytem of stellaris, or the jobs in project zomboid). It's can add more fun in multpayer game, and anyone can create a perfect commander for his strategy.
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                • WishUsh

                  WishUsh Space Hobo

                  Maybe a système like starcraft 2. Same units but different skins.
                  • Taphy

                    Taphy Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                    If this isn't put into developement it will almost certainly become a fan-made addition.
                    • Bamboozler

                      Bamboozler Space Penguin Leader

                      You guys should really join the Wargroove discord and follow their Twitter. They recently posted this. :laugh:

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