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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by BPUnit, May 21, 2018.

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    I was the guest in a multiplayer game. I went to the spa, and was walking towards the water in the actual bath room.

    The host accidentally disabled multiplayer from the options menu, kicking me out of the game.

    When I went to rejoin, my character in the save screen was still wearing the bathing suit. When I join into the game, I was in my cabin, but wearing the suit. I still moved slowly like I was in the spa.

    When I stopped moving, my normal pants re-appeared, but the rest of my outfit was spa-style. When I walked, the bathing shorts replaced the pants.

    If I hobbled slowly out to the farm and swung my pick, my normal shirt sleeves re-appeared during the animation, but then I went back to the spa again.

    After sleeping, we reloaded and everything was fine again.

    I'm playing on Windows (BuildID 2778524). Host was Linux. Haven't tested reproducibility yet.

    Sorry if this should have been in the support forum, but it seemed pretty multiplayer specific.
    • BPUnit

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    • BPUnit

      BPUnit Poptop Tamer

      Finally got around to reproducing it.

      As a guest in a multiplayer game, go to the Spa. Once you're in the shorts, quit to title and rejoin. The character selection screen will show the shorts. Once you rejoin, you'll be in your cabin with no shirt and the swimming trunks.
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        So are you calling this a bug or an exploit?
        Personally I find it funny, but I'm sure the programmers did not intend it

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