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  1. MichaelMouseStar

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    It's really quite funny how Starbound has a variety of plants, some you can eat and some you can use to craft, but however strawberries don't exist. It would be a minor edition to the game, but I think it's an interesting idea. We know that earth was destroyed in the starbound universe, and it seems many plants from Earth that we know of today don't exist in the game. I don't really mind and I don't want to sound like I'm complaining since it's a great game already. BUT I'm really just asking for strawberries... xD
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  2. General Nuclear

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    i find it werid that there are all these berries hats but there are no berrie in game.

    straw berry icecream would be neat to have as recipe if strawberries was added :p
  3. oinkgamer

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    theres lots of earth food that doesnt exist in the game though. i dont know if there really is a need for more food items.

    being able to display food or use them as decoration, however, would be pretty neat. like being able to bake a cake and place it on a table. something like that
  4. Bersalius

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    Food as decoration would make things more alive. I like the idea.

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