Stonehearth - A Voxel Sandbox Townbuilding RPG

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    I recently decided to check out the Early Access game Stonehearth and I am hooked.

    "Stonehearth is a game of exploration and survival in an epic fantasy setting. Build your town, care for your hearthlings, and defend against marauding invaders"

    It still has a ways to go but the devs are very active and responsive to the community. Not only that but anything you have your Hearthlings build can be shared as a blueprint HERE! Check out the below example of what can be accomplished. If you think you might* like the game then check it out. Early access games need an active community cheering on the devs and challenging them to accomplish great things. Let me know if you have played it!


    Left: "Hyrule Castle" by BlackCobra222 Right: "Zomok" by Bkysnysh

    Link to Steam Page:
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    They claim on the one hand that it's in the early alpha stage of development, and on the other hand that they've released a download for sale.
    I'll wait until it stops identifying as alpha-quality before paying money to try it out.

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