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Stellarisbound - Starbound Factions in Stellaris

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Jonesy, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. rzrzrzrzrz

    rzrzrzrzrz Orbital Explorer

    "alpaca raiding clans"

    have you heard of "marauders", even "great khan"? (requires apocalypse expansion pack iirc)

    there are, apparently 3 types of marauders. you can tell by their lines, even the great khan himself

    they are: (not an official name however)

    -the "cut to the chase": these marauders are just, being "cut to the chase", probably something of being anxious or something.

    -the "holier than thou": these marauders often saying "She of the Void" thing as if they praise her or something.

    -the "maniacal marauders": they do be an annoying one, as they tend to screaming "HYIIIEEEEEEHH" or so like how they're savage

    the great khan will speak in respective manner based on which marauder being mobilized into what they call "horde". guaranteed to have a nightmare if your fleets / defense is not well prepared.

    look for a fleet named "Chosen of the Great Khan", which is a ship he himself assumes command. defeat it twice and he will be finished. (depending on which empire's fleet who dealt the final blow i believe) and you'll receive "Great Khan's Throne" relic (if you got ancient relics expansion i believe)

    at this point, look for the wiki about marauders because this may be a long explanation. yes it also explains about becoming a "satrapy".

    (requires federation expansion pack if i'm not mistaken) also, during these times, you can propose a galactic focus resolution to get some "upper hands" from galactic community. bear in mind that they may focus on killing great khan directly if they can do

    "penguin syndicate", the criminal megacorp
    expect "expropriation" casus belli for use against them the moment they opened their branch office in one of your colony and good luck for winning the war to get rid of all of their opened criminal branch office. watcha gonna do when your colony become da xeno hood, even "modified zro" lair, anything you could imagine about criminal lair…
  2. Armok

    Armok Cosmic Narwhal

    yeah, I'm well aware of all of this lol, I have at 1,819.8 hours logged into this game, with all the dlc too.

    Dunno why you felt the need to point out how criminal megacorps and marauders work?
  3. rzrzrzrzrz

    rzrzrzrzrz Orbital Explorer

    thought you don't know

    also i like how op liked your post there

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