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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by VinAg, Feb 5, 2019.

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    Looking for awesome people brave enought to try out stardew valley to it's limits as we try our best to avoid crash with 10+ mods!

    Right now this is the mods that i plan on using:
    Automate - by: Pathoschild
    TractorMod - by: Pathoschild
    DynamicNightTime - by: Sakorona
    Massive Greenhouse 50x50 - by: BrainDead2013
    BetterRareCrows - by: epicbellyflop45
    Unique Dating Responses - by: MissCoriel
    Ran's Prettier Witch - by: ranfuu
    Stardew News Feed - by: NorthMS
    Pet Choice Perks - by: Skuld
    Experience Bars - by: spacechase0

    This list may change if you guys get brave enought to add some more crash-inducing juice in the game, which will probably be fun c:
    Important(?) Notes:
    I am NOT planning a 24/7 server, but my uptime should be modestly high.
    I'm 17 currently and Brazil is my country. I'm pretty sure i can keep up with any everyday english talk, so no problems here.

    My Steam Username: Vsk'
    Discord Server: https://discord.gg/JpV466W

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