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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by HeyHannes, Aug 1, 2018.

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    Today I and my friends tried to play the Multiplayer in StardewValley. One of my friends has a Windows PC the other one has a Mac. I can easily connect with my friend with Windows, but it's not possible to connect to the one with Mac.
    We tried different hosts and different methods. We all use Steam.

    Is this a problem with the steam servers or is this a game problem. Or is it not possible to play cross-platform in StardewValley.
    • thmtrxhsu

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      I wish I could tell you, but I own the GOG version for MAC and Linux and these only allow local LAN multiplayer.
      Cross platform in the least works for local Lan and not only cross platform but likely between steam and gog as well though this last may lead to a crash due possibly to different communication schemes.
      Can't comment on invitation system as I don't have access to it.
      However, actually I can since I am a power user.
      Steam likely forbids stardew mac to communicate with stardew windows; the steam clients are not identical.
      In the least, the mac one will show only linux games and the windows one only windows games.
      Therefore because of that the two clients can never speak to each other; understand?
      Local LAN super seeds all technical difficulties once you get it up and running and I can help if you need, pm.
      • thmtrxhsu

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        ...using an invite code. These codes enable cross-play between Steam and GOG. Due to platform restrictions and technical limitations, we are not currently planning to roll this functionality out any wider than Steam and GOG. You must both be signed in on the Steam client and/or GOG Galaxy client in order for this to work. To get your invite code, open the settings menu, scroll down to the multiplayer section and click ‘Show Invite Code.’ A 10-12 character string of letters and numbers will show on your screen for you to send to your friend. Your invite code will change each time you reload the game
        To use the code, your friend should launch the game, and then in the co-op menu choose ‘Enter Invite Code…’".
        • Queen Of Hearts

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          A lot of games are not compatible with cross platform gaming :(. I sincerely hope you find a solution, but it doesn't look to good.

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