Steam fowarded ((Suggestion) Make Firey world residents realize where they live!)

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    I am fowarding this because i never heard of this.

    Gargoyle Girl[​IMG] Oct 10 @ 9:46pm
    (Suggestion) Make Firey world residents realize where they live!
    I know this game has been out for a long time, and is probably considered finished by the developers, but... this really needs to be addressed.

    I've been exploring on Fiery worlds. You know... temperatures so hot you take damage, raining fire and meteors and ash, lava just laying around all over? ...and for the second time in as many villages, I've found towns made of wood. And hay. And plants. One ws Floran, and the other Glitch.


    First comes the HOW do they build entire villages out of something that doesn't exist on their entire planet, except in extremely small quantities. The second thought is WHY would anyone do this. In both cases, the villages literally burned to the ground as I walked through them, and in both cases, the villagers blamed ME for the destruction, as if they couldn't see the rain of fire outside lighting things up and reducing everything to ash. So each time I go to a village, I get attacked.

    In the case of the Floran, who believe plants are better than anything and don't seem very smart at times, this *kinda* makes sense. I mean even a Floran can tell if things keep catching fire, right? But the Glitch, who on EVERY OTHER WORLD I'VE FOUND THEM ON live in stone castles, this is ridiculous. I mean they don't even have anything else to build WITH, why would they scrounge and scrape together enough wood and hay to build houses that instantly burn down multiple times a day, then blame the stranger in the village for everything?

    Not only that, but in one case, the people started running from me, even though I didn't try to fight back and hadn't done anything. They ran right out the village, into a huge pool of lava and BURNED TO DEATH.


    'Oh no, it's that person who turned up just as my house was burning down from this mysterious rain of fire that happens all the time! I'd better kill myself to avoid dying!'

    I don't know if the devs still look at this game, or work on it at all, or even care about it... but someone please fix this.
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