WIP StarDOPE VALLEY: adding CANNABIS as a mod to SDV. update: 5/4

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    hey if you need people to interview those headache issues on, me and my dad deal with them and its fucking annoying. it hasn't been so bad than it once was, at a point it was because a lot of stressing factors i was like going to the neurologist every 3 months or so and on medication and stuff and it was happening every day, in some form.

    and a lot of other mumbo jumbo i'd go into but idk if this is the setting for it

    Dude. Math is boring to me. You have to pay attention, I just can't, sometimes. i was just so happy being done with stats i was like that's it. but now, i'm going to try one mathy thing, programming, so let's see how that will go.

    I agree with you about English being a terrible way to learn to write if you want to be dynamic and talk about something that isn't just all about you and your personal experiences -- I initially declared that as my major out of high school because I felt like I was pressured into it and that I was pretty savvy when I need to be.

    But once you start college that shit just opens a set of new possibilities, all it takes is taking a class or joining something just because you need to fill the time to get into shit you'd never thought of doing. That's what ended up with me getting into journalism a year later, and then I just got stuck. Also history and social science classes I dig because I'm hella weird when it comes to people but I generally just want to understand them. and it makes for better story-telling.

    I don't think you get that outright from just learning straight-up English. A lot of the literature is obviously bias and the constraints make most of it analyzing super old crap. but unlike history its fictional old crap and there's less possibility of new evidence to be found in the old crap by comparing it to other old crap
    also, the assignments usually don't present itself that's beneficial to the writer anyway? i mean, i love writing essays/think pieces, but i don't want to do it if its its not current or relatable.
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    • lannihamm

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      Here's the descriptions. I forgot if it was less than 120 or 140 characters, so if needed I'll adjust the wording. (also made sure to note the relaxation v stimulation difference between the strains for AfrokingJ)

      • Sativa - With a distinct uplifting cerebral effect, the tall sativa crop thrives in warmer climates and is great for creativity.
      • Indica - This short, bushy plant is ideal for full body relaxation with its high resin production and short flowering time.
      • Hybrid - A combination of stimulating sativa and relaxing indica, hybrid strains are the best of both worlds.
      • Hemp - A variant of the sativa species with little to no THC, hemp can be used in a variety of industrial settings.
      • Concentrate Vaporizer - Dabbing too much work? Wax can now be smoked with ease using this vape pen!
      • Oil Vaporizer - After dissolving THC in an oil solution, it can be smoked and enjoyed with this nifty device.
      • Dry Herb Vaporizer - No wax or oil cartridges? No problem! This vaporizer is specifically for good ol' dried marijuana.
      • Combination Vaporizer - Dried herb, THC oil, and wax can all be used in this device. Be sure to keep it clean!
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        I see youre putting good use to my wisteria hahahaha nice shop.
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        • Delta9

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          You got indica and sativa backwards. :) Sativa is stimulating and tall, indica is bushy and relaxing. Just switch the names and the names in the hybrid description and you're good.
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          • lannihamm

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            Oops, copypasted it wrong (stuck in jury duty at the moment, so I'm on my phone). Thanks!
            • AfrokingJ

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              • lannihamm

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                thankfully i didn't get picked ^o^
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                • cankersaur

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                  Progress update? :3
                  • Jackman74

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                    This mod looks really dank ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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                    • AfrokingJ

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                      Lets mark this as DOA
                      • dollbae

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                        Yes, because I'd like this T_T
                        • ginjin

                          ginjin Space Hobo

                          I am wondering when you are going to be done with this, don't mean to rush you, but I at least want to know when it should be uploded
                          • Ovra

                            Ovra Void-Bound Voyager

                            Hi guys, I just signed up to say that I am really excited by this mod! What's the progress?

                            I have no computer abilities whatsoever, but would be really happy to help with any writing if you need.
                            • Aigre

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                              I grew up in a place where all drugs, including cannabis, are illegal. Is that publication from sclabs actually suggesting that cannabis can be good for health? That's quite different from what I'm bombarded with.
                              • joyous.ariella

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                                Cannabis has a lot of medicinal properties. It has been shown to help alleviate symptoms of Cerebral Palsy; Parkinson's; Tourette's; General Anxiety Disorder; sleep disorders; seizure disorders; and relieve nausea. Of course, no extensive studies have been done in the US since it is still illegal federally, but many states have legalized medical marijuana, and recreational marijuana (Massachusetts just legalized it for recreational use for 21+). There are many videos of people who use cannabis medicinally and the immediate effects are quite remarkable. Long term effects are unknown at this point.
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                                • Ovra

                                  Ovra Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Is this mod still happening?
                                  • seth0et0holth

                                    seth0et0holth Star Wrangler

                                    This mod interests me
                                    • bowzerb

                                      bowzerb Void-Bound Voyager

                                      I guess this is dead in the water
                                      • taintedwheat

                                        taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                                        I've been busy dealing with school and chronic health stuff. I also have a shit ton of games to play.

                                        Unless youre a good friend of mine I am not willing to get into that discussion.

                                        I'm willing to work with the community to accomplish this, but it is easier if we all communicated and worked on this via discord.

                                        I am also a moderator for the sdv discord.
                                        Talk to me there, I go by hweet.

                                        Desperately need to collaborate with a willing coder(s) and artist(s) also willing to keep up maintenance.

                                        Players' interest alone is not enough motivation to do this. I need help.

                                        • NoiseMaker00

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                                          is there any working mod like this now?

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