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Stardew Valley Xbox One + PS4: Known Issues/Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by mollygos, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. OminousJackal

    OminousJackal Void-Bound Voyager

    Playing on xbox one, in the last seven hours I've had the game crash four times. Each time was when the game was attempting to save after resting. The game would crash to the xbox home screen and fail to save, causing me to lose progress. It has become too irritating to play the game at this point, so I'm just putting it down until a patch is released.

    I've been excited for this game to come to console for quite some time and to see it arrive in a state that is more annoying than fun to play is disappointing. Please patch the game sooner, rather than later.

    To answer all of the questions in the original post:
    It happened while saving each time.
    It didn't crash if I loaded the file and saved again.
    Some of the days it crashed I had stuff in the shipping bin, but some I did not.
    I did not buy any house upgrades, buy a joja membership, or complete any of the rooms in the community center.
    I experience freezing and hitching every single day in game, so yes.
    I have used the exit to title button once thus far in my playthrough.
    • Blazenjuggalo

      Blazenjuggalo Lucky Number 13

      My game freeze and boots my out every time I try to sleep, it's the last day of winter and it won't let save. any help
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      • FloppyDrywall

        FloppyDrywall Space Hobo

        Playing on Xbox One. 28th of Winter. No matter what i do that day, whenever I go to bed the game crashes. Happened 7 or so times last night. I only tried twice this morning before giving up.

        Edit: I love the game and I'm really happy it's on consoles now.
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        • TyFighter

          TyFighter Space Hobo

          We've had some Snow Days, so I've been diving into this game hard. I've had four crashes that have occurred while sleeping at the end of the day, so I would load up the game again and do the exact same activities and have it save without issue. Fortunately the game is good enough that it really hasn't ruined anything for me, just an annoyance.
          • unassuminglocalguy

            unassuminglocalguy Lucky Number 13

            • Viperinegryphon

              Viperinegryphon Space Hobo

              I got to day 28 in winter year 1 and when I sleep the xbox one version crashes before it saves. I can't go on to year 2.
              • 808jasmine

                808jasmine Space Hobo

                Aloha! Love the game. I am going to share my crash experience and answer the questions. Hoping your team gets it figured out soon. As a programer I get it so good luck!

                MY CRASH EXPERIENCE: I play the game and on Winter 28 at the end of the day, when the screen starts to darken, the game crashes and exits the game.
                When I go back in to play, I am forced to re-live the same day just to go through the crash again.

                ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS: with answers

                • Did the game crash before, during, or after saving? 'Before. Well, while going into the next day.'
                • Does it crash if you load the file up and save again? 'Yes'
                • Did you put anything in the shipping bin that day? 'No'
                • Did you buy any buildings or house upgrades from Robin, or complete any bundles, or buy a Joja membership? 'No'
                • Did you experience any freezing/hitching during the in-game day before the crash? 'Yes, a little bit.'
                • Have you used the 'Exit to Title' option at any point? 'No'
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                • DingleBeret

                  DingleBeret Space Hobo

                  The PS4 version of the game has been freezing in my second year. The game freezes if I put stuff in the shipping bin and go to bed, it does not happen every time, but it does happen frequently. I do not experience freezing if I do not sell item in the shipping bin, and go to bed. The freezing always occurs on the menu that shows the total money I earned for the day.
                  • cjoseph

                    cjoseph Space Hobo

                    I had read on here many of the same problems, that I was having. Game game crashes, and saving problems for the xbox version of this game. So I thpught I might do a test, see just how far the game would let me go. The only thing I did the whole game was get out of bed, and walk a couple feet, and get right back in bed, and save the game. I went all the to the last day of winter with no save problems, no crashes, or anything at all happening. That was until I tried to go past the last day of year one, into year 2. It would crash, and send me to the xbox one menu, I would reload the game, and it would do the same thing. My test leads me to believe, there is many problems with the saving part of the game ( mainly the size of of the file, depending on what you have done in that day of the game.) and there is a very big problem with going into the second year, for the simple fact it won't let you progess to the second year. I have tried both ways. Playing the game, and doing things in the game, and just getting out of bed, and back in to save all the way to the end. I love this game, and I hope you can get it fixed very soon. Thanks Chris
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                    • Bluewolfknight

                      Bluewolfknight Seal Broken

                      I play on Xbox one and I'm just finishing up last day of winter to start my second year and as soon as I get in bed to sleep it crashes.
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                      • MikesDemise

                        MikesDemise Lucky Number 13

                        Concerning the Xbox one year 2 crash, do we have any idea if this is being addressed and how long a fix may take?
                        I'm loving the game and I really want to continue playing.
                        I fear if this takes too long people will lose faith in it and either move on to some other game or worse, start demanding refunds and bury it under the carpet. Damaging the reputation of what in my eyes is one of the greatest console indie games of this is generation.
                        • Typhoon

                          Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                          This is my fear too - after the absolutely incredible amount of work that ConcernedApe has put into the PC version of the game it would be terrible to see it tarnished by these very buggy console ports. Sickhead Games developed the console ports so irrespective of how much it costs to upload a few console patches somebody just needs to suck it up and get the bugs fixed and the patches uploaded pronto.
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                          • Eerie

                            Eerie Void-Bound Voyager

                            Hey guys it's 4:11Am and I'm about to level up my fishing to 6. Problem is... guess what in game day it is? You guest it! December 28th! Game crashes no matter what I try, I'm going to try having my character pass out from exhaustion, just out of curiosity. Then I might do the same in real life. I'm on Xbox one. Love the game s far and have been waiting forever for it to finally launch on console. Hope this will be patched soon.
                            • Eerie

                              Eerie Void-Bound Voyager

                              *update* yeaaaa that didn't work. Going to bed.
                              • Mikek

                                Mikek Tentacle Wrangler

                                I think this is no longer the problem. Afaik neither Sony nor Microsoft charges anything for patches (at least not from indie developers) since the introduction of PS4 and XBOX1. Still I have no idea how could they release something like this and how it actually passed through Sony and Microsoft Q/A.
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                                • Typhoon

                                  Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                                  If so then that's great news, we now just have to hope that the bugs are very quickly fixed and the game patched.

                                  I've been wondering that too - it's not as if these bugs rarely occur; going by the large number of understandably annoyed customers the bugs are pretty frequent and easy to reproduce.
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                                  • Morningpoop

                                    Morningpoop Space Hobo

                                    Same problem going on here, been trying to play since the day it came out, before the patch everything went pretty well (as far I could notice), after the patch it seems impossible to go rest in your game and save automatically, also impossible to load the game I made before the patch. I am automatically brought to the PS4 menu with a fail occur. Obviously very frustrating bug since any progress you make in the game is simply lost, so i can't find any reason to keep playing this game at the moment. Please fix this asap...
                                    • Timedye

                                      Timedye Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                      They most certainly do. Or at least, they did. It's the reason Phil Fish never bothered to patch FEZ on Xbox 360 despite the fact it had a game breaking save corruption bug. As an Indy dev, Microsoft's fee for putting a patch through cert was too high for him to pay out-of-pocket.

                                      This is also why games that performed softly rarely saw patches. Take a look at the 2008 version of Alone in the Dark: the PS3 version of the game came out six months after the Xbox 360 version, so it had a number of massive fixes, tweaks, and a new level. But Atari never bothered to patch any of that into the 360 version due to the patch fee. There was also an issue with the PS3 version not playing its 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound correctly, but that never got patched for the same reason. The game wasn't successful enough to justify it.

                                      Part of the reason the console manufacturers imposed these fees was to incentivize developers to get their games right before they released them, but I've heard scuttlebutt about how the fees were lifted going into the PS4/Xbox One generation, and this is why we're getting more and more broken games at launch, but I've never been able to find confirmation of this. None of the people who're involved in the industry that I follow (or listen to on podcasts) has talked about what the patching process is like this generation.

                                      I've also heard variations of this that suggest AAA developers are charged for patches while some smaller -- but not all -- developers are not. Or that every developer is now offered a maximum of 1 free patch per year, after which the fee is reinstated (this is to allow for non-costly Day One patches).

                                      But again, I can find no confirmation of the current practice. I only know how it worked throughout the PS3/360 era.
                                      • RicardoG

                                        RicardoG Seal Broken

                                        I understand the need for those save files but come on, there is people how say that the files are 70mb, which by the way are way to big for such a small game, I can do that can we send 70mb by email?
                                        • zombieslayerx23

                                          zombieslayerx23 Lucky Number 13

                                          im on xbox one... my game keeps crashing when i go to sleep on winter 28 .. it will not let me continue... i waited so long for this game i preordered it and been playing it since the hour it was released .. i realy want this fixed ASAP ... i want more games like this on xbox one
                                          please fix it... winter 28 year one game crashes...plus its glitchy like trying to freeze alot in throughout game play.. i have uninstalled and reinstalled to try to fix but still crashes

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