Stardew Valley Switch Multiplayer Patch #1: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. wigglesnush

    wigglesnush Space Hobo

    My Girlfriend was playing for some time and is currently in winter of year one, she just noticed the gifts aren't resetting each week so she can't build up friendship with everyone. The Wizard is completely bugged and Linus and Demetrius are half bugged. It's not stopping her playing but is very frustrating given how useful being friends with the wizard is.
    • marky1991

      marky1991 Void-Bound Voyager

      Hmm, I see that my issue might be a duplicate of line 26 in the switch section on the doc. To clarify, my issue happens in multiplayer. I haven't tested in single-player, I"ll test that tomorrow.
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      • Gandalor 75

        Gandalor 75 Star Wrangler

        So, has anyone heard if there will be a patch soon on the Switch end of things? I am mostly curious because I have been avoiding my super dense farm sense the beginning of the year because of the lag caused by tons of crops. Hope everything is going well and the patch team is able to give a date soon!
        • mk_68

          mk_68 Master Chief

          Don't count on it. This version is pretty much helpless. Chucklefish and whomever their dev team is don't care about this version. They have one, probably overworked, person patrolling this thread every once and a while and that's about it lol. It's very clear this was a half-assed job. Your best bet is waiting for 1.4 to come to receive the next "patch," but with how they handled 1.3 it doesn't exactly inspire confidence.
          • mk_68

            mk_68 Master Chief

            I hate how right I am, but the silence just locks it in.
            • timid_one

              timid_one Space Hobo

              I've encountered some issues on Version 1.3.33 (Switch firmware 9.0.1):
              1. When donating to the community center, the game will soft-lock (music plays, can still move cursor with right stick, but cannot move or open game menus) if the item selected in my hotbar is a consumable.
              2. When the option "Use Controller-Style Menus" is selected, I often am unable to select the menu option to view community center progress. I am able to occasionally, but there is no discernible reason as to why.
              3. I have encountered stuttering and frame rate issues, especially while walking through the tall grass that grows on my farm.
              I am unsure if these have been reported already; hopefully, if they have, it's evidence it's at least not an issue just with my system.
              • Teaearlygreyhot

                Teaearlygreyhot Intergalactic Tourist

                I suddenly can no longer host my co-op farm that is in fall of year 1. I can host a new farm with no issue, but no friends switch can join the old multiplayer game, even if i add new cabins.
                Me and my partner have put a lot of effort into the farm and it would be sad to lose it.
                Build 1.3.37
                • amahami

                  amahami Intergalactic Tourist

                  My sister is running 1.3.37, and it's year 2 fall 13 on her forest farm. There was a thunderstorm going on, and she was picking yams in early afternoon.

                  Then suddenly she was in her chicken coop.

                  She is assuming it's because she tapped the button right as lightning struck, but she was too focused on farming to know if there was a flash. She didn't see a lightning bolt, though.
                  • Plizzno

                    Plizzno Intergalactic Tourist

                    My girlfriend and I have been playing a co-op farm for about 6 months now and while local co-op works we've never been able to get online working. She is the host of the farm and it does not even show up on my list of online co-op farms to join when she uses online co-op instead of local. We've been trying to fix this for months now to no avail. I just did a test with another friend to see which Switch is the issue and what we found is that both of our Switches have no problem joining other people's online co-op farms. However, for some reason whenever my girlfriend hosts an online co-op farm it does not show up for anyone in the "join online co-op farm" menu (and yes we are all friends on the Switch). We are all running 1.3.37 at this point and our Switches are updated. We've also tried using multiple different internet connections so it isn't her internet either.

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