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Stardew Valley Switch Multiplayer: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Dec 12, 2018.

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  1. mamcc23

    mamcc23 Space Hobo

    I'm not sure if this was brought up yet, this thread is crazy long, but I was playing Switch Multiplayer with a LAN connection, I was hosting my friend on my farm and his screen had visual glitching where about only 80% of his switch's screen had proper lighting for the location/time of day. For example, at night, most of his screen would be the proper night lighting and color scheme but the remaining 20-ish% of his screen was lit as if it were day. This sort of thing also applied to dramatic lighting like inside the bus tunnel and mines. This was only happening to his Switch as a guest on my server. I did not experience this issue.
    • gamer9870

      gamer9870 Big Damn Hero

      On my switch it doesn't give me an option to host any farms besides create a new one, and when I do none of my friends can join it. When I quit and go to host the same farm it doesn't show up under the host tab but instead is under the load menu option for single-player play. This glitch is also occurring on my friends switch. I bought my switch 2 weeks after launch and my friend bought it 1 week ago.
      • LadyRhyme

        LadyRhyme Space Hobo

        Hi, I read all you message but With my friend we got some problem here. We are actually playing next to each-other irl, and on local connexion we never find the farm we were running each other. When we try in online it works but if we want to play away than our house, without internet it will be complicated. Its a problem from us or someone other got the same problem in a local connexion ?
        • MystikPahndah

          MystikPahndah Space Hobo

          I’ve noticed a few character model glitches in my solo game. First, my cat has been doing a bunch of weird movements all across my farm screen and inside my house These include moon walking, walking outside the confines of my house and sleeping in the dark area of the house. I’ve also noticed that my baby is spawning outside the walls. Obviously nothing major but bugs nonetheless. I’m also experiencing the nighttime glitch where part of my screen isnt affected by the dark shader at night.
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          • getyourkix

            getyourkix Lucky Number 13

            Just had a quick brainwave on the "music not starting on the farm" glitch, not sure if these two details have been mentioned yet but I haven't seen them.

            1. Big thing I've noticed that I think might be related - the rooster's crowing at the start of the day seems to be happening at a different time. Before the new update (and in the PS4/PC versions), the rooster's crow happened after saving but before the black screen faded in to the farmhouse. After the update, the crow happens after the farmhouse has already loaded in. I'm not a prgrammer/coder, but I'm wondering if some kind of trigger for the music to start is being overridden by the crowing?

            2. The other thing I've noticed is that if the music doesn't start at 6AM and you don't leave the farm at all, the music appears to start up on it's own at 12PM. The music will consistently start for me if I leave the farm in any direction.

            Hopefully this is a little more detail to squash this bug! I love the music in this game, and it's a little bit of a pain to run off the farm every morning to get the music to play.
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            • Senator Gobbles

              Senator Gobbles Space Hobo

              Thanks for this patch, my brother and I had a good time sharing a farm on switch so far. I am
              Also reporting the evening shader not centered. I had joined a co-op farm that was online shared by my brother in CA, I am in New England. I was playing my switch in handheld mode, with about 75% charge left on my battery. Volume is off on the system. [​IMG]
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              • knuddelfurz

                knuddelfurz Void-Bound Voyager

                At first, i love multiplayer!
                Most annoying things that I mentioned:

                - if my coop player goes to another area on the map, i get hard freezes (for like 2-3sec), especially if he goes down stairs in the mine. = very annoying if one player is grinding in mines and the other is fishing (and losing fish because of the freezes)

                anyone else got this or is it just bad network connection (in other games on the nintendo switch the connection is fine)? or is this a normal thing?

                - in some ways after railing your fishing rod in, you stay in the position with your arms backwards without the rod in your hands while walking (one time also the charge bar of how far you throw gets stuck over your head)

                - getting different fortune messages out of the tv, my coop player had bad luck 6 days in a row, while it was randomized for me as always
                is different luck for players a feature or a bug? :D

                - also sometimes missing the music

                - animal names changed by coop players will not appear changed for the host (only tried on chicken)

                thats it for now, but most annoying are the freezes when another player loads another area of the map

                keep the good work up <3
                • Ragnosk

                  Ragnosk Space Hobo

                  I'm having a similar issue that @knuddelfurz is having where one of my co-op friends is working in the mines, and each descent down gives a few seconds of lag. Really sucks when you're trying to fish for bundles and the harder fish are the ones you are trying to catch and the game lags for second and throws off the entire fishing minigame. We all play with ethernet so I wasn't sure if it was our connections or something.

                  My co-op friends also seem to get stuck in fishing animations and slide around the map until they start to chop trees or something else that breaks that animation.
                  • knuddelfurz

                    knuddelfurz Void-Bound Voyager


                    - after restarting the game the animal's names got updated

                    - i used an iridium rod inside my farmhouse and charged it with the charge-bar going 2 times left and right. after this my character got completely stuck, no button inputs worked, i couldn´t even pass out at 2:00 am! had to restart the game.
                    • Emilyluvsturnips

                      Emilyluvsturnips Space Hobo

                      We are having these same reported issues as Yakura:

                      One player frequently found themselves unable to pick up chopped wood, and other dropped items. We were playing in the same room, so I compared our screens - her player didn't appear on my screen, but I could see the trees/rocks break when she chopped them - and then I was able to pick them up.

                      Both other players, when transitioning to a different map, would get the loading screen with the controllers. It lasted several minutes (including after 2:00am came and went) - which is presumably longer than the loading screen should be present. Whenever they did eventually force close the game and rejoin, they had lost items and/or didn't earn XP for the day. On my screen (the host) I saw the character on the map they were trying to transition from.”

                      We have experienced these issues incessantly, and non-host players are forced to quit and rejoin anywhere from 2-5 times just to get through one day of Stardew Valley. We are all in the same room playing on handheld, but have also had the same issues if one person (host or otherwise) is playing on a docked switch.
                      • Abdelhak1m

                        Abdelhak1m Space Hobo

                        While mining with friends.
                        Finding the staircase to the next level.
                        When clicking A button to decend the game has a hickup to proceed so other players in the mine expirience a sort of freeze/frame drop. It's like 1-1.5seconds and then it's gone but it's noticeable.

                        I have a picture of the shader issue:

                        My friends and I also expirience, when playing with 3 or more players, that one of us gets stuck in loading screens. Also when ending the day in bed, the screen stays black until one of us leaves and then the game continues. Progress is luckily saved because the host is still online.

                        We all have NAT TYPE B and decent network.
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                        • LuckwurstJoe

                          LuckwurstJoe Orbital Explorer

                          Friend and me got a problem with the "help wanted" quests.

                          Sometimes, we get both the same quest at the board, but if we both accept it, the game crashes after some ingame hours. If only one get the quest everything is fine.
                          • JasonBachee

                            JasonBachee Space Hobo

                            My two friends and I have been playing multiplayer on Switch for several days now and have been experiencing quite a few connectivity issues.

                            On our first day we originally played on Local, experienced some bugs and switched to Online to see if it would fare any better. Since then the option to play Local is not available to us, once the host begins the game the others never see the host game appear.

                            It doesn’t happen too often but occasioanally the guest players will appear to lose connection while still being able to navigate in the game. This becomes apparent when drops stop pulling into the character or another player comes on the screen to witness an incomplete task and idle character sprite even though the one player is still moving and the task is complete on their side. This is with Online mode since Local is currently unavailable to us.

                            We are currently on Fall Day 1 Year 1 and have played through the day twice now with it resulting in an error before it saves at the end of day screen. This is the biggest issue we have experienced so far because of how much work is going into this first day of the season, 8 6x6 plots of crops fertilized and watered, it is quite heartbreaking when this happens.

                            Another bug we seem to be experiencing is when leveling up, we get the same level up dialogue at end of day two days in a row.

                            And lastly there is a lag on the other players when someone is switching levels in the mine.

                            Thank you.
                            • Litmusdragon

                              Litmusdragon Space Spelunker

                              I just got a Switch and the Switch version this month after having played hundreds of hours of PC/Playstation 4 version, I play solo only, and have noticed two bugs so far:

                              1. Music very seldom starts playing while on the farm, and never starts playing just after waking up. On the other versions it's very common for music to play as soon as you wake up
                              2. There is a weird RNG bug with Magma Geodes and Frozen Geodes which seems to have been reported several times even before this update so it must be an old bug, what happens is that you'll get the same mineral many times in a row from these geodes (for me it Basalt up to six times in a row and it's happened more than once). This is a unique issue to the Switch version

                              These next three aren't really bugs I think but are differences I noticed between the Switch version and the other versions I've played:

                              1. The graphics are ever so slightly blurry when the game is docked. This is apparent on my 55" 4k TV. I assume because internally it's drawing at 720p and upscaling to 1080p. It's very subtle but definitely there.
                              2. The sound effects for certain things are different on Switch than on other versions (I assume to make them more audible in hand held mode)? a. The "blip" when fishing and the fish escape the green zone is much louder on Switch b. The tree chopping sound effect is less bassy than on PC c. The hoe sound effect is less bassy than on PC
                              3. The controller mapping is different than on all other versions. On all other versions Check and Use Tool are next to each other; on Switch, they are on opposite sides. This is quite confusing especially since I have so many hours in the other versions. It's probably too late now but would have been better to keep it similar between platforms for people who play on different systems
                              • knuddelfurz

                                knuddelfurz Void-Bound Voyager

                                Game crashed when me and my farmhand tried to access the shooting minigame in fall event at the same time
                                • JessicaFarm

                                  JessicaFarm Poptop Tamer

                                  I have exact the same problem. I’ve had stardew valley for like a year now on my Nintendo switch. Today my friend bought the game on her Laptopwith steam so she could join me on my farm.
                                  I bought the cabin and placed it on my farm. But when I start the game with the co-op menu the join-window is empty. Also, i can play my saved game as a host, but there is no invite button.

                                  Is this a bug or am I missing something?
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                                  • paulc101

                                    paulc101 Space Hobo

                                    Hi, I am playing local Co-op with my wife on Switch. We are experiencing random crashes when a new day starts. Usually when a person just steps out of the house or shortly thereafter (but not sure if it's actually relevant).
                                    • Gandalor 75

                                      Gandalor 75 Star Wrangler

                                      Hello, I will keep this as clear as possible. I am playing single player on both files that were made and in regular use before the update and after. These are some of the issues I have seen. I am getting the framerate issue on the farm when there is a lot going on on screen. That is well documented at this point but I have noticed two other things. 1: I have already cleared the regular mines in my old files through to the bottom and taken the regular chests that contain the boots and weapons. However the chests have reappeared and are in the closed and ready to interact position. 2: when walking or riding the horse along a vertical section of fence I am able to walk or ride through the fence as though it is not there. The walls are in good repair I assume as they appear fully functional and animals are not escaping through them and there are no gates near where I have been able to make this happen. It happens consistently and I have actually used it as a way to save time and not deal with opening and closing gates. Those two are issues I haven't noticed being reported. Thanks for the continued support and good luck with the fixes.
                                      • heather99

                                        heather99 Space Hobo

                                        When playing multiplayer, the tv is telling us both different information on what the luck for the day and weather for the next day is. We have been playing on the switch over internet, not local (though we have played local previously), and we check the tv first thing in the morning each day. My friend is the host, and it seems their weather/luck is correct, not mine.
                                        • Gandalor 75

                                          Gandalor 75 Star Wrangler

                                          Hello JessicaFarm, I believe that due to working within the Nintendo Online system, with friend codes and such, there is no in-game invite system. To my knowledge you can only invite other players by doing so from outside the game in the Switch friends settings. Also, there is no cross-platform multi-player. So your friend on Steam cannot play with you on Switch. I think Ape said something about looking into cross-platform multi-player but if I am remembering that correctly he also said it would be a feature that would be a long time coming. So I would not hold my breath for that. Hope this helps.
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