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Stardew Valley Switch Multiplayer: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Dec 12, 2018.

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  1. LadyFeobi

    LadyFeobi Space Hobo

    I'd like to report framerate issues as well but I do NOT have a big farm. I have one small plot big enough for a single Junimo hut in the middle to harvest, one silo, a full coop and barn and that's it, the rest of my farm is open grass (which I like) and a small grove of 6 or 7 trees for sap and maple. The biggest framerate issues are when I am riding my horse through the grass on my open farm. I don't want to have to cut it all down, but I am on the 1st of fall and will have to anyways. I'll report if this improves the framerate. Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents since I have a small farm.
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    • mbennet35

      mbennet35 Void-Bound Voyager

      Playing on my existing farm I get a bit of lag while walking around. Here is a short video of what happens sometimes. https://twitter.com/leebennetgames/status/1073606925009350656?s=21

      I built one cabin on my farm but have not played with other people yet.

      I lag the most at my farm and it seems anywhere else I go in the game runs a lot better.
      • sarahhope82

        sarahhope82 Space Hobo

        I am having the same issue as Snowdrop0901 regarding the Journey of the Prairie King mini-game. The gun automatically shoots, and I am unable to shoot straight left or right (except for brief periods of time when I fiddle with the joystick).
        • schwallr

          schwallr Space Hobo

          I noticed lag immediately after updating. It is worse when looking at crops. At first I had about 200 strawberries. Now I have about 300 mixed summer crops of almost all varieties. I have some trees with tappers that overlap the field. I have an upgraded barn with two cows and two sheep an upgraded coop with two chickens and a duck. Stutter is worse when moving around fields and when buildings are on screen. I have no stutter indoors or and very little when moving around off my farm.
          • Dawnuh

            Dawnuh Intergalactic Tourist

            • HylianAtHeart

              HylianAtHeart Space Hobo

              Hey, I ran into a problem with multiplayer not working on my main farm. (i play on switch) whenever I tried to get someone to join it crashed. I'm guessing it's because my farm has too much stuff in it. That's the only difference i could think of between it and a new farm I made to specifically play multiplayer. (Which runs fine)

              I would open my farm (local play) and the other player could see it and hit join. It then asked them which of the two cabins I had that they wanted to be in. (we tried both) After selecting a cabin it would immediately crash. We tried 4-5 times and every time it crashed at the same spot.

              EDIT: I made it to winter so all my crops died so I decided to try to get a friend of mine to join and it worked. He was using a different console than the first person however.

              In case its useful to know what my farm is like...
              - I'm in fall of year 9
              - biggest house, married, 2 kids
              - I have 600+ kegs all currently running
              - I have 1,000+ crops planted
              - I have junimo huts and sprinklers that cover almost every space
              - various animals, tappers, artisan machines, full chests, decor, ect.

              The farm works fine in single player. (except the lower frame rate)

              Thanks for any help you can give!
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              • elizabossy

                elizabossy Space Hobo

                I am having an issue since the update- I am no longer able to add anything to the collections in the community center.
                • cmscritic

                  cmscritic Yeah, You!

                  Don't forget to alsoalook into why the trash no longer puts out anything but the same stuff over and over.
                  • Huanir

                    Huanir Void-Bound Voyager

                    The frame rate issues for the port to have been acknowledged by Concerned Ape on both his Twitter and his blog; it's not being ignored.
                    • gzac95

                      gzac95 Space Hobo

                      Reporting the frame rate issue in addition to no music playing.

                      I noticed the frame rate drop nearly immediately upon playing after the update and after some testing I have some details that hopefully will be helpful.

                      I am playing on the latest switch firmware and latest SDV update, on the forest farm layout with a fully upgraded house, 2 sheds, one filled full with active keys and another with various processing items mostly idle except 19 preserve jars, all interiors have custom decorations, and all have liberally placed torches for lighting.
                      I have a full coop and 2 full barns and approximately 500-600 crops and the iridium. sprinklers, fencing, trails and scarecrows to support them. I also have a horse barn, mill, and slime hutch.

                      I found the framerate issue is less prevalent or noticeable in docked mode for me, and in addition through some informal testing found that when the season changed killing my 500+ strawberries the framerate seemed to improve. In addition not letting the 36 animals out seemed to make a difference with all crops in place but still notable drop.

                      I did not find scythething the dead strawberries to improve the frame rate. But again making the animals stay inside seemed too.
                      • razorsharkk

                        razorsharkk Space Hobo

                        So I was playing the update and trying to catch fish fish from the Night Market, when I got the achievement for Master Angler. Everything still went through with the achievement including me getting the stardrop, but I haven't caught all the fish. It seems to me that the achievement for it was kept as the old number, and not updated to the new amount of fish. It's something small but I thought it needed fixing still. I have screenshots in a tweet I sent because I'm not sure of the best way to show them. https://twitter.com/razorsharkk/status/1073929621433835520
                        • There is awful screen taring and frame issues on my farm when running about. Indoors, there are none of these issues. The problems also occur on the beach and the desert. It is unplayable in this state for and others as well.
                          • Malanthor

                            Malanthor Intergalactic Tourist

                          • MInosTaurian

                            MInosTaurian Master Chief

                            I, too, have some issues. THe first one is the Single Player Farm issue with large amounts of crops and animals (especially crops). I grow crops and love to grow a LOT of crops. As such when I booted up Solaria Farm for the first time since the update, I was stunned to see just how much lag there was. Selling some animals helped (a little) making it no longer nauseating, but it was still pretty bad. I am aware you are in the know about this so I'm glad to know that at some point there will be a fix (for now I"ll just have to not have a lot of crops).

                            Next is the Multiplayer aspect (haven't tested it yet), but there should be an "Invite Only" button. It's fine to not have a code as it isn't necessary, but the Invite Only would allow one to make a farm closed to others but open to friends.
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                            • JacobCPaul

                              JacobCPaul Space Hobo

                              Hello everyone at Chucklefish. I'm loving the multiplayer so far but I want to provide you with some more details on the evening shader bug, as I experienced it. I was playing on a local connection and my wife was hosting the game on her Switch. We were both playing in handheld mode. I experienced the bug the entire time we played for three hours. It was persistent no matter the event, and it was noticeable inside houses and in the mine as well. The way it was offset lined up to the UI elements, so from top of the inventory bar down and everything from the left edge of the sidebar UI elements to the right edge of the screen was not affected by any lighting changes. I hope this helps!
                              • kissmyclass09

                                kissmyclass09 Space Hobo

                                This is an issue the game keeps crashing it’s happen 5 times also it very laggy when all 4 players are in the mines. Also we were experiencing being stuck on the loading screen when we would move to different parts of the mine and going to the different levels in the mines.
                                • FearedPirate

                                  FearedPirate Orbital Explorer

                                  I am having an issue connecting to a local game. I can see the farm I want to connect to but when I select it I get sent back to the main menu. I have successfully connected to this same farm 4 different times but almost 90% of time whe I select the farm I get sent to the main menu. Is this a bug or is something terribly wrong here?
                                  • Saphsara

                                    Saphsara Space Hobo

                                    UPDATE: We did some additional research. I was hosting and husband joined game with the switch docked , while connecting to the tv, there were no evening shader issues. He was also able to change over to handheld with no issues. However, if he joins game while in handheld mode he has evening shader issues. Not sure if this helps.
                                    • Shadow3750

                                      Shadow3750 Intergalactic Tourist

                                      The bugs I have are the following :
                                      1. The music doesn't start playing on the farm, but when I leave the farm, it starts playing. It also starts playing at 12 pm.
                                      2. The chests in the mines respawned.
                                      3.Sam's, Shane's and Maru's icon in the menu doesn't change when they're at work and stays normal (picture).
                                      4.Like many other players, I've got frame rate issues. But I haven't placed any torches on the map and own only 2 chickens,and I already had framerate issues before buying the animals .

                                      Also at Sebastian's 2 heart-event was playing the ,,music“ you normally only hear at Joja-Mart, and I don't think that is supposed to happen.

                                      Edit: I just noticed after entering and leaving Leah's house, the house-music kept playing. After entering a new house/area, the music went back to normal.

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                                      • blrmkr10

                                        blrmkr10 Space Hobo

                                        I am unable to join the farm my friend is hosting (online). We were able to play about 2 hours one day, and since then I keep getting "The server has closed the connection" message whenever I try to join. We tried starting a new farm and got the same issue. It's not an internet problem as we are able to play other games online fine.
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