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Stardew Valley Switch Multiplayer: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Dec 12, 2018.

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  1. LeetSkeet

    LeetSkeet Intergalactic Tourist

    To expand on the Evening Shader issue, it seems to only happen when you join a hosted farm, I have not seen it happen when hosting.

    It also does not appear to be related to time of day as it happens sometimes when I enter buildings or change map screens.

    Can confirm only appears to be an issue when in handheld as well.

    EDIT: I will capture a video and add to this post later today/tonight when able.
    • Katzeus

      Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

      Thank you both for the helpful details!
      • PsychoticFool

        PsychoticFool Void-Bound Voyager

        My single player farm is also experiencing terrible frame rate issues after the patch. It seems worse when it’s raining but I notice it on sunny days as well. This only happens on the farm; other parts of town are fine. It is most noticeable while walking or riding through my strawberry patches near the Junimo huts by the greenhouse.

        I am in spring of year 3 on the combat map with lots of stuff on the map. Over 320 crops planted, including strawberries, cauliflower, and kale all with fertilizer. A couple dozen sprinklers and two Junimo huts, 80 bee houses, 20 lightning rods, 6 furnaces, 4 preserve jars, 6 chests full of stuff, fruit trees of all kinds, 3 sheds, 3 barns, and a coop, hardwood fencing and cobblestone paths.
        • qwertylerqw

          qwertylerqw Void-Bound Voyager

          Whenever the internet connection is disconnected when hosting a farm it resets to the menu screen, which loses the day’s progress. Me and the same friend who experienced this then tried to use a local connection and discovered that we aren’t able to use the same joinable character both online and locally.
          • Brickgirl

            Brickgirl Space Hobo

            When playing single player and opening up to my game with 4 complete barns and 2 complete coops with all my animals out it was extremely laggy. Closing 2 of the barns and coops helped immensely though still a bit laggy, glad to know that I wasn’t the only one having a frame rate issue
            • Vird the bird

              Vird the bird Void-Bound Voyager

              (Im playing on the spanish version, just to clarify)

              I wanted to play with a friend via online, so i went to co-op and created a farm with one cabin, let a day pass and saved, for some reason even tho we were in each other friend´s list, with good conection to the internet etc he could not see the farm,therefore could not join, he tried creating one and i could not see it even after refreshing a lot, i tried creating another one, now with 3 cabins, did the same and when i got in to the farm again error 2618-0006 apeared on my screen, (he was still not able to see none of the two farms in the list) we tried reinstalling the game, but its still the same, i dont think its just a bad conection issue, i can play another online games on the switch with ease

              thanks for everything!

              (besides this i havent had any kind of problems with framerate)
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              • driph

                driph Space Hobo

                I'm also experiencing the night-time overlay issue described above. Playing in handheld mode, connecting to a docked Switch that is hosting the game.

                On the Switch, the transitions are too fast for the controller map to be readable in any way, so while intended, this reads as a bug to players.
                • DirKAm

                  DirKAm Space Hobo

                  Hello, when the sunset comes, the light of the screen appears bug and there is a part where it does not darken and is normal and the other part at night. Thank you.
                  • Snowdrop0901

                    Snowdrop0901 Space Hobo

                    Hey, I just updated to multiplayer on the switch, and i went to play pirate king but the character is automatically shooting down for some reason.

                    I like to switch between using the joystick and the buttons to control where the character shoots and I found that going from down on the joystick to down with the buttons causes the character to constantly shoot down. I could shoot up and diagonaly upwards whilst using the buttons, but when i tried to shoot left or right the character was only shooting diagonally down. But when i went back to the joystick i could shoot fine im all directions, then i could shoot fine with the buttons again untill i went down with the buttons to down with the joystick and i was back to constantly shooting down.

                    Sorry that this is long i just know details can help.
                    • XxChixX

                      XxChixX Aquatic Astronaut

                      I've been having some pretty bad lag going on. I don't have a huge farm, only 4 buildings (deluxe barn, deluxe coop, silo and mill), but a moderately large garden area. Every time i'm walking around the garden area, i lag a ton. This was even before the new update for Switch, too.
                      • EasyBeef

                        EasyBeef Aquatic Astronaut

                        I'm having frame rate issues on my forest farm, near my farmhouse and greenhouse but not really on the lower half of the farm. It's worse when on my horse.
                        • jkcoxson

                          jkcoxson Space Hobo

                          I have frame stuttering issues all over the place. My farm, town, the train station, the beach, inside buildings, and especially in the mines where I get lag like none other. This is a new problem, and it makes me sick to play. Please fix it, I have a hard time playing Stardew Valley now.
                          • sashoom

                            sashoom Master Chief

                            I am experiencing the stuttering as well. I started a new farm so there weren't many crops (I think around 20 max) but walking anywhere where there are items that you can interact with (rocks, trees, forage) makes the screen jerk like no tomorrow. I was not using the console in the handheld mode.

                            Also, noticed that when I went to the Archeology Office for the first time, instead of getting the initial first cutscene, Gunther just said that I had nothing to donate. I might be wrong but I think that previously you got the first cutscene regardless if you had anything to donate with you (but I'm not sure if I remember this correctly so it might not be a bug).

                            The soundtrack music does not play on my farm. I have to walk out my farm and then I get the music. If I return to my farm, the music stops. I played four days of Spring 1 yesterday and not once did the soundtrack play on the farm.

                            EDIT, more info on the farm:
                            -standard farm
                            -no animals
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                            • LadyMipha

                              LadyMipha Space Hobo

                              I was originally going to ask about the Item Spawn being patched but I saw that was already answered however I do have something I wanted to ask about otherwise.

                              Are there any plans to allow for switch users to change their name in game or their farm name? I used to use the Item Spawn glitch and I dont want to have to make a new file for a new name (I have 5 farms because I wanted one on every layout) I really hope this can get patched in a later update because I dont think I'm the only one who doesnt like what they named something maybe not for Item Spawner but maybe they just misspelled something and didnt realize til after the fact.
                              • Gamegenorator

                                Gamegenorator Void-Bound Voyager

                                I just logged into my game on my switch and noticed when I was on my farm it was running at about 2 FPS, I was not running multiplayer and was local only. If anyone has any questions I would be happy to be of further assistance. https://imgur.com/a/kjIGV9i
                                • 1jonathon

                                  1jonathon Space Hobo

                                  Frame rate issues: just to give my two cents, I have a save on the Hill-top Farm, walking down the first pair of stairs—where all the farms are—causes frame rate stutter. Walking to the southern western area of the map with no farms and a bunch of animals, the frame rate picks up again. My best guess would be that it's related to the farms! Good luck with finding the issue!
                                  • Kazaze

                                    Kazaze Space Hobo

                                    I think there might be a problem with the Music playing at the start of the day.

                                    When I get up at the start of a new day and get out of my house, there is no music playing. The music seems to only trigger when I leave my farm from any direction. (North, South or East)

                                    This happened on everyday I've played since the update, I currently am in Summer. This problem occured on sunny days when music should be playing - Whereas from what I can remember rainy and stormy days are intentionally quiet in the morning.

                                    I hope this can help in some way!
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                                    • ADD_Booknerd

                                      ADD_Booknerd Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                      I’m trying to play a farm with two players on local and the cutscenes won’t trigger for the host.

                                      They work fine for the farmhand.

                                      Also, Willy’s shop is permanently closed like it is on day one.
                                      • Katzeus

                                        Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

                                        This is a very severe example - really appreciate you recording this.

                                        How many animals do you have on your farm? What kind of machines are you running (not just on outside, but also inside any sheds, etc)? I also noticed you have a number of torches laid out, would you be willing to remove those to test if they're a factor?

                                        I'm so sorry to ask you to move things on your farm, but nailing down the elements triggering these issues could really help out!
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                                        • Blankenberry

                                          Blankenberry Space Hobo

                                          Only one real bug to report and an annoyance to report as well. The bug is anytime some is holding a fishing rod in the game, hosted by my wife's game, they seeming float across the ground stuck in the casting animation. Now the annoyance is anytime someone goes down a level in the mine it causes my game to lag briefly. Has lost me fish and caused me to get murdered by monsters. Really really enjoying the multiplayer though. Have been waiting forever for it!
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