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Stardew Valley SWITCH: Known Issues & Fixes (Patch 1)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Typhoon

    Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

    @Katzeus, As per this very detailed post:


    "I returned to my farm, shipped the fish I caught and went inside. I went to my bed, the dialog came up asking if I wanted to sleep for the night. As soon as I selected yes, the system error message came on screen saying there was a problem with the software and that it would be closed."

    My second attempt on the day went pretty much exactly the same except that I didn't make omelet, and opted to walk around the map collecting wild grapes. I gathered just shy of 200 wild grapes and shipped them, I did not buy mouse ears or fish. Once again, after returning to bed, the game crashed as soon as I selected the option to sleep.

    My third attempt was just harvesting my cranberries, watering my crops, tending to my animals and going right to sleep. This time there was no crash and I proceeded to the next day."
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    • Katzeus

      Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

      Just changed the status of

      Screen alignment issues during heart events
      from (investigating) to (in develop) - think we've resolved this pending some testing to confirm.

      Edit: Also updated the status of "Can't drop items with controller-style menu enabled"
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      • joshpaulmitchell

        joshpaulmitchell Lucky Number 13

        I am having this issue as well. I will try to give as many details as I remember.

        For me, it is happening before the shipping tally screen. On this particular day I have shipped items: various summer foraged items, some of the day's harvest (peppers and hops), and I think a few pine cones.

        I played through the same day twice before calling it quits. It is Summer 21 of year 1. My actions were the following:

        • First I checked on my two chickens, petting them, picking up their eggs, then opening the door for them to go outside and feed.
        • Then I pet my cat and filled his bowl with water.
        • Next I harvested my crop of hops and peppers and watered them.
        • I did some organizing next, dropping off tools I didn't need in my tool box, dropping off gold and silver star crops in the market box, putting the unstarred crops in my fruit and vegetable boxes inside my house, then I made two fried eggs with the eggs I had picked up from my hens.
        • Then I chopped some trees on my farm to collect the 350 needed for the barn.
        • I had to chop down some of my stone fence to make room for the barn. I used my pickaxe to remove 7 tiles worth of the fence.
        • I took the necessary materials to Robin and place the barn in the space recently made by removing some of the fence.
        • I then went mining after eating a few fried eggs to restore my energy.
        • I mined from 45-50 picking up plenty of iron ore (about 25 bits) and various other items.
        • I returned to my farm and sold some of the items from the mine. Then I started creating an iron bar in my furnace.
        • Last, I went to my chicken coop to shutter them in then picked up mushrooms from the farm cave and put them in the market box.
        • Finally, I went to sleep around midnight.
        Like I said, I've done this twice but it is so frustrating having to do an entire day over again. I think I will hold off playing again until patched.
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        • Willyam

          Willyam Space Hobo

          I've been investigating my game with the sleep crash bug. I will go throughout my day only doing one thing at a time and then immediately going to sleep.
          Winter 1 Year 1
          Just sleeping - No crash (Sleep at 6:00, 11:00, 14:00)
          Upgrading copper watering can to iron - Crash (Sleep at 9:20)
          Upgrading copper Hoe to iron - Crash (Sleep at 9:20)
          Upgrading copper watering can to iron (dumping inventory) - Crash (Sleep at 9:40)
          Upgrading copper Hoe to iron (dumping inventory) - Crash (Sleep at 9:20)
          (No gold to try upgrading my iron tools)
          Tending to farm animals (Petting, making cheese and mayo; selling) - No crash (sleep at 14:30)
          Foraging - No crash (sleep at 9:50)
          Mining (Level 95 to 100) - No crash (sleep at 15:10)

          Minecarts unlocked, Glittering Boulder repaired.

          Here's a link to all the items I've accumulated, I just want to be thorough.

          Thanks for the time you guys are putting into this.
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          • Typhoon

            Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

            @Willyam - great post, very detailed and informative.

            Do all of your crashes occur before or after the shipping tally screen?
            • Willyam

              Willyam Space Hobo

              All of them happen before the tally screen.
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              • Typhoon

                Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                Thanks. A good number of reports so far all say the same thing so hopefully that'll help the devs.
                • 8bit.jay

                  8bit.jay Space Hobo

                  My game crashes when I sleep, if I try and upgrade any of my tools, I have narrowed it down to the tools, as I got up 1 day, went to upgrade my axe to iron and then went back to bed and my game crashed I am in Year 2 day 20 of Fall. I seem to be able to do everything else fine. I have sold no item so it is not the shipping tally causing my crash.
                  • Typhoon

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                  • Typhoon

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                  • Typhoon

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                  • lveg

                    lveg Poptop Tamer

                    OK, to reiterate what I said, I was on the 27th of summer, and I went to bed somewhere between 9:00 and 12:00. I was in the process of upgrading the hoe - which would normally be done the next day, but the festival is going to take place so it'll be postponed until fall day 1.

                    I had shipped out items both times I got the error message, and on neither occasion did I get the "shipped item" screen. I went to bed, and got the error message from the switch.

                    Is that enough specifics?

                    EDIT: also, for what it's worth, my house has the first upgrade and I made sashimi.
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                    • Typhoon

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                    • FatBeets

                      FatBeets Space Hobo

                      Sorry of I'm not posting this properly but im new and specifically made this acount to report this error. Every time I try to upgrade me pick axe to steel, that night when I go to save (sleep) the game will crash.
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                      • Typhoon

                        Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                        Is the crash happening before or after your gold tally appears?
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                        • King Damocles

                          King Damocles Space Hobo

                          I had this happen on Winter, day 6 of year 2. The crash hearkened everyone that I completed three quests, "Mayor's Need" "Pierre's Notice" and "Fresh Fruit". After crashing several times in a row, I did the day without completing the quests and I did not crash. When I was crashing though, it s right after the screen fade. I tried doing the day without selling stuff and I would still crash.
                          • Aeladya

                            Aeladya Star Wrangler

                            No I do not believe so. If you perform the Say My Name glitch where it spawns in items depending on what your name is, those items will replace them. It may be as simple as that to an extent where something is replacing the item, but it usually comes back the next day in game.
                            • Aeladya

                              Aeladya Star Wrangler

                              Mine happens when you select “Yes” to go to sleep for the night, I am unable to go to the tally screen at all. This last time I had no items in my inventory as I deposited everything in a chest, and it had been a couple of days since I picked up my last item from Clint’s, I had not dropped anything off. As it is Winter I only deposited cave mushrooms, and one mayo in the box. I did make some Sashimi to give to Sebastian, but I’ve had the kitchen since Summer and have made Sashimi for him ever since. Sorry if things aren’t making much sense. I just had surgery yesterday and my laptop bit the dust so I am currently on my phone typing this out.
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                              • Typhoon

                                Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                              • kemitche

                                kemitche Seal Broken

                                I've run into the crash three separate times. All three crashes happened BEFORE the shipping screen appeared. The first was a few in-game days ago. It was a rainy day, I'd done some community center bundles and put some items in the museum, as well as some fishing. I think I had some crops I shipped that day as well. I don't think I planted crops.

                                The most recent 2 are on the same day. Things I did on both failed days:
                                • Let my chickens out to feed on grass and pet them.
                                • Took my chickens' eggs and turned them into mayo.
                                • Checked my 3 crab pots and replaced their bait.
                                • Picked a bunch of eggplants and shipped them.
                                • Completed a quest to give Sam an Anchovy.
                                • Picked up a quest to give Pam a Joja Cola, bought the Joja Cola and delivered it to her
                                • Bought a bunch of Bok Choy seeds and planted them.
                                • Bought a bunch of cooking ingredients from the general store. 5 each of rice, oil, vinegar, wheat flour? Maybe 1-2 others?
                                Things I explicitly remember doing differently on each of the two crash days:
                                • On the first crash of that day, I pulled the Small Glow Ring out of a chest and equipped it before bed. On the second crash of that day, I did not equip it. (I'd received the ring from the community center a few in-game days earlier on the day I first had a crash. The first crash day I wore it to be; when I re-did the day I still completed the community center bundle but did NOT wear the ring to bed, so I got suspicious of it.)
                                Things I can't recall if I did one or both times:
                                • I can't remember if I cooked a Maki Roll on both days I crashed or if it was just one of the days.
                                • I can't recall if I placed any items in any community center bundles on the latter 2 crashes. I don't think that I did.
                                • I think I picked up my Steel Axe (or pickaxe?) from the blacksmith at least one of the days. I don't know if I picked it up both times.
                                • I don't remember what I had in my inventory when I went to sleep. I think I had my tools with me.
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