Stardew Valley SWITCH: Known Issues & Fixes (Patch 1)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Typhoon

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    "Ever since updating, my Switch had been asking me to press L + R on my joycons in handheld mode every time I start the game up. It's like the controllers aren't initially being recognized? But they are working perfectly and are completely responsive. Don't know what happened or why it's started asking me to do this whenever I want to play."

    and another:

    "I know they have added the functionality to change controllers, but now every time I take the game out of sleep or return from the home screen it asks me to press L+R to select my controller. Even if I haven't removed the joycons or changed from dock to portable."
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    • Typhoon

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      "Unfortunately unresponsive joycons while detatched hasnt been fixed. Its improved but im still getting it occasionally."

      and after that from the same person:

      "As in buttons dont work or get stuck as on breifly like they lose connection. I checked with other games and my joycons are fine its just stardew this happens. Before the update they would occasionally turn themselves off and would frequently become unresponsive, now they stay on but have moments of not responding to what i do."

      "it was a known issue before the patch and the patch does say it should fix it, as in not necessarily fixes it. Like i said its improved but not completely fixed just yet."
      • Transmatrix

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        I know that one bug they were trying to fix was accessing items in the crafting menu. It's possible they changed the layout to fix the bug...
        • Typhoon

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          I guess so, anyone from Chucklefish reading this care to comment? :)
          • JasnahK

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            Not sure if this bug has been reported yet.

            Time passes by differently inside / outside farm buildings while at a festival.

            Set one keg inside shed/barn/farm house, set one keg outside of it. Place the same fruit or produce item in each. Go to a festival.
            Wait until the outside keg finishes processing. The keg outside will finish first, while the keg inside the shed/barn/house will still need additional hours to process.
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              I'm going to raise this issue again as it's a grey area whether it's a bug or a missing feature, but when fishing it's impossible to cast your line at an angle. This prevents players from accessing some fishing spots.

              Similarly, it's impossible to use the watering can diagonally.This makes watering slower, especially with the basic watering can.

              Both of the above are possible on the PC and it should be extraordinarily easy to implement on the Switch.

              As an aside, why is there no zoom in/zoom out feature on any of the console versions?
              • Transmatrix

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                I think this is a general SDV "bug" and not just a Switch issue. (might be a console-version bug/issue)
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                • Jackson Xie

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                  Hi there,

                  Please ignore this since i’ve found the solution. Using the right controller can solve this.

                  Don’t know whether this is a bug.

                  I know how to remove/replace furnitures, but I couldn’t find a way to remove windows in my initial house.

                  I have tried both having the controller mode turn off/on, as well as all the buttons, when my character was facing the window.

                  Please help.

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                  • Belldandy24

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                    Godly! Thanks. :)

                    Also, thanks for fixing the other bugs. The audio bug was driving me bonkers. #praise
                    • LavitzZeal

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                      How do you run said "Recovery"
                      Im having the same issues , more into it i had the house on day one of remodel ...bed gone,fire place and most things .
                      Huge issue of the community center all dark other then sprites .
                      • animal0fairy

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                        I find that when I want to harvest grains with a sickle it takes me multiple tries before me pressing the y button works
                        • drlan

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                          I found 2 dwarf scrolls I. Went to the museum and donated 1 but couldn't get out of the donation screen because I was stuck holding the second dwarf scroll.
                          • Sorainthy

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                            Is it just me (bought the game on saturday for switch) or is the saving and loading time still increadible high?

                            The game is stored within the internal storage but it takes like 30sec to save or load the game. A little bit heavy if I think about the quick 2-3 sec save from Zelda or Mario Ody.....
                            • Typhoon

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                              Takes about 14 seconds for me.
                              • spikep

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                                I made all items twice now but still can't get the craft master achievement to pop. Do certain items (seeds) need to be made at certain times for them to count? There is no crafting tracker so even though I did a check list with paper and pen, it doesn't help for in game.
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                                  It appears that I "softlocked" (?) after accidentally fishing (not on water) with the Fiberglass Rod at the Beach (I bought the rod only seconds before it happened). I can move my cursor, but the character is frozen and buttons are not working except when used at the journal. It appears to have occurred when I moved my character right as soon as I pressed the button for fishing. Closing and starting the game back up allowed me to restart the day with everything being functional. This was in Summer, first year, on Day 10.

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                                  • Belldandy24

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                                    Not sure if this is intended, but it says on the first post that the save screen is now "animated". When I go to save, the entire screen is black, making me think the console died. After about 10-15 seconds, I get a green message in the bottom-left that the save was successful, and the next day begins. Before the patch, it would let me know it was saving by keeping the message in the bottom-left. It is very unsettling to see a black screen for 10+sec. Makes me think that the game died.
                                    • Vegetable Muffins

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                                      29 Dec 2017

                                      Bug: Pam not showing up anywhere at bus stop, or anywhere in game
                                      -Pam is not showing up on in game roster either
                                      -everything was fine until unlocking desert. Took bus home (the first and only time) and Pam was never available from that point forward
                                      - unlocked desert via jojamart
                                      -this is ruining the game for me and I have spent almost 60 hrs at this point
                                      - have checked everywhere in game and no Pam
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