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Stardew valley on Vita

Discussion in 'Support' started by Noneknew, May 22, 2018.

  1. Noneknew

    Noneknew Space Hobo

    1.So I have bought the ps4 download version of the game so I could play on vita. No way of seeing how to download it onto my vita. Supposed to be cross buy. Any help would be great.

    2. Will the game be cross play? And when will the console versions be multiplayer
    • SSShakuras

      SSShakuras Big Damn Hero

      1. same problem : no Stardew available on Vita through the store.
      • Noneknew

        Noneknew Space Hobo

        Well I have found the answer. It is available in Europe on the 24Th. Not very well put out therr

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