Stardew Valley Multiplayer: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. Andunelen

    Andunelen Space Penguin Leader

    I'm no longer able to place buildings next to paths or floors:

    It may look green but it won't let me put it down and this wasn't a problem before.
    • OracleCat

      OracleCat Yeah, You!

      In Sam's 2 heart event, part of the keyboard clips through Sebastian's head.

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      • One More Day

        One More Day Void-Bound Voyager

        I had a similar problem, except I wanted to move an existing shed, not a new build. I'd placed some stone flooring to run a path across the front, so that I'd move it to the exact correct place, and it wouldn't let me position it there. Had to go back and move the path. I moved it one square south so that I still had my marker, and only then could I put the shed where I wanted and after that move the path back up in front of the shed.
        • sirsilica

          sirsilica Star Wrangler

          I don't have a save with the sewer unlocked anymore, but there used to be a bug where you can't talk to Krobus on the first day upon loading a save. Does this still exist?
          • DvDmanDT

            DvDmanDT Tentacle Wrangler

            This does not in fact indicate a problem. It's fully normal for a game to use as much computing resources as it can to update as fast as it can, resulting in something like 100% usage on one or more cores. The reason games like ARK etc don't is typically that they are limited by other resources, such as disk or GPU. A perfectly optimized game would use 100% cpu on all cores and 100% gpu unless it was explicitly told to slow down. Stardew Valley has simple enough graphics that even the cheapest GPUs from the last 10 years can keep up with ease, making the cpu the bottleneck. So it's not really a bug, and it's not what causes the lag, but it may reduce battery time on laptops and other battery driven devices, as well as possibly generating excessive/unnecessary heat and as such it may be a good idea to throttle it a bit.
            • Terradel

              Terradel Subatomic Cosmonaut

              I've been witnessing this bug in multiplayer. I don't know if you're strictly playing in single player. I don't use mods or anything. I took those pictures the same day I posted them, which I believe was after 1.3.24.
              • Grimmturd

                Grimmturd Cosmic Narwhal

                Regarding crab pots disappearing from the previous bug report thread for beta, I'm posting here to say that the bug still exists, or perhaps it's more to clarify upon it.
                I started putting crab pots out on the 3rd day of the night market not knowing that it was a separate map. So if it's on a separate map, then I assume I'll not see those crab pots until the 15th of next winter. So in a way it's not a bug that they disappeared, but that they are just in a different dimension and I cannot access that dimension until the 15th of next winter.
                • One More Day

                  One More Day Void-Bound Voyager

                  The really weird thing is that it sometimes switches between the two "dimensions". I have crab pots on the beach area, lots of them, right in front of willy's shop, you can't miss them. At the jellyfish festival, when you talk to Lewis to start the main scene, they aren't there. Once you talk to him the screen goes black and it presumably switches to the other "dimension", because the crab pots are suddenly visible again and the jellyfish dance among them
                  • Jungleferret

                    Jungleferret Master Chief

                    Whenever the host and I are in the Spa together, a stange bug happens where when either of us stop walking (outside of the water) we see the other's pants and boots appear over the swimsuits and it looks really weird. We've been experiencing that about since we started playing the multiplayer beta. We have two farms that we co-op on and it occurs in both. We each took a screenshot of it.
                    Also, my spouse stands on the host's porch despite be married to the farmhand. I understand that the cabin doesn't include a space for her to stand but I do hope that her standing on the other's porch is a bug and not intended, as it just seems weird to us. My spouse does not walk around the house in co-op as she does when I'm on my single player farm. She only goes from where she stands to the bed at 10:00, otherwise she stands in one place the whole time, either in her room or at the stove. The half of the time when I try to embrace my her, it just doesn't work; as if there is no option to do so. That especially makes me sad as those small things are what I really enjoy.

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                    • DragonOmnus

                      DragonOmnus Void-Bound Voyager

                      WOW, you're information is completely incorrect. Optimizing a program means improving the efficiency of its code to allow it to complete its work faster and/or use less resources to complete its work. This inherently means it will not need more CPU after it completes whatever it needs to do. That could allow it to put more CPU into some other task or it could allow it to not use 100% CPU. I play many games, old & new, and NO OTHER GAME maxes my CPU, not even 1 core. It isn't because those games are bottlenecked by the GPU/HDD (or SSD in my case), or terribly optimized, or specifically programmed to not utilize all available CPU because that would cause lag/skipping/FPS drops/etc. Why? Because if the program NEEDS the CPU to accomplish its work but has some piece of code telling it not to, then it will end up with backlogged work needing CPU time which will cause the game to have visible problems, depending on what the piece of code not getting enough CPU time is trying to do. However, allowing it to utilize all the CPU it needs to accomplish its task does NOT mean it will inherently max the CPU, or even a single core. It completes its work, then exits or pauses until it is needed again, at which point it is not consuming CPU.

                      To state ARK & other games do NOT max out your CPU because they are GPU bottlenecked is also inaccurate, because the CPU is performing MANY other tasks and those 2 sides of work aren't very related. The CPU tracks structures, objects, inventory, players, enemies, experience, actions, performs logic checks when you try to do something... No, I don't mean it tracks them visually, but it loads & stores the objects & info and performs checks on it to decide if you can see it or interact with it or whatever. The GPU..... Renders video. Nothing else. The GPU being bottlenecked can be alleviated by reducing your video settings, but this has little to no effect on your CPU utilization unless the program/game is being rendered by your CPU, which it isn't.

                      SV really shouldn't need much CPU because it is so simple. It doesn't need much GPU because it is so simple. And it is the ONLY game I have which is maxing out any of my CPU cores, and the entire game slows the moment it does. This indicates it IS a problem with the coding, especially considering this problem didn't exist at all prior to the multiplayer beta updates.

                      Please don't try to correct somebody with incorrect information. Learn more about how software works before you spout off such nonsense. I mean, by your reasoning, MS Excel could max out my CPU. In reality, it would only do so if there was a mistake in the programming which caused a runaway thread. It has nothing to do with optimization or the program specifically being forced to wait, it simply waits when it doesn't need to do anything & therefore consumes almost no CPU except for the fraction of a second it performs calculations.
                      • DvDmanDT

                        DvDmanDT Tentacle Wrangler

                        This is correct, but what is "it's work" in the terms of a game? There's not a single correct answer to that question, but typically, the "it's work" of a game is to update as fast as possible, at least up to a limit (say, your monitors refresh rate). There may or may not be such a limit built into the game, otherwise they will typically rely on stuff like vsync to slow down, or just render as often as possible even if the images are never shown to the user, as it improves responsiveness which is useful in twitchy games.

                        If a game runs poorly, as in lower than some FPS limit, while the computer still has resources available (cpu or gpu), it's not running optimally. In that case, it's typically limited by something, such as gpu. If such a game was perfectly optimized, it would try to balance the work between the cpu and gpu to boost framerate. In reality, this is incredibly difficult, expensive and error-prone to do, and as such is rarely done. Ideally though, you should use all available resources until you have reached your target framerate, where that target framerate might be infinity.

                        Unless a game or application is bottlenecked by something (like IO or GPU), or explicitly told to slow down through sleep or wait calls, it will maximize cpu on at least one core. Typical GUI applications are programmed to sleep while waiting for user actions, and during sleep 0% is used. You could make games that way as well, but it would probably suck if nothing happened unless the user was constantly doing stuff at superhuman speed, and as such games are typically made not to wait for input but rather keep updating. If an application is maxing out one or more cores, that _can_ indicate a problem, but it's not automatically a problem. Also note that CPU usage is always 100% or 0%, the values shown in applications like the Task Manager is the average over some arbitrary time frame.

                        Stardew valley should probably be intentionally slowed down indeed as rendering at 1000+ FPS doesn't really benefit it with the current gameplay and graphics, but it does not indicate a problem/bug per se. It's wasteful with stuff like energy and battery time, but not necessarily incorrect or broken in the logic sense.

                        I work as a programmer on performance related development tools since 8 years back, and have been a hobbyist game developer with XNA/MonoGame (the tech SV is developed with) for several years longer than that (moving to Unity now though).
                        • Andunelen

                          Andunelen Space Penguin Leader

                          Yeah, it's a problem with both old and new buildings.
                          I've always placed paths/tiles around all my buildings and I never had a problem moving them around until now.
                          It's such a hassle if I move one by mistake, have to trek all the way back to my farm, break the paths, go back to Robin's and then replace the path. :/
                          • Dne2b

                            Dne2b Space Hobo

                            My sister and I are having issues with Multiplayer. I am hosting and she is trying to join. We play on the same wifi, both of our firewalls are allowing the input and output of information for the game. I can host no problem, but when she logs on to join, it does not even create an area for her to put in an invite code. She can host, but obviously we'd have to start our game all over and that's not ideal. Both of our Steam programs are up to date, as our both versions of our games. Any ideas?
                            • Grimmturd

                              Grimmturd Cosmic Narwhal

                              Have you just invited thru steam? All the multiplayer games I've played were hosted by another and they just invited me through the steam friend list. Sometimes the game wouldn't show in the list immediately, refreshing it seemed to alleviate it otherwise.
                              • Rockchecker

                                Rockchecker Space Hobo

                                I have crashed twice in the mines since the 1.3 update. The game has never crashed for me prior to 1.3. The error appears to be the same for both crashes, but I've uploaded both error logs anyway. I'm playing single player with no mods. I believe both crashes happened when I was trying to use the elevator to go to a different floor.

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                                • Jungleferret

                                  Jungleferret Master Chief

                                  Also, Emily used her Festival of Ice dialogue after the festival ended and was in the house. She's married to me, a farmhand; not sure if that's relevant or not though, but I thought I'd say it. I came into the house after 10 and she wasn't already in bed or going to the bed.

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                                  • LordBlumiere

                                    LordBlumiere Aquatic Astronaut

                                    When playing multiplayer, if an event is triggered by a letter (for example, the Willy event that allows you to get the fishing rod), if the host does not read the letter, none of the other players will be able to trigger the event for themselves.
                                    • tccoxon

                                      tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer Chucklefish

                                      Hi everyone, thanks for the reports. We're testing out fixes on the beta branch before we make them live for everyone. That means that (for now) you'll need to enter the 'jumpingjunimos' code again and opt into the beta branch to get these fixes.

                                      v1.3.28 is live on the beta branch and contains these changes:
                                      • Fixed bug preventing buildings from being placed where there would be a path/flooring tile in front of the door.
                                      • Fixed music not playing at the Luau festival and in town.
                                      • Fixed clients occasionally crashing in rainy weather.
                                      • Fixed server crash when there are no available network adapters.
                                      • Fixed the load menu showing 'no saved games' while searching for files.
                                      • Fixed crash that occurred if you collided with a monster on the first frame you entered a new location.
                                      • Fixed Robin forgetting that she's meant to upgrade a farmhand cabin if the farmhand disconnects abnormally.
                                      • Fixed farmhands not being able to set the next day's weather with rain totems.
                                      • Fixed farmhands 'swimming' inside their cabins if they're disconnected while swimming in the spa.
                                      • Fixed swimming-related visual bugs in on farmers' faces.
                                      • Fixed furniture rotation graphical glitch.
                                      • Fixed a crash that occurs if you try to copy an invite code while remotely logged into the machine the game is running on.
                                      • Fixed a German localisation issue with '%Farm' appearing in text instead of the farm's name.
                                      • Fixed spouse NPCs not kissing farmers.
                                      • Various internal changes requested on the modding wishlist.
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                                      • OnlyMarvellous

                                        OnlyMarvellous Void-Bound Voyager

                                        It's fantastic to hear the Pelican Town music again. Thanks to everyone who worked on the patch.
                                        • thmtrxhsu

                                          thmtrxhsu Tentacle Wrangler

                                          Small watering issue. I planted corn and grapes closed to the left side of the main house, when I try to water the area where the corn and grapes meet I have to do some tricks to get it to water the area. This bug is consistent day to day. My also seems to be having difficulty upgrading her tools; seems somehow she always trends in bars for money, somehow, I have never done this or know this could be done; I will be investigating this further. So far game is overall pretty stable. Zero crash, then again, zero mods and Linux/Mac hosts. I think though when joining a LAN party there should be a basic search function @ 192.168.2 or that it should remember last IP.

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