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Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Apr 30, 2018.

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  1. AwesomeOtter123

    AwesomeOtter123 Void-Bound Voyager

    If a player is in character creation you can enter their shed. But if while in their shed you hit them with your scythe, or enter their bed (not sure which one triggers it i think it's the scythe though) it cancels their character creation.
    • AwesomeOtter123

      AwesomeOtter123 Void-Bound Voyager

      If im not mistaken the weather report is for the next day's weather
      • Jayyyo

        Jayyyo Space Hobo

        My game is glitched in a sense where I join my friend's farm and I'm trying to progress through the first quest and talk to everyone. But once a new day starts or I log out, it resets and I have to talk to everyone again. Cant progress through.
        • shadica

          shadica Void-Bound Voyager

          When I was in the Saloon, I talked to Clint and the game crashed.

          Later on another Friday night my friend was talking to Demetrius and Robin while they where dancing and Crashed.

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          • Aden2468

            Aden2468 Space Hobo

            I loaded my single player saves since I'm not gaming with friends at the moment, and I was surprised to see that my cat had an NPC chat bubble when I moused over it to say hello.
            • JungerMin

              JungerMin Space Hobo

              If i am elsewhere and want to check the Community Center I only see the Crafts Room and everything is incomplete.

              It only shows everything when I am inside the Community Center.

              I am the 2nd player (Not-Host)
              • wells

                wells Master Chief

                Still not working. Maybe there's some problem with Steam's privacy config. or router ports idk. It's kinda weird because some guy with the same issue has fixed it logging with other friend's Steam account. (Sorry for my bad english)
                • Koihime Nakamura

                  Koihime Nakamura Ketchup Robot

                  Bugs in 1.3 (that are persistent from before)

                  1. Overnight Lightning
                  Bug: It doesn't actually check what it would be for that time of day (it just runs off the sleep time)
                  Solution: Have it take a timeOfDay and pass the time in.

                  2. Crops
                  Bug: Crops may not be processed at all (still watered, no growth), persist into seasons they shouldn't or double grow.
                  Cause: The methods that handle new day growth both a) use ElementAt which is not guaranteed to return the same order and b) remove items during the iteration which will cause the collection to also return items in a different order than started
                  Solution: Use for-each and add each item to be removed to a list to be removed after the iteration is complete. Then go through that list and remove them from the farm.

                  3. Geodes/Books display "You have found a Stone/..." instead of the intended message
                  Bug: When you find a geode, or a book, occasionally it will display "You found a book!"
                  Cause: This is due to picking up another item between the beginning and ending of the animation

                  4. Casks
                  If this wasn't fixed, striking an cask containing an iridium quality item with a pickaxe will crash the game.
                  • skauert

                    skauert Intergalactic Tourist

                    I was checking out one of the Community Center bundle locations with a sword equipped, and when I was done clicking around in it and assigning items, my character sprite stopped animating and the sword was fixated on his head. It was resolved by re-visiting the bundle.

                    I tried a few times to reproduce it, but without luck. Will add more information if I come across it again.

                    • JasmynTea

                      JasmynTea Master Chief

                      When initially clicking to get on my horse, a "text bubble" hovers over it, as if it is an NPC with dialogue.

                      Edit: Also, getting on/off the horse is kinda buggy, my character flies up and mounts the horse vertically
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                      • Jurk0wski

                        Jurk0wski Orbital Explorer

                        Farm Animals still have 3 mood based bugs. They've existed for a long time, so I'm hoping they'll finally get fixed here.

                        #1: If you have the relevant animal professions, petting an animal that is near max mood will overflow its mood to a low value. This is due to type casting an unsigned int that has been increased above 255 into a byte before comparing which is lowest between a byte's max value (255) and the current value (>255, but overflows to <50 due to type casting). Regular petting does not have the issue because it skips the type casting into the byte before the check, so the lower value of 255 is used instead before it gets cast into a byte.

                        #2: animals will have their mood drained to a minimum of <=150 mood in all seasons except winter if the farmer is awake past 6PM and the animals are indoors. If there is a heater and it is winter, then all animals with a mood >150 will have their mood increased until maxed at 255. This is done over time, so the longer you stay up, the larger the effect. This is due to checking if an animal is indoors with mood >150 without regard to the season, and subsequently being treated like it was winter, but since the check to see if mood is either drained or gained requires both winter and a heater to have a gain instead of a drain, you will always have a mood drain.

                        #3: this is related to #2. heaters function outdoors as well, since there's no check in the drain/gain to see if the animal is outdoors or not. This means an animal stuck outside will still be fine as long as there's a heater anywhere on the farm.

                        edit: minor corrections in grammar.
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                        • malkain

                          malkain Space Hobo

                          While a visiting player is in character creation the host can enter their cabin and interrupt their customization and force them into the game with whatever settings they had. I believe hitting the player while they are in their bed triggers this. Further testing has yet to be done.
                          • VineYard

                            VineYard Tentacle Wrangler

                            When I try and load up an old save for coop, my saves don't show up edit: never mind. I was just being dumb
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                            • xWally

                              xWally Space Hobo

                              Hey there, not sure if this was just a one time thing, but talking to Emily when she was doing yoga at Pierre's with the gals, seems to crash the game for the play that talks. This happened to both players in the game. Only while she was doing yoga though.

                              Also when you find a book, if you have a full inventory and you drop an item in order to pick up the book, instead of saying that you found a book it says you found (what ever item you dropped)
                              • sebastrap

                                sebastrap Space Hobo

                                hello I have an error that does not let me invite any friend does not show me the button please help!!!1

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                                • Vandaman

                                  Vandaman Intergalactic Tourist

                                  I am playing a save on year 3 winter on 23 (Tuesday) and I walked in on Harvey giving his examination to Alex's grandparents (eve and george). Their text was completely normal, but when talking to Harvey this is said: upload_2018-4-30_16-4-39.png

                                  Edit: apparently this is a bug happening with multiple checkups that Harvey has according to other posts.
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                                  • AndyMeow

                                    AndyMeow Space Hobo

                                    i recently got the game because a friend was playing it and it looked fun (also because the new multiplayer) and apparently he was unable to load a old game file. seems worth reporting.
                                    • margotbean

                                      margotbean Phantasmal Quasar

                                      This is true for axe, pickaxe, and *sometimes* hoe (other players on the wiki have reported this but for me the hoe works fine).
                                      • Athyle

                                        Athyle Space Hobo

                                        Two of my friends and i were trying to sleep and it wouldn't count the last player as sleeping and she couldn't leave the farm
                                        • Ninjawyn

                                          Ninjawyn Space Hobo

                                          Hello everyone,
                                          My fiancée and I played a brand new game I was hosting. We noticed 3 main things so far :

                                          - Her fishing skills is stuck at 1 and at the end of the day she gets a "level up" pop-up saying she reached level 1 again.
                                          - She cannot upgrade her tools even though we have enough money and the right components
                                          - Cutscenes that teleports her away to my position when she's doing something else i.e she's on the farm and I'm on the beach
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