Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta: Known Issues & Fixes

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  1. _Keru_

    _Keru_ The Court

    Updated list of bugs after the 1.3.15 hotfix. Be sure your game is up to date (shows 1.3.15 in the lower left corner in main screen after clicking the questionmark in the lower right corner).

    Updated list of bugs after the 1.3.14 hotfix. Be sure your game is up to date (shows 1.3.14 in the lower left corner in main screen after clicking the questionmark in the lower right corner).

    Updated list of bugs after the 1.3.13 hotfix. Be sure your game is up to date (shows 1.3.13 in the lower left corner in main screen after clicking the questionmark in the lower right corner).

    I've taken the time to hopefuly list up most of the (recently) reported, but not fixed bugs (they aren't listed as beeing investigated, in development or in need of more details).

    I'ill put them in three categories:
    major bugs - such as crashes and game breaking glitches
    minor bugs - sound, graphics, positioning and so on
    might be intended - nobody knows but the devs
    Please be aware that I can't list up every single bug, especialy those only reported once and might not be reproducible.

    Major bugs:
    • Getting stuck at the fishing game at the Stardew Fair (character won't move and interact, after the timer hits 00:00 you are stuck forever) - seems like the character interaction is just disabled like in cutscenes or while riding on the bus?
      • Getting also stuck at the slingshot game (didn't happen to me, but has also been reported).
    • Most of the items you try to rearrange at the museum will disappear the next day.
    • Client game sometimes crashes while the host is in the daily result screen for too long.
    • Client game crashes as soon the farmhand tries to set a new home for a farm animal.
    • If a farmhand gives Clint a tool for upgrading, the tool is lost if the farmhand disconnects before sleeping/saving.
    • Game gets stuck at the end of the Emily 10 heart forest event.
    • Completing the community center leads to getting stuck at the cutscene and/or won't give you the benefits (achievement, friendship, Pierre's shop opened on wednesdays).
    • The game randomly crashes when entering the secret woods.
    Minor bugs:
    • Need to go outside to get the daily result screen after sleeping in the main house.
    • Pets and children running through walls and beyond.
    • Only the host gets the correct information of which artefacts have already been donated to Gunther.
    • When players are fishing, random fishing lines will stretch across the screen.
    • Sometimes it will say we've given someone a gift already when trying to hand them the item for the first time. The item is used and we get the regular dialogue afterwards but it shows the 'already given' message upon interaction.
    • Floors and wallpapers still getting mixed up! This happened to us after someone decorated his house and another player entered it afterwards.
    • Possibility to duplicate items by 2 players simultaneously run to a droped item.
    • Spouses not acting like they should (staying indoors all day, not leaving for their normal schedule).
    • NPCs will sometimes just stop what they're doing; Jaz will just stand under the tree instead of jumping rope, Penny just stopped in the middle of the bridge.
    • The pets water bowl is not sync with the clients.
    • Having a different gift recipient then you have been told at the Feast of the Winter Star.
    • Daily profit for farmhand and host are showing different numbers/calculating different.
    • Some farm animals get stuck outside and refuse to go back inside for several days.
    • Mayors shorts can be picked up multiple times.
    • Robins axe can be picked up multiple times.
    • Still beeing able to get access to the skull cavern on mine level 120 by putting stone fences or stone shields on the ground and blow them away withy any kind of bomb.
    • Kegs/preserve jars/mayonnaise machines instantly finish after swapping finished items with new one.
    • Garbage bins can be looted several times by going inside in between.
    • Clipping issues while riding the horse might get you stuck.
    • Animal mood drain after 6PM except in winter with a heater.
    • Animal moods overflow to near 0 when you have the lvl 10 animal profession and pet them.
    • Today one of my farmhands married and I just had a black screen with the text boxes at the bottom (her game was fine). Did not happen to us before 1.3.13.
    • If You play "Journey of The Prarie King" until you pass out at night you will wake up with both that music and the normal one.
    • Farm animals sounds are heard by everone everywhere when interacting with them.
    • It is possible to buy an infinite amount of Iridium Sprinklers on Friday from Krobus.
    • Upgraded Farmhand cabin fridge empties out each log out.
    • Return scepter used by the host teleports farmhands back as well.
    • When any player stays out too late, all players pass out even if they are already in bed. Everyone gets reduced stats the next day, even if they had full energy bar by 2am.
    • Unable to get Shanes blue chickens.
    • Rain does not fill the pets dish.
    • Farmhands are able to kill the armored flying bugs in the mines.
    • All chests in the mines can be looted again in SP.
    • The grubs in the mine getting invincible for the host after some hits.
    • If host player goes to bed when a client is creating a new character, the client player will be unnamed.
    • After completing the fishtank in the community center the big rock disappears, you'll get the event with Willy and the copper pan the next day as well, but there will never be any glitter in the river/pond to use the pan.
    • Everyone sees the hay collecting tooltip in the lower left corner if someone collects hay.
    • Some tackles still will break instantly on the first bite. Happened to me with the tackles I got at the ice fishing event. Also seems to happen when you give a crafted or bought tackle to your farmhand.
    • Horses glitching around or aren't mountable (mostly for farmhands).
    • Hearing the raining sound in desert buildings.
    • Crashing when resizing the window.
    • Client crashes when trying to access the Junimo hut.
    • Crap pots seems to be empty and are unaccessable for the host ("Inventory full" message) after a farmhand put bait in it.
    • Gifting does not reset properly on sundays in converted 1.2 save files.
    • Donating artefacts to the museum sometimes won't give you the rusty key.
    • Breaking boxes and barrels in the mine will sometimes result in double/tripple loot.
    • Luau music not playing at the Luau festival.
    • Farmhands sometimes get the same level up popups several nights in a row.
    • Changing your gender in character creation will also change your skin color.
    • Visual glitches when resizing the window in main menu.
    • Animal feeding does not work all the time. The grain disappears but the animals complain the next day.
    • Multiple spouses using the little spot next to the main house will result in overlapping textures and glitches.
    • The new alternate break up possibility is broken and will result in the usual one.
    • Rotating large furniture can result in having two different textures on it (see attached picture).
    • Playing Prairie King till 2am in multiplayer won't knock you out.
    • Whenever the host enters the mines, the mine music is triggered for the clients as well.
    • Shrine of Selfishness is not working.
    • Players in the spa sometimes won't get healed.
    Might be intended:
    • Every player can catch a copy of each legendary fish.
    • Skull Cavern is spawning ladders for some players and sinkholes for others in their spot, happening repeatedly on multiple floors.
    • Arcade games in the saloons are impossible to beat because time doesn't pause.
    • Different luck chances for host and clients.
    • Unable to reset levels in the mine by going up and down with the elevator/stairs.
    Still adding more...

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    • Irey_Wayne

      Irey_Wayne Space Hobo

      My game crashed when I tried to demolish a cabin -- this was for a save file that I'd made before the beta. I saw this on the 'fixed' list but I just updated my game the other day.
      • Meowdow

        Meowdow Space Hobo

        (I'm sorry if I'm bringing up a bug which has been already reported.)
        Treasure boxes on every 10th lvl have re-appeared for me in the Mines, even tho I cleared the Mines long time ago.
        I'm playing the beta, but solo without any other player.
        • Irey_Wayne

          Irey_Wayne Space Hobo

          I also noticed a mistake in the speech of Mayor Lewis. I gave him a gift that he liked but he said "I like to like this!". I realize this isn't a bug but I just noticed it for the beta and don't remember seeing it for the previous version.
          • EnderBro1000

            EnderBro1000 Space Spelunker

            Hi, im having a problem where every time i try to fish in the Stardew Valley fair minigame, the game freezes and I'm forced to alt+f4
            • Peregrinus

              Peregrinus Space Hobo

              Still can't do anything with forage veggies. I want to pickle, brew or turn these things into artisan products.
              • Kiramay

                Kiramay Seal Broken

                At least in year 1, the feast of the winter star the secret santa person you are given changes when you get to the festival. I had Mayor Lewis, but upon getting to the festival I had Elliot, person playing with me had Elliot originally but then had Alex at the festival.
                • naturegirl

                  naturegirl Void-Bound Voyager

                  I am the host in my multiplayer game. When fishing in multiplayer, if I obtain treasure it will deduct my Energy an additional amount equivalent to casting the rod again. The energy loss occurs sometime between reeling in the fish and clicking to close the treasure inventory. When I close the treasure inventory there is a sound like a quick Rod cast in that moment, so I'm guessing that's when the energy loss occurs but am not certain. As an example, it is possible to cast the line with almost no energy left, in order to maximize the energy spent for the day, and it will remain safe unless treasure is obtained, in which case I will suddenly be Exhausted from overexertion.
                  • kodyjay

                    kodyjay Space Spelunker

                    I've encountered a rather annoying bug. If you're in another person's game, and you have a tool being upgraded at the blacksmith, then you crash out of the game for whatever reason, the tool will not show up at the blacksmith. You will lose the tool, and by extension all the resources and money you put into it. I lost a golden pickaxe this way.

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                    • Blanchemontagne

                      Blanchemontagne Void-Bound Voyager

                      Hey Lovelies I have a few things for you <3 I have photos named accordingly.

                      1. Random smoke in the host house, willy's house, AND on a tree by grandpa.

                      2. When a new game was made, the green-roof cabin was up on the cliff by grandpa's house

                      3. NO PHOTO: When I changed the living room floor of 1st upgraded house, it made the kitchen, living room, AND bedroom the same flooring, when it should be only 1 floor in one room, another floor in the other.

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                      • Gojan

                        Gojan Space Hobo

                        this needs to get added to the main post
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                        • shmauk

                          shmauk Space Hobo

                          The goblin in front of the witches cavern disappears when one person completes the quest but the quest to give him something he likes is still in the log for myself with no way to complete it.
                          • Crucio

                            Crucio Void-Bound Voyager

                            I have two bugs to report if they haven't been reported yet.

                            -When fixing the community centre only the host gets the Local Legend achievement and receives the trophy, even if another player actually completes the bundle.
                            -When I (the host) did the community upgrade - Pam's house, it completely glitched out for the other player. The house wasn't visible, I included a screenshot below.
                            • mathalok

                              mathalok Intergalactic Tourist

                              Currently on the most recent version as of 5/31/18 and as a secondary farmer I don't believe the rain totems work. I have activated multiple over a period of multiple days and no rain at all.

                              Additionally as a secondary player I can get on and off the horse at my farm but outside of town I cannot remount the horse.
                              • _Keru_

                                _Keru_ The Court

                                The rain totem only increases the chance of rain the next day. Nevertheless it seems to be not working right at the moment.
                                • technet

                                  technet Space Spelunker

                                  I am on a co-op farm and all three of us are married. The host first married Shane and the other two of us later married Alex and Maru. We couldn't find our spouses this morning and this is how we found them. upload_2018-5-31_15-47-4.png
                                  • kaguya_yoru

                                    kaguya_yoru Void-Bound Voyager

                                    I'm playing Single Player in the beta version 1.3.15. I'm in Year 1 and when I entered the fishing tent during the Stardew Valley Fair, my character was completely unable to move using WASD. I left-clicked using the mouse and my character started the reeling animation with the bar appearing over her head but then the entire screen froze. The timer was counting down when I was trying to move my character but when the screen froze, the timer zeroed out. The music continued to play the entire time. I had to use Task Manager on my computer to exit out of the game completely.
                                    • _Keru_

                                      _Keru_ The Court

                                    • Lodrelhai

                                      Lodrelhai Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Pretty sure that is not a bug. The first day of the week, and the day gifts reset, is Monday.​
                                      • parabolic paradise

                                        parabolic paradise Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                        It definitely used to be Sunday, though.
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