Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Apr 30, 2018.

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  1. blobfish75

    blobfish75 Space Hobo

    Same problem here. We had almost a full museum and after I rearranged things, most of the museum artifacts disappeared entirely. Super disappointing that we have to re-donate everything now.
    • JinMory

      JinMory Space Hobo

      The museum owner, G√ľnther, causes a bug.
      Every morning when the host leaves the house, only the beginning of the scene where Gunther comes in is continuously repeated and the game lasts from 6 to 7:10
      • JukeInTheBox

        JukeInTheBox Space Hobo

        Hi, everything was working fine and dandy last night for me, and then I get on this morning, and it just isn't working. Did this new update make my mods incompatible? Attached the text documents for it. Please someone help me fix this, I have to get a filling within the hour, and was hoping to relax and play the game after having it.

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        • singingmiri

          singingmiri Poptop Tamer

          Interesting. It's not replaced at all for me and I've donated most of the stuff we have in our museum, so there seems to be something wrong as well. It would also be nice if it's replaced for both players. I don't know how often I went to the museum, believing we didn't have that one artifact there, only to realize it's already there.
          • RubyNyx

            RubyNyx Void-Bound Voyager

            Farmhand did not get the secret note cutscene when reaching Level 100 in the Skull Cavern
            • eetujuu

              eetujuu Space Hobo

              so this happened it happened like 1 week ago but i still have it[​IMG]

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              • Vmar98

                Vmar98 Intergalactic Tourist

                -At the Feast of the Winter Star everyone but the host had a different gift recipient than what was told to us when we got the letter.
                -Professions that increase the value of items are only applied to the result screen of the player that has the profession but won't actually increase the money you get from those items unless you're the host.
                -Horses that wait for the player who left them will sometimes appear all over the screen for other players. This is fixed when the player that left the horse returns.
                -Horse animations tend to stop working all together while riding it making the horse just float over the ground. Walking against a wall for a few seconds seems to fix it.
                -Horses will often walk through farm buildings.
                -Sometimes while juming off of a horse it will keep gravitating towards you.
                -Milking sounds are audible from everywhere
                -Milking an animal that cannot be milked or is out of milk will cause the "Animal is out of milk/cannot produce milk" message to appear but is displayed for everyone making every player stop with whatever they were doing which can cause those players to lose Geodes, community bundle rewards or other stuff.
                -During the Night Market the east side of the beach will be inaccessible due to the bridge suddenly being broken again even though it has been fixed. when the Night Market is over the bridge will be fixed again.
                -If the game freezes for a second while a tree is falling down the tree will disapear and leave nothing behind.
                -When cutting grass with the scythe while there's a silo on the farn everyone gets to the the amount of hay that's recieved from the grass.
                • BeachBunny

                  BeachBunny Tentacle Wrangler

                  So I'm not sure if this is a bug, but my friend and I are doing multiplayer and he has some perks where the money is increased when he sells certain things, but he HAS to sell it to a NPC for it to go through since I'm the host of the game. When he sells things in the box outside the house, it doesn't count as the extra money, just the original value. Is this intentional?
                  • caitzel

                    caitzel Intergalactic Tourist

                    The community centre bug is still here. I've decided to add a GIF, I hope it works.

                    It is really frustrating and affects my gameplay because I have to go to the community centre and take pics instead of being able to scroll through freely.

                    • Enisoj

                      Enisoj Space Hobo

                      Me and my friends also had the bug that we could not see which items had been donated to the museum. Only the host for us could see if an item had been donated already.

                      Moreover, when I tried to upgrade my watering can while I was joining a friends game my game crashed (due to internet connection not a bug). However, when i got back in the game i got my old watering can back with a note that it had been found in the lost and found. But the 2000 gold and 5 copper bars were still gone.
                      • Chronomega

                        Chronomega Void-Bound Voyager

                        We found a potential bug where (not sure if host/friend makes a difference) my friend and I were at the beach. She brought the 300 wood to complete the beach bridge. After completion, she could walk across it but it was still broken for me. I had to leave the map and come back in to have the bridge appear. A minor issue but forcing a map to refresh after a construction of that sort would be helpful.
                        • mandragoras

                          mandragoras Intergalactic Tourist

                          A few bugs to report! I am not the host, but there are only the two of us. A lot of weird horse shenanigans.

                          - My horse is 'sticky'. When I get off it, it zooms behind me, and often interferes with my interactions with objects on the ground, NPCs, etc. I took a video of this:

                          Due to this bug, I often get stuck in doorways and have to dismount.
                          - Sometimes, someone's horse will duplicate and can be interacted with.
                          - Graphical things: In certain animations, my horse's hat is on its butt; sometimes when riding my horse doesn't move its legs, nor does it make a galloping sound effect (we just zoom forward, legs all pointing forward. My friend has mentioned that sometimes I'm not riding the horse -- "half the time you're not on your horse; you're walking at super speed and the horse is running in the same square as you"); the main house does not remember what floor we've put down and will revert to the checkered floor; the descriptions of museum items don't change from "Gunther can identify this" when someone else donates the item, though items can only be donated once (for me; the descriptions do change for my friend who is hosting); sometimes there is lag in changing what item you are holding, and you can do things like try to eat food but instead, graphically, eat the piece of wood that was in the slot next to it. This doesn't consume the wood, it just looks weird.
                          - If I click out of the SDV window to look at the browser or discord, when I come back, the game is acting like I'm holding down a button or clicking over and over. Writing something in chat and opening the menu over and over seems to have fixed it sometimes, and other times if I press the button the game thinks is being pressed (for instance, sometimes I'm trapped running in one direction, and sometimes trying to move in that direction fixes it). Sometimes this ends up with me destroying plants or buying things by accident, but mostly it's just a huge waste of our time.
                          - The jukebox song can't be changed.
                          - Audio is sometimes shared -- if I'm on the other side of the map when my friend is cutting hay, I can hear the scythe noise. Sometimes my friend can hear me interacting with the animals while he's elsewhere.
                          - Sometimes there is weird audio lag -- cutting down a tree makes no sound, and then the sound will play like... the next day.
                          - Sometimes when filling his watering can, my friend gets three separate instances of the 'inventory full' message, even when he has space.
                          - Very frequently, when I type in the chat, and then go back to whatever it was I was doing, my hotkeys bar will change what item I have 'selected'. This has resulted in me destroying crops, giving people disliked items (I gave Clint 1 sap instead of a coffee), etc. Additionally, ending a message with an E will open the inventory screen once I've submitted the message.
                          - I can only see the crafts room collections in the community center list in the inventory screen, the buttons at the top to shift what room's bundles you're looking at do not work. They *do* work if I am physically inside the CC, though.

                          And a couple suggestions: I'm not sure if the chests in the mine are meant to be shared between us, but it'd be nice if they were instance-specific; it's a bummer not being able to get all the stardrops because someone else got there first. Also, because time doesn't stop, Journey of the Prairie King is unnecessarily difficult to beat. Maybe implementing a save system would fix this?
                          • Kataclys

                            Kataclys Poptop Tamer

                            Hey all,-

                            So I got one bug to report that is of actual concern to me. Me and my friend did a little but of testing, and it appears that - at least when using the shipping container - when selling items, the only value bonus' being added are the ones of the host.
                            We noticed out daily income reports were different. so we did a little test:
                            Our total gold was 23915. The host (my friend) had a fishing bonus and the farmhand (me) had the Artisan bonus.
                            He put in a fish. I put in a wine, the daily income screen read as follows:
                            player-----Fish---Wine---income---assumed total
                            Best wins?--275---168-----443------24358

                            We waited, and as it turns out. we ended up at 24310 total. This was a huuugggeee bummer for me. as 40% income had be wasted on so many items i had shipped up to that point.
                            It was a huge slap in the face... and one that still hurts. as it stands (to our knowledge) it seems only the hosts bonus' matter when it comes to selling items (in the shipping container. I mean to test out the shop the next time we play.)

                            Perhaps a easy temporary solution would be that the farmhand's bonuses are added to the host?

                            Unsure if skill related growth rates work, does anyone know?

                            Thank you for your time!

                            EDIT: it seems my carefull spacing was messed up, so -'s will have to do for my graph.
                            EDIT 2: i checked. and at least the artisan bonus seems to apply when selling to the general store. So my tip is that at least for now, farmhands should sell to the approriate vendor when they have price bonuses that the host does not. cheers!
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                            • Talizora

                              Talizora Intergalactic Tourist

                              Game crashes everytime :(

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                              • Majinique

                                Majinique Intergalactic Tourist

                                Evening, not sure if the following had been reported yet: When selling goods to Pierre the game crashes regardless of who goes to him first, both me and the host got a crashing error.
                                And the Horse for the farm hand seems to be bugged, the horse sticks like sticky tape when dismounting anywhere else in the world except for the farm
                                • Draco Darkness

                                  Draco Darkness Yeah, You!

                                  Hello everyone :3
                                  My problem arises when I start steam this morning, and start the game, it is automatically updated my Stardew Valley (a small update), the fact is that I enter my game as host of a server (my game is 20 hours, it is already advanced) and load normally, apparently the character "wakes up" but before the screen clears completely, it closes.

                                  Yesterday, before the update this did not happen and it worked completely fine, I thought that my mods became incompatible, so I updated the SMAPI and downloaded all the mods again, but the error still appears.

                                  These are the details of the game:

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                                  • singingmiri

                                    singingmiri Poptop Tamer

                                    Yes, I noticed that too, but didn't investiagte any further, because when I noticed it was only a minor difference. But I agree - it is rather annoying. Makes the whole profession bonusses for farmhands a bit unnecessary, in my opinion. I know there are things out there that don't increase the value of objects, but let's take the farming skill for instance (at level 5 I have the choice between of getting more value from animal products or crops). In this case it's just irrelevant, because I wouldn't get the bonus anyway. Is there a possibility to actually let the chest know who put the stuff in it so it can use the correct value? If not, I would agree it's better to add up the bonusses.
                                    • Iamsleepless

                                      Iamsleepless Space Hobo

                                      Crashing in multiplayer. usually play with 3 people but have only crashed while playing with 2.
                                      Only constant we could find was during the construction of any building.
                                      Hope these help.

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                                      • Koihime Nakamura

                                        Koihime Nakamura Ketchup Robot

                                        #1 is.. huh, you're right, not fixed. Missed that somehow.
                                        • Zaflis

                                          Zaflis Pangalactic Porcupine

                                          I'll summarize the important bit:
                                          You don't have SaveGameInfo file in your save folder somehow. Maybe there's still SaveGameInf:speechless:ld which you can rename by removing the _old? If both are lost, your save may be unrecoverably corrupted.

                                          But you have "Save Backup" mod so all hope may not be lost, if you know how to use it.
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