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Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta: Known Issues & Fixes 2

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Jun 4, 2018.

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  1. sixthfore

    sixthfore Yeah, You!

    Festival of Ice: Contest began and no rod was available to use for the player.

    Playing on Macbook using Dualshock controller, no mods. Introductions quest not completed, although all 28 listed in social tab as met - only notable thing I can think of.
    • Zitchas

      Zitchas Tentacle Wrangler

      One "bug" of sorts that has affected us on our mp game several times (and is doing so at an increasing rate as we start getting heart levels up) is that we'll go to town to do something (buy seeds, go to the smithy, etc) and a cutscene will trigger, and eat up an hour or two. So while we *used* to have enough time to easily get to our destination and accomplish our business, suddenly we are running late (or usually miss in entirely). Even worse, sometimes this will happen late at night, resulting in us collapsing at 2am because we got ambushed by a cutscene.

      A good solution would be to globally stop the flow of time whenever anyone triggers a cutscene, mini-game, or store interface. And not full "pause" like with the pause command, just stop time from flowing until the person is out of the cutscene/game/store interface/whatever. Basically, whenever someone gets a cutscene, the game enters the same "no-time" zone that applies during festivals and events.

      As someone else commented: Stardew played as mp really needs to be slowed down. In sp the game pauses whenever one is in a menu or looking in the backpack or at the map or, well, doing pretty much anything other than running around. That gave us lots of time to think about things, and SV was quite relaxing as a result. In mp, however, time never stops flowing so it always feels like we're rushing. Can't take the time to read the dialogue because time just keeps going. Every cutscene is nail-biting frustration because it might mean we fall unconscious or don't get where we need to go on time.

      Playing SV with a friend makes the experience much more enjoyable, but the way mp's time flow is handled makes it much more stressful and steals that very enjoyable aspect of SV away.

      Anyway, I'd like to formally file this as a bug and request a solution for it.

      What is expected:
      Time stops flowing whenever a player is in a cutscene, dialogue, mini-game, or store interface. (NOT paused, as that'd be annoying. Just the clock stops ticking while they are in the cutscene/event/etc)
      Stardew Valley being the same relaxing game we played in sp.

      What happens:
      Time keeps flowing, resulting in any characters who were impacted by the cutscene/dialogue/mini-game/store interface potentially missing store hours, being struck unconcious, or otherwise stranded.
      Stardew Valley feels stressing and "driven."
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      • Chefpief

        Chefpief Sandwich Man

        yea time playing in cutscenes has knocked me unconscious several times. Wouldn't be a problem if the game didn't punish you for not skipping cutscenes, which I feel would be the best 'fix' for it on the "its 2 AM and i'm still in this cutscene" issue. As for losing time in general, I can't think of much of anything that wouldn't be abusable.
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        • Chikyu

          Chikyu Big Damn Hero

          I have an issue where another person playing on my server will freeze when trying to buy anything from Pierre's General Store. When they try buying something, their game freezes, but does not crash. As a side note, usually when someone is talking to Pierre, you are unable to talk to him at the same time. Once the other player froze, I was able to talk to him normally.

          Vanilla game, no mods, fresh world. Day 12 of Spring, year 1.
          • KAC

            KAC Void-Bound Voyager

            I am not even concerned with maximum efficiency. I am concerned with being able to enjoy my friend's company and actually use the chat from day to day without the day zipping by. To have fun with my friends in the way we enjoy constructively. And as other posters have already pointed out, certain parts of the game break without the autopause which was assumed in single player mode; there are events which were minor annoyances in terms of the amount of time it took to complete them which are now literally eating up most of an hour because the clock doesn't stop; you end up having MUCH more time to use in single player than in multiplayer just because picking up a book off the ground takes half an hour. I mean I get that there's a player type and even groups of players that enjoy the frenetic and hectic no-planning, play-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of dynamic, and I think that option for play style should be preserved.

            My friends and I enjoy Stardew Valley because the single player mode at least has a leisurely and languid pace to it where you can relax and take time to appreciate what is going on. I think that the multiplayer would benefit from accommodating that play style at least optionally. What's more is that I am ultimately talking about basic multiplayer mechanics for Just-In-Time and On-Demand player communication, signaling, and coordination. The game isn't exactly broken without the mechanics, but the game would be all that much better for having them.

            Also, to be clear, I am not talking about planning ahead in a long term sense. I mean like literally working out what we are doing from moment to moment or even during the day. Who is watering the plants. What people want to do or where they want to go or whether we are splitting up or staying together. There's also this aspect of immediate planning that is missing that I am used to in other multiplayer games like Factorio where we can plan out things by ghosting them in position before actually committing to them, so we can communicate with each other about where things should go and why. I mean not even for some kind of functional benefit but often enough just so we have some kind of aesthetic agreement on the style and placement of our farm improvements. Our garden has ended up a mess due to time-crunch stressing out my already very anxious friends.

            And I am not at all worried about whatever might happen out at year five. I have never personally played beyond like year 3 on my own, and I am concerned with getting my friends to play through year one at this point. I came here to raise awareness of the issues because my friends are telling me that multiplayer feels like arduous work, and they feel rushed by it. By the day to day brevity. The time-crunch makes simple decisions way way harder, and I say that having studied and taught game design in college.

            I want my friends to enjoy the moment to moment game play; I don't care what is possible beyond the first two months if my friends never end up playing that far because it stresses them out.
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            • Digus

              Digus Ketchup Robot

              BUG: Crystalarium change item before collecting it, causing the "ready item" to become the new item placed.
              Basically, if your Crystalarium is ready with an Quartz, if you right click it holding a Diamond. The diamond will be placed inside it but you can immediately take it back, and Crystalarium will now be producing diamonds.
              This can be exploited by placing quarts, waiting 7 hours and than changing it to Diamonds. This way people won't have to wait 5 days to get their first diamond back.
              • jbrianj

                jbrianj Void-Bound Voyager

                Possible bug: Normal(non-copper) Pickaxe is able to mine the bigger stones(the ones that have around 10 stones in them) in the mines. I don't remember that being possible in 1.2 and the wiki also states that the big stones are Copper Pickaxe+
                • Blorp

                  Blorp Big Damn Hero

                  A suggestion for the time problem:

                  The game already knows when to pause in single-player, for most relevant things. In multi-player it just skips this. I suggest instead of not pausing at all, it pauses when everyone is in a pause-ready state. The ready-to-pause state for each player could be displayed somewhere on the screen, so you could tell whether other people were "active" or not. It could even show the "reason" as an icon.

                  I also suggest that idling for a short time sets you into a "ready to pause" state. Closing a UI wouldn't need to "unpause" you, only moving or doing an action (attacking, fishing, watering, etc.). In addition to the normal things single-player pauses for (UI up, playing the arcades, watching cutscene, etc.) I suggest opening the chat box does it too.

                  This way, anyone being active (farming, fighting, fishing, or even just f..walking) would prevent a pause (and, hopefully, any chance of exploiting it), but everyone just standing still, looking at inventory, chatting, or other "unproductive" things would result in the time not passing automatically. It could be a "complete" pause like the "/pause" command (but easier to unpause), or just stop the ticking of the clock but let other things happen in the background.

                  I think this way should help reduce the time pressure, without being exploitable or too awkward to use. Obviously, the more players you have, the more difficulty you may face in getting them all to stop, but I think everyone should value their days being less wasted.

                  I hope this is clear enough. If not, ask me :)
                  But perhaps a separate thread is in order about this important topic?
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                  • BLos

                    BLos Master Chief

                    There's already an option to change the profit margin, so perhaps a "slow" option for the flow of time would be nice?
                    My wife is not a gamer, so when we tried starting up a new farm, it took half of the first day just to have her practice the controls and configure the options properly. We didn't finish watering our parsnips until it was getting dark out.
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                    • lasergoat

                      lasergoat Aquatic Astronaut

                      The Master Angler Achievement can be earned before catching every single fish listed in the game. I believe this is because of the new winter night market fish. The fish were added to the game and count towards the achievement, but total number of different fish needed to obtain said achievement did not change.
                      • wozearly

                        wozearly Tentacle Wrangler

                        No bug here. The original pickaxe was always able to deal with the larger stones in the mines, right back to release. This was presumably a sanity-preserving measure in cast a randomly placed large stone blocked the path onwards to where the ladder down was.

                        What it can't deal with is the large stones on the farm, which is where you need a copper pickaxe or higher.
                        • surahsnap

                          surahsnap Poptop Tamer

                          Starting around the beginning of the Beta and still today I am unable to get past the "Connecting to Online Services..." option in the menu. I have tried every single work around I can find and done full reinstalls. I've left it running and loading for hours with no results. I have no idea where to go but I haven't even had the option to play the Co op save for one previous update that allowed it and the recents have not.

                          Did I miss a solution to this ? I can't seem to find anything in any of the threads or on any reddits. Any help would be appreciated.
                          • jbrianj

                            jbrianj Void-Bound Voyager

                            Actually you need a Steel Pickaxe for the large stones on the farm, but the Wiki does need correcting then(Someone else has to do it since i don't have an account there). Copper Pickaxe upgrade will only reduce hits needed, no other improvements, since as you mentioned, the normal Pickaxe can also break the 2x2 stones in both 1.2 and 1.3.

                            Though I must say kind of like the idea of not being able to break big stones in the mine till Copper Pickaxe, forcing you to upgrade, because it's not even that hard to build and otherwise upgrading to Copper has barely any incentive apart from being required to get to Steel. You could just make it so there are no big stones till at least floor 11 or something, making it more convenient to grind out some copper, upgrade the pickaxe so it'll be easier to continue further downwards. Just my opinion though.
                              Last edited: Jul 9, 2018
                            • tccoxon

                              tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer Chucklefish

                              Could you tell me your operating system & version, along with whether you're using Steam or GOG? And precisely how many dots after "connecting to online services" it gets to before it progresses no further?
                                Last edited: Jul 9, 2018
                              • margotbean

                                margotbean Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                Is the social tab working as intended? That is, when you get married, all your previous girl/boyfriends show 8 hearts with 2 grayed out, even though you have 10 hearts with them? This doesn't seem like a good change to me at all, since the friendship level in the save file is 10 hearts. Eight hearts is the display even if you've been careful to avoid the new breakup events (or carried a rabbit's foot). It's weird. Not what I've been seeing for 2 years, so not a welcome change.
                                • Hakuna Matata

                                  Hakuna Matata Industrial Terraformer

                                  Social tab related, on a new game created after the beta, I had given Abigail a bouquet to see the 8-heart event (cause I never saw it before and it's the only 8-h that needs a bouquet to trigger), but married someone else.
                                  After this, Abigail's status never changed from "girlfriend" back to normal.
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                                  • Sorunome

                                    Sorunome Intergalactic Tourist

                                    You know the night market during winter?

                                    If you enter the night market you completely vanish from the map. Happens to both you and any friends you are playing with who are in there, too.
                                    • Koihime Nakamura

                                      Koihime Nakamura Ketchup Robot

                                      As a side note, Marnie (and Robin) may randomly not detect your building status without .Value there.

                                      But more importantly, the Mutant Carp spawn bonus has been moved to an inaccessible point in 1.3

                                      ETA: Apparently it didn't work in 1.2 either.
                                        Last edited: Jul 10, 2018
                                      • arceste

                                        arceste Big Damn Hero

                                        Long ago in the early days of Stardew I had a bug in which it would almost never rain. For a long while, the bug seemed to be fixed, however coming into the latest beta, I've got the same issue again. Some older forum posts said that it could be fixed by skipping ahead to a rainy day in another character. While this worked once for the beta, it doesn't seem to anymore (tried the fix in early summer of the first year and it worked for the rest of summer, storms at least once a week), then now in autumn I haven't had a single rainy day. I tried to do the same fix of running through another game up to a rainy day, but this time it didn't seem to work. I haven't tested to see how far I can get in a new game before the rain cuts out, this is also using a save created during the beta.
                                        • tccoxon

                                          tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer Chucklefish

                                          If you upgraded to 1.3 prior to 1.3.19 that would be the cause. In 1.3.19 we fixed the save file upgrade process to preserve dating status.

                                          Implicit conversions are not random?
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