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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Arremer413, Jan 14, 2017.

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    A simple, yet possibly fun, mod request that adds Grandpa's Sword to the game and is obtainable early on, found near Grandpa's Shrine; such as by digging up the dirt around the Shrine. The sword should be stronger and have better stats than the scimitar or cutlass you can buy after reaching so deep into the mines. This is the simple version of the mod for those who just want to add in the blade and fulfill my request, for which you have my thanks.

    If you are an experienced modder and have a little time on your hands, I'd like the sword to be the reward of some quest and/or you have to meet certain requirements. This could be similar to the treasure hunt quest, but my personal thoughts run more along the lines of hitting a variety of milestones, such as earning a total of so many hearts between all the people in Stardew Valley, reach a certain depth in the mine, raise each skill to level 5, and/or gaining access to each room's Junimo Scroll in the community center (whether a scroll needs to be completed or you just need access to each scroll is up to you). If this kind of quest thing can be done, I would like something involving the community center to be a requirement for Grandpa's Sword, making it impossible to get if you ally with Joja, as Joja is kinda everything your character is escaping from by going to Stardew Valley, so having as little to do with Joja as possible would be an appropriate requiement for getting the sword. Beyond this requirement, I'll leave the obtaining quest in the skilled hands of you, Modder.

    The only other thing I'd like about Grandpa's Sword, if it is at all possible, is for the sword's stats to, not just be better than the scimitar and cutlass, but be modular and gets better as you become more skilled and you accomplish more. For example, the damage can increase by a certain number of points per combat level, woodcutting increases damage and the weight stat, farming increases the speed stat, fishing increases crit stat, gaining hearts with people increases defense, and completing Junimo Scrolls provides overall boosts. Things like these that are tracked by the game and show your progress, each of which can provide boosts to appropriate areas of the sword's stats, with how much depending on what has been accomplished. If this mechanic system can be applied to the sword, I'd fully endorse it also being more powerful than the Galaxy Weapons at max strength because of everything that affects it and how much needs to be done in order to bring it to max strength.
    If this isn't possible, I'll be sad, but I would fully understand.

    Thank you in advance to any modders that read this and decide to take up my requests. Regardless of how far you go or decide to take my request, you have my gratitude and that of the Stardew Valley community.
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