Stardew Valley Fair Updated?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NikkSword, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. NikkSword

    NikkSword Pangalactic Porcupine

    Does anyone know if the Stardew Valley Fair in the fall is updated for Iridium items? Does the game recognize Iridium Items and award you more points than a Gold Item? Is the 90 Points for First Place still the same or has it been increased?
    • Akanaro

      Akanaro Great Scott!

      I've just won a fair with 96 points so I can at least confirm that it's still 90 points. As for the rest, I have no idea. If you're close to the date of the fair just test it and see I guess. You can always quit and restart the day if it's not accounting for Iridium quality.
      • Rhapsodes

        Rhapsodes Title Not Found

        Iridium quality items get you more points. I once got 125 from putting only iridium quality stuff on the display.
        • Pscyon

          Pscyon Big Damn Hero

          I won with 99 points. Had 2 or 3 iridium foraged items, a couple gems and some gold veggies and fruits.
          • ChaosAzeroth

            ChaosAzeroth Existential Complex

            I crammed a display with random iridium star stuff and got 101 pts. It was...let's see...
            1 beer
            1 blackberry
            1 salmon berry
            1 apricot
            1 plum
            1 red shroom
            1 purple shroom
            1 sweet pea
            1 pomegranate

            All iridium star.
            • TurdPiles

              TurdPiles Space Hobo

              119 with gold melon (fruit) and pumpkin (vegetable)
              replaced those with iridium grapes (fruit) and iridium fiddlehead (vegetable)
              got 121

              iridium gives more points

              • NikkSword

                NikkSword Pangalactic Porcupine

                Great, thank you everyone!

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