Pixel Stardew Valley: Back to the Furture.

Discussion in 'Fan Works' started by AliCat, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. AliCat

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    So after seeing the Siv's Marriage Mod I had this idea of wanting to see Stardew Valley when Lewis, Clint and so on was young, living with there parents and stuff.

    I decided to make Clint's parents first starting with his dad.

    I like the Idea of the player magically going back in time and maybe even meeting their grandfather when he was a young farmer or something. Seeing the town in it's hay day and stuff just sounds like fun to me.

    I will be making more soon but any suggestions are welcome. <3

    Clint Dad.png
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    • absimiliard_the_elder

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      Wow, nice work AliCat. I applaud your ambition, and you really have a nice hand w. the pixel art.
      • AliCat

        AliCat Poptop Tamer

        Thank you very much <3


        Just finished Clint's mum but I'm not sure on her look.
        Clints Mum_v2.png
        Thought I'd put both mum and dad together as well.

        Clints Mum and dad.png <3
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        • AliCat

          AliCat Poptop Tamer

          Just finished Willy's dad idea with an animation i put together in Adobe Flash.

          Willys dad animtion.gif <3

          Willys Dad Sprite Sheet.png
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