RELEASED Stardew Shortcuts - Saloon & Hospital Counter Bypass

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    Are you lazy like I am? Is your time precious and valuable? Are you tired of taking the long way round to talk to your friends?

    This mod gives you a shortcut.

    Do you frequent the Saloon? Buy food from Gus, run around as normal to talk to him and get your friendship points, run to Emily for a chat, then keep running in the same direction to force Shane to enter into human conversation.

    Are you friends with Maru or Harvey, and like to say hi to them at work? Now you can walk behind the counter without going inside the rear of the hospital.


    Simply replace your map files with these modded maps, and you'll be good to go. A bunch of seconds of your valuable time will be saved.

    Known issues: none.
    Known conflicts: anything that overwrites Saloon.xnb or Hospital.xnb.

    To install:
    1) backup your original games files! do it!
    2) copy and paste Saloon.xnb and/or Hospital.xnb into your Stardew game folder /Content/Maps/.

    --> Download @ Nexus <--
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