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Stardew 1.4 update is in the works...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lilliput, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. Kurachi84

    Kurachi84 Zero Gravity Genie

    i mean, CA said there'll be new NPC's, so a new thing to do is seeing their heart events (and me making even more characters, if there'll be more marriage candidates), and maybe more
    but yeah, i like to have something useful to spend my money on
    then more quests would be fun, but i think it'd need to be on another billboard, as the current one has "slayer/bounty" and deliver quests
    overriding those is, imo, not a good idea

    tbh, i don't think new recipes as an easy-to-get-money thing, but more something to do
    if we'd get say 20 more recipes, i'd cook 20 more meals, for the achievements
    as for the sweet gem berry and ancient fruit recipes, that have been mentioned above, i want that not just for the buffs, but for the recipes
    them making a stronger dish, is just to not lose the money for weak healing, or such (i should've made all buffs "+2" in that comment, tbh)

    if there are gonna be more areas and such, you won't need to delete your old characters
    and i'm sure CA will see this, and see so many ideas, he'd be happy to think about it over time
    • Zosa

      Zosa Phantasmal Quasar

      i can believe that, i generally restart games somewhere in year two as well

      dude, i cook recipes because i like to make my chars eat breakfast and dinner(as well as cooking dinner for harvey n//w//n), it feels more immersive if it isn't rice pudding and coffee for breakfast and farmer's lunch for dinner several nights a week
      • Planescaped

        Planescaped Void-Bound Voyager

        One thing I wish the game had from the start was different dialog during festivals for years 2 and 3 at least.

        Even characters in old Harvest Moon games said something different at the festival each year. Makes them feel really stagnant after the first time.

        Also definitely more things to spend money on/do in the end game. I often 'finish' the game by summer of year two.
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        • SuzyStillwater

          SuzyStillwater Void-Bound Voyager

          I'd love to see the children have more use or at least more interaction. Once they're "full grown" I would love to be able to give them gifts, like food, occasionally. I would also love more community projects, stuff to spend my money on after I finished the story.
          • Kurachi84

            Kurachi84 Zero Gravity Genie

          • UnexpectedParole

            UnexpectedParole Void-Bound Voyager

            It's good news.

            But multiple player update for XBox and PS4 doesn't really translate to 1.4 release does it? Those guys are still waiting on like 1.3 right?
            • Zosa

              Zosa Phantasmal Quasar

              well he did say before there would be a 1.4 release in 2019 so i am going to hold out hope all the same
              • Kurachi84

                Kurachi84 Zero Gravity Genie

                i didn't see much about the consoles, and i don't use twitter, myself, just saw this on the discord announcements
                he's at least gonna check out the consoles' state, and vita has been mentioned, too, if you scroll down

                spoiler: it won't have big updates, but some issues will be looked at, so i guess he's gonna make them being fixed
                so i guess that means there won't be new content, but fixes will happen, now and then

                as for PS 4 and XBOX, i think they'll get the latest updates, too
                there's a lot to read, to know more, so the ones interested, should read it

                it's at least good news, and shows that he's watching :)
                • Zosa

                  Zosa Phantasmal Quasar

                  there seems to be a workbench of some sort and a jukebox as well as new clothes
                  • Kurachi84

                    Kurachi84 Zero Gravity Genie

                    i'd love a jukebox, but i think that has the lowest priority
                    even though i don't play on consoles anymore for years, including SDV, i wish for those to be at least updated well
                    wasn't there many crashes with 1? i hope CA helps them first, tbh.... or at least as soon as he can

                    but yeah, more clothing and a jukebox would be fun, maybe make your own house having its own music :D
                    who knows what we'll get, but i'm at least happy CA lets us know about him watching the community
                    many "quality of life" things, he mentioned, so that'll be a big thing by itself, i'm sure
                    • Zosa

                      Zosa Phantasmal Quasar

                    • Kurachi84

                      Kurachi84 Zero Gravity Genie

                      ah yes, i didn't take the time to look at it yet, but i see
                      we'll have to see how they will be used, and if it's not just made to check it out
                      • Zosa

                        Zosa Phantasmal Quasar

                        he's not selling the update so i am not sure why he'd lie
                        • Kurachi84

                          Kurachi84 Zero Gravity Genie

                          i don't know exactly what he said, i never said he'd lie
                          it could be a preview of what he has in mind, but maybe not in 1.4 yet, or is an example

                          anyway, before we get stuck on 1 small part of my previous comment (literally the last bit), lets talk about what we think about the update and this news

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