Story Stardate: Christmas

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    Currently Unfinished.

    PEW PEW!

    The distinct cry of the Alpha-Tron Micro Blaster Mk III and flashing lights flew through the trees. As Anderson pushed through the bushes towards his fallen target, he smelled the rank stench of singed fur, a scent he despised. Too often he had narrowly avoided death at the hands of a wild creature, only for a well placed blaster shot from one of his crewmates to rescue him, leaving him cowering in the smell of singed fur.

    Anderson walked into a clearing, where he saw what he had been after. A short-legged creature lay on its side, dead. As he stood, another figure slipped through the bushes, unheard. Aloria, a Florian, eyed the creature. "This is what Corvax sent us down here to hunt? It wasn't even worth the hunt" she hissed, irritation palpable. But her words were lost on Anderson, who stood, thinking of the old days back on Earth, tales his great-grandfather told him of a day near the end of each solar year, where people swapped gifts, pretending a fat man broke into their houses to leave them, then ate great feasts of ham. The more he looked at the dead creature, the more it looked like a hog, or a boar. He quickly consulted his data page, and converted the current stardate to Old Earth Time. The result was 24th December, the day before the historical tradition known as Christmas.

    You want to eat that?" Corvax muttered surprised. "Ask Aloria, there were plenty of them.” Anderson replied. "And not just eat it, its part of a human tradition." Corvax, unusual for an Apex in that he tended to value himself before others, shook his head. "You do realize this will put us behind schedule, not just in the whole day you want us to sit about celebrating, but the recourses to get another specimen?" Anderson gave Corvax a hard look. "I thought you wanted our crew to be more multi-cultural. What better way than to celebrate one of mankind’s biggest holidays?" Corvax sighed in resignation. "Fine. But you owe me one for this." Corvax left Anderson. It might not be worth it to be in his debt. Lord knows what he'll claim in return. Anderson turned to his datapad, and started searching up how to cook up the creature.

    Further parts to come.
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    I like the way you started it, it made it seem a bit more real...

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