Starcrew Episode 1 | Initiation

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    Well its finally here, I've spent over a year working on this. If you enjoyed this and want to see more then please consider supporting me on patreon.





    Written and Animated by
    Standing Tough

    Made with Starbound Assets by

    Voice of Ray
    Cole Chauvin

    Voice of Thea

    Voice of Kroes

    Voice of Arc

    Voice of Alanda

    Voice of Nyne & The Organ Donor
    Vladimir "Vladibear" Gabatel

    Voice of Miura
    Raina Marie

    Voice of Royal

    Voice of Ship AI
    Happy Heretic

    Voice of Yune
    Michael Rizzi

    Voice of Twitch

    Voice of Spacecity Guard
    Patrick Richards

    Voice of Kimera Boss
    J. Malloy

    Addional art by
    Isaiah Weight

    Background Characters
    Ampora (elusiveTranscendent)
    Izaak Derrex/Viper/Hector Nazar/
    Hikaru Deizan/Buildbot (Dekerrex)
    Figlock (TechNijui)

    Music Used:

    -Save me by Remy Zero

    -Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar


    -and the Starbound soundtrack!

    Inspired Animes (what most drawings were based off)

    -Black Lagoon

    -One Piece


    -Fullmetal Alchemist
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  2. BPStuart

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    I like! I can tell lots of work went into this.
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  3. Osucarus

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    The novakid Alanda is special. He remembers past. Normally novakids discard the past and deal with the present right? I mean they didn't care so much about the past very long. It must be terrible incident that forced Alanda to remember.
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  4. Standing_Tough

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    well yeah, did you notice how he's the only one in his crew? he's outlived all of his crew members and now lives in misery.
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  6. Ralek

    Ralek Title Not Found

    Great job! Wasn't sure what to expect story wise, but I really enjoyed it, especially the prison scene. Very interested in Vex's past. I can tell you really enjoy him as a character and his story. Keep it up and I'll be looking forward to the next episode.
  7. Standing_Tough

    Standing_Tough Big Damn Hero

    I'm glad you enjoyed it, I'll be explaining more about Vex's past in the next episode :p
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