WIP Starbrew Valley - A Witchy Stardew!

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  1. LittlestFinch

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    Hello, I'm Finch! This is my first time attempting to mod a game and I'm super excited about it cause I really love Stardew! I also might be going a little nuts as far as my goals go! Hopefully this is a good thread for this to live in, I'll likely make individual threads for pieces and parts as I finish them.

    I'm hoping to touch about every file in the game and overhaul the art completely to give Stardew a neat fantasy witchy twist! My plans include not just editing existing content but adding completely new stuff via the amazing frameworks that now exist.
    Here is a list in brief of what I want to do:
    • New Fantasy Portraits/Sprites for all NPCs. I love painted portraits but I want mine to stay true to the pixels.
    • Add a Witchy themed building and NPC "Coven" members.
    • Overhaul existing crops and add a bunch of new crops such as herbs, spices, more flowers, a poison garden, etc.
    • Add a potions system.
    • Animal reskins + additions with variants to be used with the More Animals Tool. (Potentially a new animal barn? Haven't looked into the implications and the coding might be beyond me).
    • Terrain and elements reskins to give a better palette.
    • Town Overhaul so buildings are more high fantasy/witchy themed.
    • Two variants on the reskins overgrown (all buildings, paths, plants etc covered in moss and fungi) and normal, just the new colors and such.
    • New clothing, hair and hats for the PC.
    • New equipment for processing crops etc.
    • Stand alone furniture as well as new furniture witchy themed of course!
    • New critters + existing critter reskins.
    • Reskins of weapons + tools.
    • I'm sure there's a ton more that I couldn't think of right now, or I'll think of while working on the rest of this.
    Everything is going to be built with Content Patcher. The sole exception being all the extra animals due to the nature of the tool meant to add them into the game.

    Currently I need play testers! I'm looking for people to test via access to a google drive folder where my mods live before I eventually add them here or Nexus. I'd like honest feedback on how everything looks, if there's anything wonky, etc. Here is a link to the Content Patcher Mods I have ready to be used.

    A note: I'm finding pixel art to be super easy so I'm rushing through stuff in my tiny slivers of free time. I work a full time+ job and I run an etsy shop so my free time can be fairly limited. However, to prevent myself from burning out I'm not doing anything in any specific order so stuff is getting finished as I feel like it basically.

    I'm building this thread for feedback, discussion and suggestions!

    You can check out tons of WIPs on the Starbrew-Valley Tumblr.


    Character Lists/To Dos
    • Abigail: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Caroline: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Pierre: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Alex: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Evelyn: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • George: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Robin: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Demetrius: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Maru: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Sebastian: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Emily: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Haley: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Harvey: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Jodi: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Kent: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Sam: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Vincent: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Mayor Lewis: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Marnie: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Shane: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Jas: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Clint: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Elliot: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Leah: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Pam: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Penny: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Gus: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Linus: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Willy: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.
    • Sandy: Portrait, Sprite, Home, Dialogue.




    Mods - Currently Required:
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    • laylaisthename

      laylaisthename Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      The spring grass looks so cute, I'm excited to see where the mod is going to go!
      • staarfruit

        staarfruit Pangalactic Porcupine

        This looks so awesome and cute! I love witchy/fantasy things and I'm excited to see where you take this!
        • LittlestFinch

          LittlestFinch Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          Grass is done! I've linked my Google Drive folder above so folks can test stuff as they feel like it.
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          • LittlestFinch

            LittlestFinch Scruffy Nerf-Herder


            Would love to get thoughts on my first building remodel? I love the birch. I have no clue what to do with the roof? I thought about maybe making it grassy? Kind of in the style of Green Roofs. [​IMG]
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            • suzannemonroe

              suzannemonroe Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              Everything looks so beautiful! I'll definitely add a lot of it to my game & I'm super excited for more!

              Thoughts on the building remodel: I love it, especially the door, window & the moon. The only thing i don't like is the color of the stone walls, i think it's too much blue maybe? But it looks awesome overall :)
              For the roof i think some grass patches or some cute vines maybe would look good? :)
              • Adelvina

                Adelvina Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                This looks lovely. +w+
                • Faeryheart

                  Faeryheart Weight of the Sky

                  This looks very promising and amazing so far! :)
                  Maybe the roof could have roof tiles in different shades of purple, with a few other colors in between?
                  And making things mossy/overgrown is always a good option :D
                  • LittlestFinch

                    LittlestFinch Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                    I'm not sure how often you lovely folks want to see updates on this stuff!
                    Finally got around to doing some in game testing. Some Pics and Notes in the Spoiler!


                    Slowly working my way through the houses. Just getting the bases done then I'll go in and do tons and tons of foliage haha. I'm thinking moss for spring - fall. Climbing flowers with Roses for Fall, Morning Glories for Summer and Clematis for Spring.
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                    • staarfruit

                      staarfruit Pangalactic Porcupine

                      OMG these look so pretty!!! I would definitely look into maybe something different for Evelyn, George, and Alex's house. I don't know what but something seems a bit... off? I love the rest of that house though!! Also the trees and grass look awesome!! The tool mods, they're just amazing. I do think the cobblestones look a little much I agree with more contrast and color/shading. Maybe a couple could be different shades of color? If that's what you meant just ignore me, I'm tired as I just got home from work so my brain isn't all here right now. :p

                      Honestly? I'm really bad at constructive criticism in the way of I usually am the person that just goes, 'oh my god that looks so cool!!!!!' So I'm sorry this wasn't very helpful at all, but I wanted to let you know how excited I was about this project you're working on, even though I already said that earlier in the thread. >>
                      • LittlestFinch

                        LittlestFinch Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                        You have been super super helpful! I went back and tweaked Alex's house and I'm much much happier with the colors and such, it feels much more complete.

                        I need to put more focus on my general retexture/colors so that my new elements look less out of place! Cause it's hard to judge what my colors and such will look like as whole right now!

                        I should be able to get a big chunk of that done this evening, and I'll see how that looks in game.
                        • Faeryheart

                          Faeryheart Weight of the Sky

                          I think the stone wall (Emily's house) and stone path are too similar, it almost looks like the same texture.
                          And I agree with the previous poster, it has a bit too much of a blue-ish tint :)
                          • LittlestFinch

                            LittlestFinch Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                            I know people have mentioned things are a bit overly blue, but that's just kind of the aesthetic I enjoy so it might unfortunately mean that a lot of stuff is very cool in tone. I feel like it fits the theme of a "Spooky Witchy" Stardew, though I wan to integrate more purples and pinks and such!
                            As for some of the similar materials in the buildings and landscape. I didn't really consider it until it was pointed out! My thought process is that this is a more isolated coastal town and they'd probably build with materials available. This is why I've tried to match the landscape with the materials used in building. I am certainly no architect and I'm mostly just doing what I feel looks cute, so feedback is nice!!


                            Some more screenshots. Plugging away at the map/terrain/etc. There is plenty in these screen shots that has already been corrected, such as some of the small lines in the dirt, Linus' tent and some colors. I'm pretty happy so far.
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                            • putaytoe

                              putaytoe Void-Bound Voyager

                              just popped in to say you showed up in my tumblr recommendations today, and I got so excited I followed your content here, lol. Your pixel work is gorgeous, I love the vibe & colors of the rework you've begun, and I'd be pleased to beta test anything you need. :3 this is gonna be an amazing mod once its finished! <3 It's already gorgeous~~
                              • breatemata

                                breatemata Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                omg this looks really good i love cool colors like blue and purple also your Caroline looks so amazing, cannot wait to see it done.
                                • jellyking

                                  jellyking Intergalactic Tourist

                                  cool concept, cute sprites. content patcher keeps it modular too, very nice!
                                  • .Lavender.

                                    .Lavender. Pangalactic Porcupine

                                    Oh wow I love this! I was actually... planning on doing a fantasy/witchy map overhaul but yours looks a lot better than mine haha.
                                    • argbetz

                                      argbetz Seal Broken

                                      UMMMM WOW THIS IS EXACTLY THE KIND OF THING I WAS LOOKING FOR!!! I really want to make a witchy spooky fantasy feel in my next game and this is so on theme and looks so good major kudos to you! It seriously looks so good so far.
                                      • eri.e.h

                                        eri.e.h Void-Bound Voyager

                                        Is this still on-going? I love this!
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