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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Katzeus, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. Space Boat Joe

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    Hey developers, I just wanted to ask, and I don't want to sound rude, but why hasn't there been anything about starbound on PS4? All we got was a trailer, then a long time after that, you go to Xbox... I am not criticizing you guys, I know game development is hard, but can you guys explain that please? I am just confused as to why you didn't release it on PS4 and instead pushed to Xbox. I hope I didn't come across as rude, and you guys still have my respect.
  2. aviatorEngineer

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    I mean, people have had quite a bit of patience already, only to get repeated delays and relative silence throughout it all. Personally? I'm not expecting to hear much about PC development, that would be a miracle at this point. That's just about as patient as I can get on the matter, I guess - disappointed, but not really expecting something anyway.

    The game's been pretty fun since I picked it up during the early access, so I'm not gonna say it's bad or anything - I'm quite proud to see how far it has come since those early days, and it still manages to have a community two years after its release. A pretty nice accomplishment, right there.

    There's only so long most people are gonna be able to "just have some patience" before they give up on the game, though.
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  3. Hel

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    Where's the 2 years gone? lol it dont feel long ago reading about the 1.0 release and playing that!
  4. Constantinople

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    Will the Xbox One version be mod-able, as much of the fun I and other's find is this game is the wide variety of mods we can use?
  5. Lintton

    Lintton Guest

    I didn't want to dampen the parade, but this is probably why the 2nd anniversary has been, less momentous in responses than one might expect.
  6. ManicRykker

    ManicRykker Phantasmal Quasar

    (Long post, but I figured I would get the last of my thoughts out of the way before I unwatch this and wait for the next blog post. A little late... But eh.)

    See, that behavior is the issue though.

    What exactly do people intend to achieve spamming their complaints and "when next update" spam everywhere anyway? Do they want them to rush development? That produces garbage. Do they want them to release early? That produces bugs, and unfinished content.

    And some say they simply want status reports.. Well what if there's nothing noteworthy to report, or something they don't want to reveal yet? A simple "We're working on it" isn't enough, as that wouldn't satisfy most people around here.

    To put it bluntly: They're a small team. Game development takes time.. And since they have decided to focus on the console release, that's that until that's finished.

    Whenever they do shift back to 1.4 development, once again we fall on the "Game development takes time" point. All the rushing, questioning and complaining in the world isn't going to turn them into cyborgs one morning and suddenly speed up development.

    They are human beings, with lives. When they have actual update news to report, they'll report. When an update is nearing release, we'll know.

    When someone's patience begins to fade, instead of whining on the forums or asking "when next update" a dozen times like a broken record, they should move on to something else until something does drop.

    As for me, I am just glad that the game has come as far as it has, and didn't end up stuck in development hell. We made it to release... Do you realize how many games get stuck in early access and just never seem to go anywhere? That is amazing. Heck, we're past 1.0 at this point. If development continues in the future, beyond 1.4, I'll be eager to see what the team does. If it doesn't? That's fine for me.

    I doubt any of them will see this, but Chucklefish: Thanks for making this wonderful, mod-friendly game that people love so much. (To the point of near obsession in some cases :nuruhappy:) Thanks for creating something that captivated me so much, that I took my first step into the modding community. Thanks for all the laughs, satisfaction, rage, and frustration. I have played many games, and likely will explore many more.. But I don't think I will ever get to experience another "Starbound" in my life again.
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  7. kheko

    kheko Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Don't know the pre-1.0 version of Starbound, but I played something like 200hours on this game this year, enjoyment everyday by seeing new planets and new mods, that was scrumptious !
    Just a thing that older player said that pre-1.0 version got more techs, more weapons and armors where get vanished in 1.0 version, that can be good if they come back upgraded with the 1.4 :) (If that can help you with some idea lmao)
    However, Happy birthday ChuckleFish :!: :D
  8. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    I hope this is not to late to say this, happy birthday ChuckleFish! May the God bless you all, for developing and publishing such many great games! Long live ChuckleFish! :)
  9. Toseda

    Toseda Phantasmal Quasar

    This is my favourite game and I have been with it since 2014. I'm so glad you guys did it! Thanks for all of my favourite memories. NOVAKID 4EVER!
  10. Sharp(JQ)

    Sharp(JQ) Ketchup Robot

    How about a festive update?
  11. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    Be patient, friend. They are still busy with the Xbox version.
  12. Smiling Spectre

    Smiling Spectre Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Um, having "we are here and working" is infinitely better than silence. And even "we moved to other things" is still better - because I can bury my hope at last and move on. I had high hopes for this game since beginning, and half of it never realized, and some of realized was ditched at release. So I still hope for improvements... but long silence make my hopes slimmer and slimmer each time. Having _any_ feedback would help.
  13. The Squid

    The Squid Oxygen Tank

    two years went by so fast. feels like yesterday my character was getting his ass kicked by giant birds back in the beta version lol. congratulations to the devs!!!
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  14. Ickura

    Ickura Big Damn Hero

    Yo where is my Egyptian furniture set at?
    And the security code pad?
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  15. ManicRykker

    ManicRykker Phantasmal Quasar

    Well that's good for you, but I was more referring to people that would react to such news negatively. Not everyone in this fanbase is as reasonable.

    I've seen many people that throw a tantrum when the constant stream of updates they expect every other week doesn't come in fast enough, or when they're not satisfied with the news they did get.
    (General reply ends here. Rest is just some extra thoughts.)

    It's sad when a game doesn't develop to a person's liking, but I don't understand why they stick around when it's clear the game isn't going in the direction they would like it to go in. There is no point in hanging around to continue disappointing yourself. (Or worse, be that guy, and pester the ones that are satisfied with what they have.)

    At the end of the day, to the people who just can't be satisfied, look to the future: If you don't picture these game developers developing this game to your liking, just move on. Stop expecting a small team of developers, of a released indie game that just so happen to occasionally be pushing updates beyond 1.0 (Which they have no obligations to do by the way.) to bend over backwards for you.

    Save yourself from further disappointment. Stop waiting for content and changes that will never come. (Even if they did, they probably wouldn't be to your liking anyway.) A person needs to know when it's time to just move on.
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  16. lordbociek

    lordbociek Pangalactic Porcupine

    For me, i like Starbound as it is right now, with all the mod community, but honestly i would like to see Starbound , with better engine, graphics etc. so let Starbound be, its a good game, and start working on Starbound 2 maybe- thats just my opinion.
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  17. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    I guess we don't need SB 2. I think the first one is enough. With a bit more improvement, I think the first SB will do just fine. I think more efficient and stable engine is what SB needs right now, therefore a low spec computer (or laptop) can play it smoothly and of course with less lag and crash.
  18. mechaghost2003

    mechaghost2003 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Happy anniversary!
  19. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    (edited) this is not a joke if you haven't seen the post before it got edited by me when i had calmed down a bit. just had some bottled up rage i needed to get out the point of the post still stands might seems like a joke because i wrote it when i was angry but i was serious and still is. i didn't edited out and keep the everything just the most offensive parts because i am very tired now.

    I just like to mention that i have been on this forum for Five years now and by that time you devs have Don (edited) Not as much as you could have don TO THE GAME!!! (that sounds less insulting, again sorry) YOU GUYS (edited) Made me wait a very very long time (couldn't come up with something better i am still serious about it) LOGIN IN HERE EVERY DAY AND WAITING AND HOPING FOR NEWS!. ''New updates and contant patch every weekend'' (edited) that was a preposterous lie!

    (just read through its not just a complain and its not a ''attack'' on you guys i have been here for Five years now so i have the right to say all of this)

    Anyhow happy anniversary guys! love the game and i wish you all well.

    BUT (edited) i have to say that your overall progress with this game is way too slow.
    Been trying to not be a jerk in anyway and be quiet the whole time instead of filling the forum with complains and rage posts. But you can only take that much because i am human after all and i have had some bad days with little sleep now and den here.

    I have seen massive games been developed and published by the time you guys have pushed out a single update. And i know I am not any better with my game but i am just one guy and i am super new to programing designing and the whole thing overall, while you guys have a team of developers and programers at your side and starbound is one of chucklefish's most sold games,
    I have seen it reach the most sold game list on steam several times over the years so you would imagine that chucklefish would work a bit more on it.

    Anyhow believe me when i say this thank you all i am really truly grateful for all your hard work and thank you all so much for the updates and patch we have gotten so far

    Except for 1.0 i gotta be honest with that. it was badly planned, rushed as heck with a too short story and too much content was removed all at ones, yes i and most of the people i know here are still angry about that.

    • Yes i know about all the complains that where made back then in the beta on all thing that was removed because of that. But those problems should have been worked out over a longer time so everyone could agree with each other and would have been happy

    • I know the engine and system you guys are using on your game is hard to work on, But seriously couldn't you guys at least have someone just check out some mods made by the community and have the community vote for what mods to porting into the vanilla game for some fresh contents ones in a while as long its not hard or too much to implement like some other games are doing.

    • And yes i know that its not as easy as that, but you devs are communicating way too little with your players and are only hanging out on twitter instead of hanging out on the forum you made for the players to heng out on so we could give some feedback back and maybe even help you guys with some of the problems you are having with developing updates, it makes many of the forum people feel like you guys think higher of yourself.

    • And yeah i know about the trollers and all the haters or that its definitely not easy to know who is to listens to or not. But that's just how the internet work its not that easy to control the mass of people writing here.
    • I know its not that easy when a lot of people are writing to you, and your trying to understand them or when they are joking and trying to be funny or simply complaining all at ones but you can't just shut your self off from your own community.
    • Words can sometimes hurt more then bullets sometimes and its Never right of us to get that angry that we are targeting you guys as a person. and if there are too many that are complaining to you then you should have someone else hired on the forum to check out posts and feedback for you that will find out whats resemble and what should be taken in.
    • Most players i know of here are afraid to even leave any feedback at all here because they are afraid that they won't be heard or that they mean that you guys are never around and wont see it at all also many of the rage filled peoples think they aren't being heard unless they shout out to you guys and they aren't thinking clearly in their rage of frustration.
    • also you guys where the ones that incurred them to come to this forum in the beta by adding a huge 'Join the forum button help with the progress of the game' when ever we booted up the game so you had to expect a over filled forum with people from across the globe because of that when the game was as popular as it was in the start.
    So anyway sorry for this rant don't take it too personally hope i haven't hurt any feelings or angered any of you by saying this but i had to say it.
    I had to blow out some steam that have been bottled up over four years of being here, because i am only human and its not good to stay silently angry for too long or your gonna take it out on someone else and i am Allowed to speak up if i must. that should be the right of everyone or we are going back hundreds year of progress and turning a lot of people into killers and psychos again don't forget the dark ages had the highest murder rate ever recorded before free speech came around.

    Also No that was not a death threat.

    And if you ban me for saying this or deletes this post without reading all the way through it then you guys actually truly are the biggest jerks ever because i am even defending you guys and have been to my friend too for years now.

    Anyway thanks for reading this anyhow if you actually did read it. i know its not easy being a dev but you gotta take some time off for the players ones in a while the game is after all for them and you guys.
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  20. ManicRykker

    ManicRykker Phantasmal Quasar

    They've been "doing nothing"?... Seriously? That's kind of exaggerating you know, and kind of insulting to the stuff they've done... It's no wonder they don't listen to most folks over here anymore imo with responses like this...

    This may sound bad, but I'm glad they developed the way they did. When I started some months before 1.0, it was so toxic around here that I was too intimidated to participate in the community. I don't even see the dang hype for the things people complain about. Like 90% of the crap can be achieved or replicated in mods.

    These developers aren't your dang slaves. Doesn't matter if you were a backer, or a regular purchase. Boohoo, stuff changes during a beta and leading up to release. That's unfortunately how game development works. If you're not satisfied with what they have, why are you still here? Waiting for them to snap the game development in your preferred direction?...

    This probably sounds harsh... But good lord. There's commitment, and then there's obsession.

    I adore this game, but I certainly wouldn't want these guys no life'ing development. I would much rather see them wrap up and end development than do nothing but work on just this game.

    Starbound's released. You're either satisfied with the product, or you're not. You're either content with the free content updates they do push, or you're not.

    Just to echo my last post: Perhaps it's time for some folks to just move on?
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