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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by vorlif, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. vorlif

    vorlif Void-Bound Voyager

    Starbound Translator

    Hey everyone,

    many Modder for translations have found out quickly, that it‘s very difficult to translate Starbound, because of the high amount of Starbound Updates and the complex File-Structure. This led to the termination of many mods.

    The same problem occured in the German translation. Therefore, I wrote an easy web-application last year to support us translating Starbound and it worked very well.

    After my application has proved its worth and we have translated more than 60 % of Starbound, I started to write the application new. The application is in a very early stadium and there are still some features missing, but there is support for more languages now. Therefore it‘s possible now to make a translation for each language and the translators don‘t need to worry about updates or Modding. Now it‘s just doing the translation.

    As I said above, the application is still on an early level, but I would already like to give every one the chance to start who is in the mood for doing a translation.

    To those who want to start with a translation of Starbound, here is the option to register. The translations will be summed up in a Mod every day and offered in this place.

    In case you hava questions contact me here or on

    Current status:
    6000 Files imported
    More than 30.000 phrases to translate
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  2. yohannlog

    yohannlog Phantasmal Quasar

    You'II get drunk or do something when I finished a traduction of an item or other file. Big tjank you
  3. vorlif

    vorlif Void-Bound Voyager

    Thank you. :)
    If you find a bug, please tell it me.
  4. yohannlog

    yohannlog Phantasmal Quasar

    You can't translate the cateory of materials...I think.
  5. vorlif

    vorlif Void-Bound Voyager

    What you mean with "not translate"?
    You can't find the materials or not save? Can you explain your problem?
  6. yohannlog

    yohannlog Phantasmal Quasar

    Example: For clay in tiles\material I think, you put a text field with the name 'Category' but when you translate this, the game crashed.
  7. vorlif

    vorlif Void-Bound Voyager

    Mhh, I think not but I will try it later. Thanks for information. I write when I know more.
  8. vorlif

    vorlif Void-Bound Voyager

    So I tried it and everything works. If you want you can translate it. In case of problems, it will be deleted.
  9. yohannlog

    yohannlog Phantasmal Quasar

    Q1: Ok, no problem

    An another question:
    We can download our mod directly from the site or it must wait for the site to do it himself ?
  10. vorlif

    vorlif Void-Bound Voyager

    Q1: Okay

    The translations are exported every day to a zip archive. You can find the time for the next export on your Dashboard.
    After the export you can download your Mod from the Website. There are two different places where you can find the archive.
    1. On the download site (Here can you find all translation without an account)
    2. On you dashboard. (Here you need a account)
    Furthermore you can find on your dashboard a 'test' archive. If you take the test archive and there are problems - Starbound will not start.
  11. vorlif

    vorlif Void-Bound Voyager

    Short: You must wait for the site to do it himself.
    But sometimes I push the export also manually.
  12. yohannlog

    yohannlog Phantasmal Quasar

    I have a bug: some "do not appear (RARE)

    Ex: When i go" <---> the " dont appear in the beginning
  13. vorlif

    vorlif Void-Bound Voyager

    Have you a example for me? What exactly do you mean with "<---> the"?
  14. yohannlog

    yohannlog Phantasmal Quasar

    Exemple of bug patch:

    "op": "replace",
    "path": "/humanDescription",
    "value": TEST FILE"

    In the 'value', the " is not appear.

    This bug appeared on the file "apextable" and I don't know if other file was affected.
  15. vorlif

    vorlif Void-Bound Voyager

    Sure, it was at apextable? I checked it and saw that you have the file not yet been translated.
    If, perhaps from another file? Or from your old stock?
  16. yohannlog

    yohannlog Phantasmal Quasar

    Ho, excuse me: it's classicbed

    Caused by: (JsonParsingException) Cannot parse json file: /objects/apex/classicbed/classicbed.object
    [0] 7ff613f71933
    [1] 7ff613f6e2c8
    [2] 7ff613f6e3f8
    [3] 7ff6139cbb60
    [4] 7ff614127d32
    [5] 7ff6140be910
    [6] 7ff6140bb8b4
    [7] 7ff8badd7ee3 RtlCaptureContext
    [8] 7ff6139c2957
    [9] 7ff6139cd6e2
    [10] 7ff6139c52ef
    [11] 7ff6139c8d36
    [12] 7ff6139c6859
    [13] 7ff6139ce8a6
    [14] 7ff61391aaa0
    [15] 7ff6139c4635
    [16] 7ff6139c3a68
    [17] 7ff6139c384c
    [18] 7ff6139c3442
    [19] 7ff6139c3359
    [20] 7ff613f85c36
    [21] 7ff613f85f0d
    [22] 7ff8ba0da554 BaseThreadInitThunk
    [23] 7ff8bad7f721 RtlUserThreadStart
    Caused by: (JsonParsingException) Error parsing json: unexpected character parsing word at 35:18
    [0] 7ff613f71933
    [1] 7ff613f6e2c8
    [2] 7ff6139495a0
    [3] 7ff6139c2957
    [4] 7ff6139cd6e2
    [5] 7ff6139c52ef
    [6] 7ff6139c8d36
    [7] 7ff6139c6859
    [8] 7ff6139ce8a6
    [9] 7ff61391aaa0
    [10] 7ff6139c4635
    [11] 7ff6139c3a68
    [12] 7ff6139c384c
    [13] 7ff6139c3442
    [14] 7ff6139c3359
    [15] 7ff613f85c36
    [16] 7ff613f85f0d
    [17] 7ff8ba0da554 BaseThreadInitThunk
    [18] 7ff8bad7f721 RtlUserThreadStart
    [11:57:54.036] Error: Error loading object file /objects/apex/classicbed/classicbed.object: (AssetException) Error loading asset /objects/apex/classicbed/classicbed.object

    It's the default archive the problem
  17. vorlif

    vorlif Void-Bound Voyager

    Sorry, but that also comes not from my app.

    I have checked your current translation (1.4.4) and the only patch file with does not recognize as json is ./codex/documents/controls.codex.patch.
    By the translation from my app I found no errors. It's all valid json.
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  18. realplaya

    realplaya Void-Bound Voyager

    Hello there.

    I understand that, as you said, this is app is on a very early stage of development; however I wanted to ask if there's plan for being able to search into the game files for strings (original text and translated text) this would be a great help to make sure the translation makes sense since there are many translators and everyone could translate the same word in many ways.

    I'm sure that's a planned feature anyway, and I'm not pretending to rush you or demand something from, otherwise, a great app. Just curious.
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  19. KR4N3N64

    KR4N3N64 Space Hobo

    Hi vorlif,

    I can't translate the following text from protectorate.questtemplate file:

    "Attend your graduation ceremony",
    "Take the matter manipulator",
    "Escape the destruction"

    Great tool! :)
  20. davoker

    davoker Cosmic Narwhal

    @vorlif The translation tool is still in 1.2.2, would it be possible when you have time to upgrade to the new 1.3 please? Thank you very much for the tool! Currently the Spanish translation goes for 72%, in the absence of the majority of items, with this is added more text hehe

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