Story Starbound - The Erchius Chronicles

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    A bullied human running from their problems.
    An over enthusiastic Avian captain manning a notorious Ferry.
    A civil Floran looking to expand their colony line.
    A Hylotl and Novakid Bounty Hunter duo hiding from the mafia.
    What do these, and more, have in common?
    Why, they're all stranded on an uninhabited, Erchius-filled moon, of course!
    Oh? Why don't they beam off-planet? They can't! Their ships are all disabled and that Ferry isn't going to fix itself!
    These are the Erchius Chronicles.


    This might be minorly user-driven, so don't forget to leave suggestions! They'll most likely be used!

    Gregory H. Anderson, an escaped USCM prisoner, caught wind recently of a notoriously lenient Ferry-class Ship. He could only imagine the pure size of the vessel, capable of holding at least 6 other vessels within, and An entire ship of its own as well! It was a marvel of technology and intuition. The execution, as it turns out, was lacking. The Avian captain was well read on standard procedures, but he didn't even check IDs, neither deny bloodthirsty Florans aboard.

    Gregory lowered his ship onto the docking pad, and entered the massive hulk of a ship. By Ferry standards, it was actually quite small. Just about as much leg room as a Condor-class passenger vessel! There were a few other people gathering in the main corridor. "Oh look, a goonie from USCM," A Hylotl approached him, a Novakid in clockwork armor following closely behind, "What's your deal?"

    "Oh, um..." Gregory wasn't quite prepared to answer questions, "I'm just looking to get off-planet? What about you?" He wasn't the best with words either.

    "Howdy stranger! M' name's Xenon Page, an' this is ma par'ner, Bluegill."
    "Don't wear it out." Bluegill retorts, "You wouldn't happen to have any mafia ties, now, would you?"
    "Oh, of course not! I'm just looking to get off-planet." Greg wasn't looking for trouble, but he knew these two were going to be the end of him.
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