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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Katzeus, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. MrsGuu

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    I think because they are now in this discord more online activ and this forum they use to communicate here with us about...ehm...yes...ehm or not . .. ^^`Hmm.. you see?
  2. General Nuclear

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    I don't know but i am guessing it may be because they mean that we complain too much here but thats how game forum works.
    You filter the unreasonable complains and the ones that nag about removing things out and listened to the reasonable complains.

    If it is too much for them too keep a track on then they could just add some polls for us to vote on what we mean they should add or change like they used to have here before.
    But they probably mean that it didn't work out so well in the beta or something.
    Which i disagree with because i mean it went pretty well for a lot of things they implemented in the game from those polls, But the main quest line was a disaster because it was so rushed.
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  3. The Squid

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    Bounty hunting update, nice :up:
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  4. MrsGuu

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    here a new think from the instable update. This rocket drops capsules. :nuruwink:

    Edit: And finally I get thissss new bounty thhhhhink! :nurunaughty:

    Edit today: I put this pics here in, becauce i am not really active in the discord. I think i am not alone and thats the reason for this post and the pics, so you can have a look whats new in the beta. :nuruhappy:

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  5. MrsGuu

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  6. Kawa

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    Yes, yes they are.

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