Starbound MIDI: Title Theme Concept/Jukebox (With Free Download!)

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    Hello everyone, I have created midi for the jukebox music in Starbound. Why? Because there was no midi, so I had to take it into my own hands to make the very first midi for this track.

    This midi is great quality, the notes are accurate, and many tiny details are there (such as the hidden choir). I also quickly crafted together some ABC files to play in Starbound, which were made using Starbound Composer, great app.

    Download Here:

    Here are the list of contents:
    Midi For Title Theme Concept
    Midi For The Jukebox Theme (Title Theme Concept MIDI Without Intro And Shorter Ending)
    ABC For Title Theme Concept (Band Version)
    Piano ABC For Title Theme Concept (Solo Version)
    Some Extra Bonus Content

    Alternativly, you can view the video covering this midi:
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