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    [Link to game]

    I wanted to take a break from my main animation and started to work on this, I worked on this for two days and I was really enjoying it but when I woke up the morning the file was gone, I spent an hour looking for it, but it said it was gone... I'm quite heart broken because I felt like it could have became something really awesome. I still have an earlier version of this, but its so far back i'm not really willing to redo all of my work for this. This is currently missing a few things, you might find some of the options don't work, thats because I simply didn't make those yet.
    This was the most recent .swf I exported, so this is pretty much, as much as I had done.
    Its mean't to be about this character Kroes being stranded in a desert, and a monster is hunting him. you would tell him what to do and there would be multiple endings.
    I might consider continuing this if enough people want it.

    Lemme know what you think of it! and tell me if there's anything you would want to see in it!



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    (Guide to see everything)
    1. go into the RV
    2. Grab the shotgun
    3. go outside.
    4. head back down the road.
    5. choose "Keep going"
    6. choose "Run!"

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