Starbound Cuisine Inspired RL Recipes!

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    I'm incredibly skilled at cooking and Starbound is one of my favorite games, so why not put the two interesting together? Into something wonderful and delicious~ Don't worry, anything like an Automato Shake won't have actual metal in it, but might taste a little zesty and/or have food coloring to match it's in-game appearance. I wonder if anybody would like to see some real life cooking tutorials inspired by Starbound's vast and numerous choices of cuisine, if so then.

    Foods I've thought of tackling for inspired recipes, with some input on how I would imagine they taste:
    *Crystal Plant (as colored rock candy with some garnish)
    *Feather Food (sweet bread, with carrots and...some sort of fruit that is crunchy on the outside? maybe like pomegranates? not sure what else, fruit wise)
    *Fluffy Ruffs (sweet and fluffy bread, not sure what else)
    *Spiky Cookies (snickerdoodles, with a batter that has a crushed mixture of green m&ms and plain biscuit sticks like pocky)
    *Banana Cream Donut (a glazed donut with a yummy banana flavored cream filling)
    *Cacti Ice Cream (green colored ice cream, maybe actually with cactus flavor or something, yes, it's a thing...might have to do some tweaking to make it turn out right, just like with sea salt ice cream and how that's a careful balance of salty and sweet)
    *Spooky Pie (a sweet pie with a crunchy filling, maybe like dried and and sugared breadcrumbs, purple crust, red filling, and blue-green icing)
    *Cyanider (blood red colored cider, and a little more than sour or maybe a nice balanced profile of sweet and sour)
    *Oculemon Meringue (tart lemon pie with meringue topping, with some sort of soft eyeball gummy for each slice)
    *Ocean Surprise (sushi, with seaweed, mild tasting fruit, fish, and something like jam)
    *Reefpod Surprise (an assortment of blended cantaloupe and various blended fruits, including bananas, with soft eyeball gummies and purple tint)
    *Toxic Tart (a sour but mildly sweet purple tart with a hint of rhubarb)
    *Avesmingo Juice (a sweet multicolored blend of fruit juices, done in a manner to layer the color and not have them mix into some weird black sludge)
    *Pozest (I have no idea, honestly, but likely a fruity but zesty alcoholic cocktail)
    *Battery Acid (a sour lime cocktail)
    *Black Current Crumble (a sour crumble made with blackberry and damson plums, and a crumble is a british dessert)
    *Copper Key Pie (copper colored key lime pie, a bit more sour than your usual key lime pie)
    *Sweet Time (a sweet cantaloupe tart, maybe with sweet potato)

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