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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Katzeus, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. Kawa

    Kawa Tiy's Beard

    An Android version of Starbound seems very, very unlikely.
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  2. Waffle1311

    Waffle1311 Aquatic Astronaut

    Another method of quickly trashing away your items is to find a merchant and selling everything you don't need, including the ones without any price. I found it to be a more comfortable and quicker alternative to trashing stuff \o/
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  3. Xylia

    Xylia Cosmos Killer

    Only thing, is it requires you to travel to a merchant. Whereas an incinerator or similar, you could carry with you and plunk it down anytime you needed it.
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  4. davoker

    davoker Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Thanks, I'll see how it works and see if I can use the incinerator for my personal use, I like the idea.
  5. Xylia

    Xylia Cosmos Killer

    Please don't copy it verbatim without asking Sayter, though as that would be bad form. My intention was more to give you an idea of where to start, so that you could make your own that functions similar rather than copying and pasting what you find on GitHub.
  6. davoker

    davoker Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Now, I'm just going to see how it works, to know how it works is necessary to learn, copy and paste does not help me, so I do not learn, to learn you have to understand first hehe
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  7. IIHawkerII

    IIHawkerII Space Hobo

    Well that's a huge disappointment...
    The Bounty Hunting system was my most anticipated update for the game and something I'd have loved to do.
  8. Silver200x

    Silver200x Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Its one of the only games my laptop plays. that i enjoy, i have in the past defended, them regarding impatience of content & complexed nature of writing a good game, i just feel an updated blog, even just a hello is good for me and you. it boosts sales people see they actually exist. they may not be obligated to release updates past 1.0, but as a general rule of thumb its done. my gripe is advertising a feature then calling it a "tacked on feature" all mods are "tacked" on features right. the bounty hunter system looked pretty cool on the animations,

    they should just release the bounty hunter update and let us decide if its good. or even as an "official mod" get feedback and modify as required!

    also consider this scenario, if i was looking into buying Starbound and I looked at the blog and read that, would you buy the game?? i think you where better to not say anything at all.
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  9. The Squid

    The Squid Master Astronaut

    I hear u, but I gotta agree with @ManicRykker. The bounty-hunting feature looked cool in the GIFs they've posted, but so did the mech update, and that is pretty much universally accepted as a 'tacked-on' feature. I personally think it's fun, but other than space dungeons, I can barely use my mech for anything else. I think Chucklefish is trying to learn from past mistakes; rather than releasing a bounty-hunting system that exists only within itself, they want to release something that adds on to the classic Starbound experience. Would I love to see a re-worked version of the bounty-hunting system in the future? yea, but I'd rather have it enhance my experience than give me a mere ~twenty minutes of gameplay.
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  10. DraikNova

    DraikNova Ketchup Robot

    It'd be impossible for them to release it as an "official mod", considering that some of the features it introduces clearly involve the addition of several features to the modding API.
  11. Str4ng3Pl4y3r

    Str4ng3Pl4y3r Space Hobo

    it's that hard to fix the lag issues in the game?
  12. 5future

    5future Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I hope this xbox port thingie will end up in split screen suport for PC users so they can play with other friends, family or wife/huband etc... without the need for another copy of starbound and another pc... you know what i mean.
  13. Lintton

    Lintton Oxygen Tank

    Alas, how soon is very soon...has there been any updates elsewhere?
  14. GuyDangerous555

    GuyDangerous555 Void-Bound Voyager

    If I'm not mistaken it's been over a year since the last update...
  15. BatPetersAKAEnderzilla747

    BatPetersAKAEnderzilla747 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Just wait until the small update comes... Let's just wait, that's all we can do.
  16. Narwhalmelon

    Narwhalmelon Void-Bound Voyager

    Thank you so much. I will be so happy when it releases on consoles (if it potentially will release on Switch hopefully) because my computer is too old to play and I have over 85 hours in Starbound so I am sad that I cannot play it but there is hope yet.
  17. Jabberwok

    Jabberwok Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Question, then. Does the game know the weather elsewhere on the same planet? Seems like it used to be a thing that crops could only be watered while actually onscreen. At some point, the game got better at having crops grow while far away, but I'm not sure what changed, exactly. So say I'm on the other side of the planet, and it's raining. Does the game decide that it's raining on my farm too, even if it's not modelling it?
  18. TurquoiseJELLO

    TurquoiseJELLO Poptop Tamer

    Yeah that would be nice. Do you know if it will be split screen for Xbox though?
  19. Tindome

    Tindome Void-Bound Voyager

    "felt like more of an ‘attached feature’" Because the whole mech thing does not feel like a sidetrack. AT ALL... -.-' or the space trading thing, where you can trade literally only 3 things and that's it. Or the playable arcade machine that's more like an easter egg. Yet nevertheless they are fun! I'm sad they decided to drop it. Attached or not, side activity or not, having options to do in the endgame is always a great thing.
  20. The Squid

    The Squid Master Astronaut

    Coming up on the ol' two month mark between blog posts... :DD
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