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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by mollygos, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    To be fair it feels very rushed with a hole lot of things like story, quests, side quests , all the ocean planets , way too overpowered survival backpack . and all the contents that was cut out.

    there are actually no reason what so ever that we even have a air bar at all because we are never gonna use any other backpacks then the survival ones.

    and a air bar would have been a very useful mechanic if we would rather progress slowly downwards to the bottom of the ocean but with slowly upgrading a oxygen tank making us explore underwater island caves for parts to upgrade the air tanks timer and extending the games contents enormously. instead of just sinking down to the bottom in a instant wasting half a plant of space for every ocean planet and game contents.
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  2. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    I work in IT. We have a project involving 50 brand new computers. All exactly the same specs, all being set up exactly the same. Yet, somehow, and for some unknown reason, some of them decided they wanted to be unique and started having their own problems...

    So, it is VERY plausible for someone to have a computer that has sufficient hardware, and still not run a game well, or at all.

    If insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results, then working in IT requires you to be insane.
  3. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    The Bullet strafing along with the Mech suggests that the Mech is still exerting force on the Bullet after the Bullet has been fired from the Mech's Gun. Why in the Halibut is the Mech still having force on the Bullet after it's been fired? This puzzles me. & if the Starbound Mech Gun was BUILT to do this deliberately, what were the Starbound Engineer's reasoning for designing this into their Guns on purpose? To what end? I find it a pain in the ass to fire on things then strafe away from return fire & still have my shot hit them this way... it's looking like pure disadvantage having my Gun operating this way. How is this supposed to be better? :confused:

    Oh yeah... maybe it would not be a shabby idea to spit my Specs out...

    W10 Home 64-bit
    SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon R9 390 As of the time of when I had made my prior Play & had the Crash was on Driver Version 17.7.1. (As I check this I now notice 17.7.2 come out & I oughta get that Installed.)
    CORSAIR Vengeance Pro 8 GB stick x2 for 16 GBs of RAM total... Silver.

    Hmm... hope I didn't forget anything relevant.

    I'm a Player & Internal Tester of Empyrion: Galactic Survival. They got ways to Bug Report problems in their game including but not limited to me being taught where to locate my World Saves & Client.log Files for Submission into Bug Reports either on their Bug Forum or E-Mailing. If Starbound has such Tools I don't currently know of any... if they exist i'd be damn grateful to a point in the right direction on managing such Bug Reporting for this game & i'd be damn willing to aid in it. If I don't have the option here i'm helpless & just plain won't get to play this game, cause it'll never let me. :(

    I put my foot down & stand my ground in my anger at the section of Rabid Fan Base that demanded the Devs to Release the game into the False Full Release WAY TOO SOON for the Game to be ready for it... this Game absolutely had a lot of baking left to do to become a full fledged Cake, but those people refused to do the right thing & be patient & instead combined their power into a raging Firestorm & FORCED THE DEVS TO DESTROY HALF THEIR OWN GAME TO RELEASE IT WAY BEFORE IT WAS READY!!! I see fit to hold those people responsible for their actions with my anger. I hold them responsible for the consequences of the damage to the game that resulted, they gave the Devs no choice & it never should have happened... :nurumad:

    :sparta: If the game is not ready yet, the game IS NOT READY YET. That IS a valid reason why it's not Released yet! :sparta:
  4. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    Like it or not, it is how things would react in space. If you are moving in one direction, and you shoot perpendicular to your movement, the projectile will move at an angle.

    This is just physics.

    The problem does not lie in the save files. This has been demonstrated many times before. The only real way to reproduce the problems people have been having is to have a system with those problems that they can physically work with.
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  5. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    I just re-read my earlier Posts & realized I screwed up in my Eloquence again... >_<

    What I meant was if the Mech is holding still, then fires to the right, then moves down after, the Shot strafes with the Mech when the Mech should have no way to impart the force to do that onto the Shot. After Re-Reading the earlier Posts I suddenly realized I did a bad job of making this clear so I can see how it was read as 'moving down first, then firing the shot to the right', which is not what I meant the first time... but since I was too idiot to word it right the first time I accidentally caused Miscommunication. :oops:

    Well... back to Terraria again...
  6. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    From my testing, that isnt the case at all. The proper momentum is applied to the projectile and that is it. Moving after the fact has zero effect on the projectile there after.
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  7. DragonsForce

    DragonsForce Weight of the Sky

    Can confirm, my testing does not show anything like that either. What weapon were you using Axe?
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  8. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    Since I was new to Mechs, I am only at the point where I had done the Quest to Test a Mech out that then gave me the Parts for the Starter Mech so it only has the starter Flak Gun & Drill. I was checking this new stuff out, being rusty at the game, & learning how to Pilot a Mech any good all at the same time... so since it's working for ya 2, I might wanna nip into Starbound & test this out again & see if it's doing it for me or if I was so overwhelmed by everything I wasn't doing a good enough job at processing information in front of my face... which I can be awful vulnerable to since my RL CPU in my head isn't much to look at.

    Also I just remembered that the afore-mentioned Ancient Dungeon Crash occurrence was literally the last thing I had done in Starbound before booting it up & checking it out again recently & there were loads of Updates between Point A & Point B, so I wonder if this is causing any of my Problems that are not getting caused for others since most others would not have also followed this Sequence of Events...? Hmm... *Ponders Verify Cache-ing just in case...*

    Edit: Update: Performed Testing with Mech during Heat Break from stuff to do... firing straight to the right while holding still then flying down after the shot's fired & still in the airspace did not misbehave... so apparently I managed to embarrass myself again & make a Mega Derp of myself again... Apparently that's what I get for trying to do too much at once RL CPU-wise. :facepalm: :oops: *Sigh*

    Another anomaly I have is on the Title Screen, the bottom of my Game is acting on the fritz & engaging in some kinda Graphical Glitching, but oddly only when none of the Button Menus are up... if i'm in one of the menus, like the Character Select, or the Options Screen, or such, the bottom of the Screen is fine then. This is a weird one. One would think fritzing would happen no matter what if happening at all, so this is kinda puzzling for me. I tried Verify Cache just in case, & it came out clean. I still fear the thought i'm gonna keep Crashing stupidly often if I try to play the game though... :(

    I wonder if I might be screwed into having to Wipe my Game & start over to make these damn Crashes STOP... (If even this would be enough...) How much i'll lose will be real if this is the case... D: (I'm far into Post Game...)
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  9. 777JackOfBlades

    777JackOfBlades Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Btw they've announced bounty hunting and enhanced mod supports for next update , for those who didn't check the Q&A on reddit
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  10. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    Sweet! I hope the 'Enhanced Mod Supports' aids the completion of the Chocobo Mounts Mod... for the benefit of those who can play.
  11. 777JackOfBlades

    777JackOfBlades Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    "Chocobo Mounts Mod" Holy shit that sound cool ! You're the one trying to make that mod

    Also I got my infos from here if you guys want to check that :

    For those who don't want to read the whole page :
    "Chucklefish | mollygos-ologist[S,M]

    We do! We just got out of a production meeting for 1.4, actually!

    I won't say much, except that it's going to include a bounty hunting system and expanded modding support + Steam Workshop categories.

    I think it's safe to say it'll expand on lore a little bit, too. :D

    It won't be out for a bit, but we'll start posting dev blogs once we've got more to show."
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  12. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    No, i'm not the Creator of the Chocobo Mounts Mod... it's being Developed by @Dragonith & @Crystan & supported by the Good Karma of all Chocobo Fans, including me. :)

    For the Topic: I tried removing the ElevatorGet Mod from my Installation in a bout of desperation, wondering if its Code & the Rail Tram Code weren't getting along with each other, & thus far I have had no more Crashes... Knock on Sudowoodo.

    Question, if it's not out of line to ask it here: Is it possible to house Tenants in your Space Station & if yes is the Tier of Rent ya will get determined by the strength of the Star your Station is in or a set unchangeable Tier Level? Wiki doesn't seem to have caught up on this Info yet.
  13. DraikNova

    DraikNova Spaceman Spiff

    The tier of space stations is always 1, sadly.
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  14. 777JackOfBlades

    777JackOfBlades Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    But yeah you can get a lot of tenants in your space station
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  15. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    Many thanks for the response. :)

    Sadly, ten tons of T1 Tenants giving ten tons of T1 loot would be extremely worthless... >_<

    Good thing I still have my Volcano World Colony orbiting a Fiery Star.

    Now... to find out what my Station can do of any use aside from my newly built Mech Assembly Station for personal Mech Maintenance Work Space, & maybe building a lot of Big Rooms full of Storage for Junk Storage... (Planet Base already has Farm in the works. Cotton & Wool complete, lots to go.)

    Also, my first disappointment with Mechs... i'm getting the impression that Mechs will never get to Planetary Jetpack around & are limited to Jump Boosting, so looks like I can forget about my dream of being able to Planetary Jetpack around Terraforming & Mining up my Planet for Underground Base Work from the bottom up more effectively. :whaaat:

    Oh, also, is it possible to Rename your already-deployed Space Station? & can the Starter Hanger, Teleporter Room, or already built Rooms be moved around or Deconstructed? (In case maybe I would wanna... oh say... have my Mech Assembly Room between my Hangar & Teleporter Room in positioning...)
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  16. DraikNova

    DraikNova Spaceman Spiff

    There is absolutely nothing useful space stations can do right now, sadly. A barren world offers exactly the same options, except that you'd have to travel to the outpost to change mech parts and that a barren world doesn't require hundreds of bars to build.

    Sadly, you can't rename stations, nor can you remove any part of it once placed, outside of furniture that you put in there yourself.

    Mech legs with good jump and speed are pretty good for planetary exploration, actually, especially with a high-energy mech body. Plus, with dual beam drills, they're pretty good for mining. Not sure how good though, they break blocks quicker than a matter manipulator does, but affect fewer blocks as far as I can tell. EDIT: If we count the fact that beam drills automatically break background blocks with the foreground blocks, and we assume that foreground blocks have a background 50% of the time, dual-wielded beam drills have a 2*(2+0.5*1)*8*10=400 block damage per second. This is worse than a fully-upgraded matter manipulator, which hits a 5x5 area four times per second for 4.8 damage, which results in 5*5*4.8*4=480 block damage per second.
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  17. 777JackOfBlades

    777JackOfBlades Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Yeah I kind of agree , do you know if you make corridors and put sprinkler it won't work ? that mean you have to build a BIG room if you want to farm and that's super expensive.
    That's why I use the mod that allow me to build my space station like with this glitch during the unstable version
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  18. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    Wow... that's... rather disappointing... :(

    Idea: Space Stations could be buffed with the ability to add a new 5x5 size Room: Mech Gladiatorial Arena!!! One can fill in the Details with their Imagination from here... :D

    Oh, & ability to Edit Room Positions & Disassemble Rooms back into the Resources they cost after EVERYTHING is removed from that Room needs to happen as well.

    ... do the Devs still read these Forums...?
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  19. DraikNova

    DraikNova Spaceman Spiff

    The devs occasionally read the forums, but rarely read suggestions. Anyway, mech gladiatorial arenas would be kind of meh, to be honest. Some sort of exclusive crafting station that makes use of the 0g environment would be better, I think. Like a more efficient smelter or a system that lets you grow crops for more produce than normal because they don't have to grow against gravity.
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  20. Sairus323

    Sairus323 Void-Bound Voyager

    um... i just started a new game with my friend (just to be even. he's new in SB ) and there's a problem with progression: we cant enter Erchius Mining Facility without Breathing EPP, which can't be created without thungsten, thungsten cant be found on starting planet, which we can't leave untill we complete the dungeon, repair ships and activate navigation interface... full circle, which breacks progression...
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