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    Goncorer Void-Bound Voyager

    My ship, the SS Bluejay (Just came up with that because I needed to name the thread)
    Currently WIP, I'll post updates here.
    SS Bluejay.jpg


    • Home theater. (or ship theater, if you prefer)
    • Arcade. (only the dance machine works, and the black one on the far right isn't an arcade, don't tell my crew)
    • Med bay. (Life pods don't work, don't tell my crew. also, sign is animated)
    • Crafting room. (Probably temporary)
    • Bathroom. (There is no lock... Don't tell my crew)
    • Lounge. (Small, yes but fun)
    • Alarm system. (Very annoying, kept going off because I needed to rewire it)
    • Cockpit door control. (to keep out annoying birds... Like Coztle, he's weird)

    Newest things:
    • Cockpit is ALL new. (left to right, the panels are: Fuel hatch, Server, Nothing Left Displays, nothing Right displays, cockpit lights, alarms, cockpit door, chair, nothing.

    That's it for now I think.





    Maybe more to come!

    Updated again, now cockpit.
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