RELEASED [Sprite] Same Color Babies+Toddlers (+Bonus Recolor option)

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    Well, images pretty much show it all. There are three folders in the archive - Both White, Both Black, and Recolor. Choose one of them, and unpack it's contents in the main directory of the game.

    Yeah, it's pretty lazy mod.

    Why I made it? Well, current baby color system seems to be completely random, and I, uh, didn't want to feel like my wife was cheating on me.

    Download link:!A8BACQQA!CyRbpqgButULnWCnP7QfwJtGvLLqRBd_R8d-KNj6ahs
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    • ChewyChronos

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      I was about to download this and then I remembered both my character and his husband are cis men who can't reproduce so the color of the adopted children doesn't matter. OTL
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        Thank you soooo much. I was wondering if one of the children would be brown since my character's brown. Then I got disappointed when the second child was born. This is wonderful.

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