RELEASED Spouse room redesign XNB 2017-10-11

Gives your spouse's room a little more personality

  1. casualkira

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  2. endermaryn

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    I like your rooms. Very nice! I especially like the model airplane section you set up in Harvey's room. And Abigail's room has so much character! And the work table at the bottom of Maru's room is a great idea.

    A note though: Emily's parrot's head will be cut off by the picture if left in that spot. The stand can not be moved or else the parrot will float in midair so the picture will need to be moved instead. I too tried putting the picture there at first when making my spouse room mod.

    It is possible I put the picture on the wrong layer. Just thought of that. It was several months ago. Still, you might want to test it just to be sure. I used the save game depository and a save where the player married Emily to test the room in my game.
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