Spice Festival

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  1. NyssaDerp

    NyssaDerp Space Hobo

    Hello there reader! I recently had an idea for a festival that could be implemented into the game: The Spice Festival!

    I imagine the Spice Festival would take place on an autumn/fall or winter night/evening, and would be like the Night Market, except selling exclusive foods and spices. This would mean adding more foods and a variety of spices to the game, which I think would expand the cooking function as I feel the game lacks in herbs and/or spices when it comes to cooking. Perhaps you could buy recipes, which let you craft things such as Chili Powder from a hot pepper. Maybe you could collect Salt from the beach, or buy a Pepper plant. (Piper Nigrum)

    What do you think of this idea? Let me know!
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    • Skinflint

      Skinflint Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      What a fantastic idea! It builds on exactly the existing model, functioning as a pressure-release valve for not necessarily having to implement as crops every single ingredient, without that limiting the palette as much. Obviously, if too much hinges on things you can never grow, that becomes frustrating, but overall I think this is a great idea.

      I would even expand the scope to include botanicals such as extracts and blends (e.g. "essential oils"), and minerals/gems. Maybe CA is making new areas already where that kind of thing is more integrated into gameplay that we gather and craft outrselves which is even better IMO, but there might still be a role for this idea on those additional subjects if it's balanced well…*thinking emoji*

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