Speed Skill and Sandbox/Leisure mode

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by FastFlash, Apr 24, 2019.

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    First off this game is great! I have put many hours into it and have purchased it both on PC and iOS. I mostly play on iOS because of convenience and accessibility.

    My suggestions are mostly for the mobile game, both for iOS and android, since there are mods for the PC that do exactly what I am suggesting. But, nonetheless, these features could still be a wonderful addition to any console.

    Is there anyway to implement a sandbox/leisure mode that would allow you to build at your leisure without the stress of the hours in the day. I get the whole concept of time and it is very fun for the first couple farms but after so many hours it would be nice to have an option to just play endlessly and then choose to move to the next day by going to sleep. That way the game mechanics of growth time, birthdays, events, etc could still go on just fine.

    Also, what about implementing a speed skill? I know that the horse is an option but sometimes it would be nice to move that fast without having to keep track of the horse or constantly pound coffee. It would make sense that as you get better and more proficient in your skills that you would also get faster too. A movement speed skill add on would be AMAZING!!! Or if that would be too much, have a wallet item like track shoes or winged shoes that provided a nice speed boost for end game play?

    Aside from these two suggestions for new game features, everything else is wonderful! With the addition of these two features I can see myself spending even more time on SDV! Keep up the awesome work and thanks for a great game!

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