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  1. MS_NorthEastern

    MS_NorthEastern Orbital Explorer

    I know Wargroove was only just announced, but it looks Amazing. Hopefully the final game will live up to everything in the trailer. In these first few days and weeks after the announcement (and possibly even further, up to the release) I hope this thread will be a great place to discuss our questions about the game .

    To get this thread started, there is one obvious question. What are the factions all about, especially the faction breifley displayed at the end of the announcement trailer? In the trailer all four of the factions are revealed although you might have missed it at the end of the trailer. there is the seemingly Asian themed Heavensong Empire, the medevil high fantasy land of the Cherrystone Kingdom, the undead Felheim Legion, and he yet to be named plant faction seen at the very end of the video.

    only four (technically five if you count the plant one) out of twelve commanders have been announced so there is surely plenty more on the way to speculate about!
    • Aeronaut

      Aeronaut Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      If it works anything like the Advance Wars series, each army's available units will be either functionally identical or determined by their particular faction, while each commander will have unique bonuses/penalties for certain units or mechanics.

      I'm really interested in seeing where they go with the commanders, especially since it looks like they can actually be fielded as individual units (though I think the last Advance Wars DS game did something similar). That, and the Map Editor!

      The only real concern I have is about how the game's AI is going to be programmed. I really mostly prefer to play singleplayer campaigns, but the AI can really make or break the challenge, especially in strategy games. Hopefully it'll be fair. :p
      • Xacris

        Xacris Big Damn Hero

        Fielding the commander units has me a little worried. I know that in the last Advance Wars game, it was a massive double edged sword. They were good units, but most of the time it wasn't worth ever having them near the front line because of the instant game over you would get if they were knocked out. I would personally like it if your army suffered penalties while the commander is rushed off the battlefield instead of a game over, or to have the option to just not field them. That, or maybe they will fix the issue that the last Advance Wars game had, and make them good enough to justify the risk of using them.
        • LimitedListener

          LimitedListener Master Chief

          As I recall, Days of Ruin simply had the commander flee the battle and have the player wait two turns before fielding them again. Otherwise, all of the end-game missions would have been absurdly easy since enemy COs would just charge in all the same as everyone else and get crushed through defensive play.
          • Ian Antipathy

            Ian Antipathy Void-Bound Voyager

            The plant species is likely the floran from Starbound, I'd love to see Glitch in this game considering they're lore is perfect for the game. Midevil robots please!!!
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